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Electrical Engineer Project

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
February 21, 2019

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Career Summary

I am a Registered Electrical Engineer with a twelve plus years of experience in Electrical Engineering and Project Management with a proven track records in construction industry both contracting and consultant . A very good team player with analytical thinking and ability. Such projects handled include International Airport, High-rise buildings, infrastructure, High Voltage, Medium voltage, low voltage, automation, and Government & commercial buildings and familiar with international codes and standards.

Career Summary

Seeking for a position with a stable company an opportunity for career growth and job satisfactory as a team member.


Professional Experiences

1) Reviews of shop drawings related and ensure its compliance with designs, contract requirement and properly coordinated with other discipline. 2) Review Material submittal and construction schedules to ensure construction quality and sustainability.

3) Review equipment selection including, transformers, switchgear, distribution panel boards, cabling and termination units for power and lighting loads, Data & Telephone System, Closed Circuit Television, Fire Alarm & Fire Protection, Public Address System, Access Control System, Master Clock System, CUPPS and CUSS, Airport information display system, Baggage Handling System, signage, Passenger Boarding bridge, HVAC, Smoke Management System, Pressurized stair Case, BMS Irrigation System, Landscaping, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plan. 4) Review all procedures of testing and commissioning performed by the Contractor. 5) Review and evaluate contractor’s monthly progress through all our Site Area Managers and report to the area manager.

6) Review the relevant As-Built drawings and make sure that all site conditions are properly addressed.

7) Review and initial monthly invoices related to my discipline. 8) Ensures that all the works done are in accordance with the approved electrical drawings, contract documents, project specifications, and all applicable standards whether local, national or international standards. 9) Check all materials and equipment as delivered on sites and ensure its compliance with approved materials and specification. 10) Coordinates with Client representatives for any site instructions and inspection of works.

11) Confident in viewing contractors work method of statement and material submittals.

12) Ensure quality of work complies with contract requirements, good practice and only approved materials are used.

Name : Syed Nivas Syed Ibrahim

Address : Pune

Contact no : +916*********

Email Id :

13) Make sure that all site inspections are carried out as per intervention points marked in the approved Inspection and Test Plan.

14) Attend weekly meetings as directed by Project Manager. 15) Attend all activities on site and ensure their compliance with QA/QC procedure in respect of the format signed off by Contractor’s QA/QC Manager. November 2018 to Till Now

Electrical Engineer

Egis India Pvt Ltd



Web site:

Project : PMC for Construction of New Integrated Terminal Building Pune Airport, Pune. An estimated cost of Rs 382.97 Crores The objective of this project is to deliver a world class passenger terminal building and associated infrastructure which has the following components: New terminal building area to be constructed is (35000+7000) = 42000 sqm. Centrally air-conditioned integrated terminal Building. The designed peak hour shall be 600 International passengers and 1700 Domestic passengers for an integrated passenger terminal building area of 57300 sqm as per IMG Norms, 3,000 Sqm of retail area. The Green Building concept shall be adopted to achieve GRIHA 4 Star rating, Solar Power Generation Viz. Solar Power lighting, Solar Roofing System, Sub-station internal & External Electrical, UPS, HSD System, and ELV system etc.. Maintenance Friendly roofing and building façade system

Egis will provide services from concept to commissioning i.e. design the passenger terminal concept, prepare tender documents, assist Airport Authority of India in selection of contractor and carry out construction project management and supervision.

Feb 2018 – November 2018

Electrical Engineer




Web site:

Project: ADCL Amaravati

Consultancy Services for appointment as Authority Engineer for Design Review, Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance and Technical Auditing with Utility Corridors works on EPC basis in Urban Environment for Packages-XIII and XIV (Lot-C) in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh state, India. 1) Installation of medium voltage network with all requirements (M.V Cable total length 15.3KM)

2) Installation of solar street lighting with all requirements. 3) Installation of Earthing mat requirements for Power Duct, water treatment plant, irrigation system, portable and firewater distribution network. 4) Installation of DWC Line, storm water line, Portable water line, Reuse water line Company address.Haryana

March 2011 – November 2017

Electrical Engineer

Dar-Al Riyadh



Web site:

Project: MOH (Housing) infrastructure

project From April 2014 to November 2017

MOH infrastructure project (432 villas), the project total area is 466276 m2, 1) Installation of electrical requirements for water treatment plant, SCADA, irrigation system, portable and fire water distribution network. 2) Installation of DWC Line, storm water line, Portable water line, Reuse water line 3) Installation of medium voltage network of 12 unit substation (13.8 KV to 380/220 v), total M.V cable length 4770 m. all work as per Saudi electrical company specifications and under its monitoring

4) Installation of all low voltage network with all requirements (L.V cables installation, with total length 46000 m, Minipillars installation with total number 153 units, housing connections for 432 villas).All works as per Saudi Electrical Company Specifications and under its monitoring. 5) Installation of street lighting network with all requirements (cables, control panels, lighting poles with different heights, gardens lighting, playground Lighting etc...

