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Engineer Active Directory

Bakersfield, California, United States
February 17, 2019

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Nick Pena: System Administrator/Application Developer Phone #661-***-****


Seeking an opportunity to represent a company with Management and professional systems enterprise, multi-operational to develop programs (scripts) and monitor structured LAN/WAN design methods and security platform. Develop Web based applications and Deployments using Network Integrators.


Going to school for Computer Programming at Allied American University online program for C# and C++ will be receiving certificate.

Electronic Telecommunications -Los Angeles Trade Technical College: Telecommunications emphasis on radio frequency, frequency transmitters, antennas, microwaves, Fiber Optics, radar and FCC testing.

MCSE, CNE, and Programming: at Vocational or Technical - Higher Education, also (20) years experience in operations, maintenance and monitor internetworking. Implementing and Maintaining SQL Server, Security Net FrameWork2.0 C# & VB Visual Studio Microsoft Server 2003 environment, with Active Directory and tools for Administration. Oracle/SQL Server databases, Administrator I.

Practical Schools 1979, Anaheim Ca, Computer Technician and Microprocessor Programmer (ASP) Certified. Digital logic and Analog theory to component level troubleshooting(PC HW/SW)and correcting code (ECC) Setup PCs, laptops and desktops.

Technical Profile

Windows NT 4.0/98/95 Exchange 5.5/5.0 Novell 4.x/5.x//3.x Sun 4.1.x Solaris 2.6 Servers 2003, 07,10 Visio/MS Project Dell/HP Servers Linux 7.x Programmer MSOffice 07/10 Dos/Lotus Notes 5.x Apache CGI, PHP ASP, ActiveX, MS SQL LAN/WAN Security Scripts, ODBC C++/MFC 5.X JAVA 1.2, AS/400 Active Directory Bridges/Routers Multiplexers PBX SNMP/SYSLOG B LAN Manager Remote Access x.25, AppleTalk PBX/VoIP/Switch


03/07- Present - TechBureau: Field Engineer: Fujitsu/ and IBM POS install with server and communication, migrate room installs PC Hardware troubleshooting and repair. Install of POS in restaurants and stores, server communication to main server or domain setup. Business process structure analyses related to Business, Interaction with clients/management for instructions. Install Nortel Meridian software, communication care and X.25 to server. Exchange upgrade, migrate to 2010 and client service to data backup (win7). Exchange server install managed mailbox setup and deployment. Migration windows 7 with mirroring and LAN/WAN connection troubleshooting.

01/07-03/07 Intellispring Technologies, Southern CA, Technician

Upgrade, install, maintain routers, switches, core and troubleshoot hardware and software servers. Configure LAN/WAN and install PC/deployment peripherals. Interview clients to identify special considerations and other settings for personnel setup LAN/WAN connection. Install maintain Nortel PBX switches including moves, adds, changes and complex system upgrades and analysis.

03/06—1/07 Dell Corp. and IBM Corp, Kern County, CA, Service Tech

Installing routers, CSU/DSU’S, switches, panels, servers, NCR stations for stores and restaurants (LAN) also migrate system PC Hardware troubleshooting and repair with administrator tools. T1 5300 voice module, PBX phone installs. Wintel hardware support such as CPU, memory and disk maintenance with DELL/HP Servers and troubleshoot. Prepare systems for deployment Nortel Meridian 1PBX Server.

06/05-02/06 Clinica Sierra Vista, Bakersfield, CA, MIS Technician

Updated, upgraded, migrated, backup, software and troubleshoot hardware. Server maintained, setup Active Directory, exchange, file application, database, email and PBX Cisco CallManager, VoIP migrate to T1, administrate small farm Prepare systems for deployment. Router install configured concentrator VLAN PIX with WAN connectivity with VoIP Call Manager Cisco. Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, NT Server, CISCO routers, switches, HTML coding, Antivirus software, Mainframe Connectivity, Attachmate, IBM PC, Laptops. Provided day by day support to users on Exchange 2003, Lotus Notes, and SQL server data retrieval troubleshoot.

02/03-06/05 IBM Corp, Southern CA, Technician: Prepare systems for deployment

Install MS Office, Windows NT/2000/XP, HTML programming, Symantec, Ghost, Anti-Virus Software, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, HP, IBM/IBM Clones, Telecom systems PBX, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, servers, panels, RJ-11/RJ-45 configure. Set up and configured LAN/WAN and troubleshoot network issues. Involved in software and data migrations, upgrades and rollouts. Installed CAT5e cabling, installed PCs/Laptops and connected to networks RF routers. Also IP PCs on Cisco.

