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Data Analyst

Tampines, 520896, Singapore
February 17, 2019

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Applying for Data Analyst role, with the opportunity to learn and contribute. A Singaporean NTU Computer Engineering graduate, an autodidact with a dexterity to pick up any new skills quickly on the job.

Education & Certificates Attained

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

Specialist Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Development (Oct 2018 - Oct 2019)

Project 1: Predicting Telco Customer Churn using various classification models such as Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine and Random Forest.

Project 2: Chatbot project using Google’s Dialogflow API.


Deep Learning with Natural Language Processing (September-November 2018)

Project: Text Classification of Legal Document using RNN.

General Assembly, Singapore

Data Science Immersive (May-August 2018)

Projects completed: Webscraping with Beautiful Soup and Natural Language Processing and Capstone (Price prediction of blockchain cryptocurrency, Ethereum, with Times Series Analysis, Arima & Sarimax, MLP, LSTM)

Nanyang Technological University

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (2005)

Final year project: Using OCR techniques to convert DVD subtitles into text with C#.


Data Analyst, (October 2018 – January 2019)

Sport Singapore

Using Tableau to convert data into visualization and communicate insights to teams across the organisation.

Automate report generation using a mix of tools eg. excel, python programming and Tableau calculated fields.

Initiated the creation of a “Stickiness Index” to measure members lifetime loyalty, applying customer analytics principles.

Participated in Chatbot UAT phase.

Cabin Crew, (Nov 2007 – Feb 2018)

Singapore Airlines

Analyze and resolved instantly customer problems and requests with limited inflight resources.

Secured company financial development by establishing my company as a reliable and thoughtful host

Provided excellent inflight service and safety standards according to company protocols

Delivered customer-centric service by inflight profile data of passengers

Financial Services Consultant (June 2006 - Nov 2007)

Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

Achieved sales targets and awarded Prudential Fast Track Award

Analysed customers retirement needs such as determination of sufficient funds for retirement.

Recommended and communicated product benefits and how it met client’s needs.

Managed investment, insurance and retirement portfolio for clients.

Generate leads through survey and other data mining methods.

Technical Skills

Data Science: Python, Descriptive statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Data Modeling, Feature Engineering, Imbalanced Data Sampling, Web Scraping, Random Forest Classification, Support Vector Machine, SQL, Numpy, Pandas.

Machine and Deep Learning: Sklearn, Scikit-learn, Regression, classification, clustering, Support Vector Machine, Time Series Analysis, Natural Language Processing. RNN-LSTM (Recurrent Neural Network-Long Short Term Memory).

Tableau: Convert data into insights with techniques like calculated fields, interactive dashboarding. Learning geospatial analysis.

Projects (Please refer to Github)

Exploratory Data Analysis: Using Pandas, Numpy and Visualization to explore deep into the data for potential insights. Some data manipulation and data mechanics involved.

Ames Housing Data Analysis: Estimating the value of homes from fixed characteristics. Performed data cleaning, feature engineering, data modelling and predict the price of house based on fixed and unfixed features. Explored using LassoCV and RidgeCV.

Natural Language Processing: Finding out the trends of the current data science/analytics in Singapore’s job market. Data mining by web scrapping various job websites for data scientist and data analyst roles and their job description. Data cleaning and pre-processing with stemmatization and lemmatization was done. For data modelling, Regressors and Classifiers were tested. Keywords with the highest coefficients are attributed with more importance. These keywords provide an insight to the skills demanded for a higher salary.

Ethereum Price Trend Prediction: Using Time Series Analysis, Arima, Sarimax to predict the price of Ethereum for the next 3 months. Deep learning techniques such as Long Short Term Memory and Multilayer Perceptron Network were also explored.

Telco Customer Churn Analysis: Predicting Telco Customer Churn using various classification models such as Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine and Random Forest.

Yidu.AI: Group project using CNN for text classification of legal documents. Real world data webscraped from LawNet using Beautiful Soup.



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