6) Installation of first fix only for telecommunication network. Project: MOI integrated strategic project (ISP)–

KAP0 From March 2011 to April 2014

Actual Value: 4.3 bn SRtotal built up area: around 571.234 square Integrated strategic (ISP) is one of the most prestigious projects for Ministry of Interior. This project will be undertaken on different sites all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project will provide more than 574,000 sq.m of built up area on 900,000 sq.m of developed areas. Cost of the project is around 4,300,000,000 SR.ISP consists of 182 buildings, 142 of which are considered ‘small buildings’ such as Regional Police Station, Civil Defense Building, Police Station, High Way Security Centre etc. The buildings construction values varies between 15 million and 45 million. The remaining 42 buildings are considered medium to large and include: Administration building, Governorate Building, Attorney Building, Drug enforcement building etc. Consultant Electrical engineer (Dar al-Riyadh) for Makkah and Najran Area (KAP 0) ISP - ministry of interior (MOI), Projects :

1- Area Command of Border Guard (Najran Area 2110). 2- District Police Directorate (Najran Area 1010). 3- Governorate building category A-3 (Makkah Area 3030) 4- Drug enforcement administration (Makkah area 1150). 5- Civil defence center (Makkah area 2070).

6- Central defence section (Makkah area 2060).

7- Highway patrol dispatch center (Makkah area1100). 8- Security patrol dispatch center (Makkah area1100A). 9- External police department (Makkah area 1080)

Aug 2009 – Feb. 2011 Site Electrical Engineer

Al-Najdain East for Contracting

Company Riyadh,KSA

Project: High Rising and Commercial buildings.

Web site:

The scope of work included all Electro-Mechanical activities such as Power House, transformer, medium voltage, low voltage Chillers, Lighting System and Power Distribution, Fire Alarm System, MATV system, CCTV system Data/Telephone system, Access Control system, Public address System, portable water Supply, irrigation system, Water treatment plant, Drainage and Storm Water, HVAC, Chilled Water System, Split AC, Fire Fighting System, 12 Elevators and BMS. Roles and Responsibilities:

a) Installed and Tested systems are Earthing system, Lightning system, Lighting system, Power outlets,Main Distribution panel(MDP),Emergency Main Distribution Panel(EMDP) and Sub-Panel Boards. b) Installed and tested system are fire alarm system, DATA/Telephone system, Clock System, Public Address System, Centralized CCTV System and MATV System, Access Control System, Master Clock System, Security System and B.M.S, Elevators

c) Smoke Management System, Pressurized stair Case, Water Treatment System, Portable Water System, Irrigation System, Chiller units, Fire Fighting System and related interface with required systems.

d) Installation of Package substation it consists of Ring Main Unit(RMU), Distribution transformer(500 KVA,1000 KVA),and Low voltage distribution panel.

e) Installation and testing of SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) circuit breaker. f) Continually find solutions to conflicts

structural/architectural/mechanical/electrical drawings and specifications by conferring with the Consultants.

g) Installation of sewage line, portable line, irrigation line and firefighting system.

h) As a member of the Project Site Team, my duties include being able to perform layout work competently, accurately and efficiently i) Coordinate inspections with consultants and authorities as required by the contract.

j) Submit SCR (site clarification request) to Consultant if it needed. k) Monitor installation of all electrical Systems According to the latest revision of IFC drawings or Shop Drawings.

l) Assist Project Superintendent by enforcing quality control, expediting subcontractors

m) Continually update drawings with changes as issued by Consultants n) Review shop drawings for conformance with the contract and ensure information is communicated to Foreman and Superintendent o) Management all subcontractors and following up implementations. p) Inspect and test all material submitted by all subcontractors to be comply with the specification of the project

q) Present oneself as a candidate for promotion by learning and understanding construction methods and developing good construction management skill. Company Address: Riyadh