04/00-02/03 Analysts International Corp., AlliedSignal (ITG), IBM Global Services, Southwestern US, Technician

Created accounts by direct client interaction migrat Exchange 5.5, Enterprise Administrator and NetWare Administrator tools. Troubleshoot PCs modify, deleted, update, migrate, and created Groups security on domains. Moved accounts from domain to domain and E-mail with administrated tools, had to inter-operate with clients accounts for security. Worked with 2003/2000 Professional client/server and Active Directory

7/99-03/00 County of Kern, Bakersfield, CA, Computer/Telecommunication Administrator

(Call Service) Installed, troubleshoot PCs Client/Server for Kern County libraries, supported Window NT, 95, 3.x, modems, printers DNS, 4.1(Novell), Protocol drivers, lotus notes, Exchange 5.0 services migrated up to date profiles software configuration and backbone modifications. Troubleshoot IP addressing, TCP routing mail. Proxy configuration security, PBX frame relay Cisco catalyst and migrate to T1. Active Directory upgrade with Windows 2007 migrate managed and repair processes of both new and used Desktops laptops and related peripheral equipment (scanners, printers, etc.). Involved in the Desktop Hardware and Software diagnosis, repair, upgrades and Interview clients to identifyspecial considerations and other settings

1/98-07/99 Aerotek, Ventura, CA, Telecommunications and Systems Administrator

Worked installing software programs, applications to systemOS\2 3.x, 98, Exchange 5.0 printers modem troubleshooting terminals S/H problems. Backup retrieved Data using ARCserver and maintained server. Migrate workstations, servers, printers, Catalyst 2700 Switches, 5200 routers, installed wiring closet, control panels, telephone troubleshooting PBX Unix, hubs, Cisco and Nortel PBX switches. Installed classrooms servers NT4.0 and workstations and wall wiring termination cat. 5 cat 3 fax-modem modifications. Call Center and Engineer support on call with 24/7 service.

7\97-1/98 Vanstar, Chevron Bakersfield, CA, Systems Administrator

Upgraded system from IBM to HP hardware and window 95 to windows NT 4.0 and mainframe to servers-Microsoft BackOffice. Installed new workstations with software for companies specifications, downed system and applications from SMS, SNA, Exchange 5.0 migrate and troubleshoot workstations and laptops. Backups of personnel data(Tivoli) and programs of about 1,000 nodes per department to 300 servers to 3000 per Enterprise. Subnetting and TCP/IP addressing and router migration troubleshooting. Software upgrades and inventory with SMS. Solaris 2.6 upgrade and add-ons for client/server modifications also on call for travel on regional upgrades.

1\97-6\97 State Farms Inc. Bakersfield, CA, Regional Office Systems Administrator

Migrate systems-Warp 3.0 to Windows NT 4.0 and terminals IBM to Windows NT- VTAM (SNA)Wiring closet panel cross connections to main closet from cubicles. Troubleshoot workstations on OS-95, NT4.0, Warp, printers, hosts IBM, HP connections mainframe host and phone installs configure PBX. Software maintenance and installation of applications and security. Up to 200 nodes 500 servers controlling remote sites connection. Configured routers 7500 and installed Lotus Notes clients to Mail Post Office Exchange 5.0, Unix specifications and RAS control for LAN/WAN connectivity. Backup data daily with Tivoli Library.

7\96-01\97 Intelegenesis, New York/CA, Software Engineer

Application Development Used Delphi developing for database and Object platform solutions C++/MFC to develop application dialogs. Visual Basic for troubleshooting and C/assembly Language for faster execution. Used File and Application server for ODBC connections. Evaluations, documentations and design backbone DB for PG&E Utility. Maintained LAN with NT4.0 and Exchange 5.0 servers.

9\95-7\96 Cherry College, Fresno, CA, Technical Service Technician

Install, maintain, test, repair computers with window 95/NT troubleshoot PCs and servers Netware 4.1, NT 4.0 Chameleon TCP/IP for windows, RefectRAS for HP-UX connection Hp-3000. Configured classes of 40 to 50 workstations server and mainframe. Communication equipment troubleshoot hubs and wiring, multiplexers, modems, printers, also laptop ID remote configuration to Hp-3000 accounting maintenance. Troubleshoot IP address and subnet different platform – hardware and software.

1\94-9/95 Universal Studios MCA, Universal City CA, Technician

Worked with WIN 95 Chameleon, Ramba, Refection, configured laptops remote security ID Thinkpads, Compaq workstations with ID password RAS connectivity. 500+ nodes, evaluate, install, configured, migrate, to all departments. Novell servers configure connections and Internet access. Installed IP addressing for remote clients and workstations. Terminal gateways of different connectivity for migration. Backup and retrieved data with ARCserve Library Utility.

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