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Design Data

Houston, Texas, United States
February 19, 2019

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Education and Training

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science, Minor in Mathematic May 2019 University of Houston

Current GPA is 3.694

Coursework: Design File and Database System Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithm and Data Structures Work Experience

Coding Tutor August 2018 - December 2018

Coder Kids

• Participated within an after-school program teaching children the basics of coding such as mathematics and logic.

• Created a unique and enjoyable experience while successfully introducing coding to a group of 8 kids. Academic Projects

Library Database

• Collaborated with a team of 5 to develop a functional library database with an intuitive front-end design.

• Developed functionalities such as item checkout/check in, item availability, and login validation and security.

• Created using C# with ASP.NET as well as SQL through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Machine Learning Model

• Developed a model using neural networks and random forest to determine the best strategy to win a game of PUBG.

• Model was trained multiple times, using thousands of user data with R. Tower Defense Game

• Worked with a team of 6 to produce an original game using C# within the Unity engine.

• Competed and placed 3rd overall in a local UH game dev. competition.

• Participated within all phases of the design and development process to ensure consistent progress towards the game. Risk Board Game

• Recreated the Risk board game within a group of 3 using java.

• Implemented an array of common design patterns such as the command, singleton, and observer patterns.

• Gained experience with working as a team using tools such as continuous integration and github. Skills


- Member, CougarCS January 2017 – Present

• C++ / C# / Python

• Familiar with Java / SQL / R

• Html / CSS / Bootstrap

• Experienced with git

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