Sep 2008 – May. 2009 Electrical Engineer

Terminal 3

Siemens Dimatic Middle East LLC


Web site:

Roles and Responsibilities:

a) Making program Siemens 300 serious Modules, SCADA, and HMI b) Maintenances Siemens PLC, SCADA, HMI, Servo Motor, variable Frequency Drives, Inverter, PID Controller, Encoder, Relay, Sensors and Circuit Breakers. c) Electrical Supervision of Testing and Commissioning. d) Preparation of work history sheets according to site condition, type of work and materials involved.

e) Daily work schedule and instructions give to Site Electrical Supervisor. f) Updates SAP with actual Man power for each work request executed by the Reliability Supervisor and Technicians.

g) Preparing of reports and sending recommendations to Reliability Senior Engineer Project.

h) Punch List Clearing and Line Checking.

i) Maintaining Manpower Shift duties.

j) Preparation of Bill of Materials.

k) Involved in the Work of Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineering. l) Maintaining of Safety and Quality aspects.

Company: Umm Hurair Road, Dubai

June 2007 – Aug. 2008 Design Site Engineer

Dowa High Temp Furnace Ltd, (India)

Bangalore, India.

Web site:

Roles and Responsibilities:

a) In the field of industrial Automation which includes programming, testing, Commissioning, and servicing responsibilities.

b) Hardware configuration and programming of PLC systems: Siemens S6- series,Mitsubishi PLC and LG PLC(XG5000 SERIES,MASTER K120 SRIES) c) Programming of SCADA systems: (MOVICON, I conics and Spec view- Honeywell) and Wide practical experience with communication protocols MODBUS SERIAL, MODBUS TCP/IP, Profibus and Ethernet.

d) Hardware configuration and programming of HMI systems REDLION (G304, G306, G308, G310) and Proface HMI.

e) Preparation of I/O List, Flow Chart, Sequence of operation, Project schedule, Ladder Logic and panel testing

f) Preparation of Project Report and Documentation. g) Designing Electrical diagram with using AutoCAD. h) Drives Programming and Various Braking Method.

i) Support for PC hardware and software. Knowledge of operating systems: Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows95/98 & Vista

j) Maintaining of Safety and Quality aspects.

Company: 1C, 2nd phase Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore, June 2006 – May. 2007 Assistant Electrical Engineer Sand Fits Unit II

Coimbatore, India

Roles and Responsibilities:

a) Installing and Testing systems are Earthing system, Lightning system, Lighting system, Power outlets, Main Distribution panel(MDP),Emergency Main Distribution Panel(EMDP) and Sub-Panel Boards. b) Installation and testing of 3 numbers 11KV/440V substation compressing of 1000KVA Transformer substations.

c) Installation and testing of 3 number Vacuum Circuit breaker, and 2 number of Air Circuit breaker.

d) Installation and testing of MV cable and Low voltage cable in entire plant. e) Planning and execution of scheduled Preparation like maintenance programs scheduled preparation, Erection team preparation, Commissioning team preparation, Material purchases list preparation.

f) Responsibility included but not limited to the overall Electrical and Electronics maintenances of the plant 66/11KV Transformers and substation, Inter locking system, motor from 0.1 hp to 400hp, Eddy Current and VFD (variable Frequency drivers), induction motors, Diesel generator, Relays etc... g) Monitoring the QA/QC Documentation of the subcontractors and ensure that all the activities are incorporated to their system on daily basis and can be traced according to our requirement, and also reviewing radiographic films. h) Supervision and Implementation of maintenances and Erection. i) Responsible for the maintenances PLC and HMI.

j) Maintaining Manpower Shift Duties.

k) Preparation of Bill of Materials.

l) Maintaining of Safety and Quality aspects.


April 2006 Anna university,

M.Kumarasamy Collage of Engineering, Karur city, India. Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Registered Electrical Engineer

Indian Govt.Lr.no4689/09

May 2004 Variable large scale integration

Brain in Chip Technologies

Coimbatore city, India.


Arris-Vashist Institute for industrial automation

Coimbatore City, India.

Personal Information

Father’s Name :M. Syed Ibrahim.

Date of Birth :04-07-1984.

Nationality :Indian.

Marital Status :Married.

Passport No :R8230211.

Languages Known :English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Tamil. I hereby certify that the above facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief

Syed Nivas.S


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