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Engineer Network

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
February 18, 2019

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Specialized Skills Equipment:

Cisco 12000, 7500, 7200, 4506, 3600,3900,3800, 2900, 2500 series routers, Cisco Catalyst 5000, 3500, 2900, 1900 switches, Nexus 7k, 5k and 2k. Lucent AP1000, routers, Fore switches,), AdTech AX/4000, Agilent router tester, smart bits 6000, 2000 traffic Generator/Analyzer, Ixia, Sun Workstations, switches, Bay Networks routers AN, ASN, BLN BCN, Network Associates Sniffers. Dell Linux servers, F5 load balancers, Check Point Firewall, Palo Alto. Juniper m-120, m-240 routers, SRX550(Firewall), EX4300 and the Sr220.

I keep my skill set in check by building virtual networks include Cisco Routers switches and ASA firewalls and writing python scripts via code academy.

Protocols/Standards: TCP/IP, BGP, MPLS VPN (RFC2547), IPSec, IKE, L2TP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIPv2, SONET, Gigabit/Fast Ethernet, T1, FDDI, HSSI, ATM sonet, Oc12, 0c3, Frame Relay, PPP, ISDN, IPX, SNA,, VLAN (ISL, 802.1q) LDAP, Firewall, IDS, PPPoE, PPPoA, 1483, DNS, DHCP, SQL Server. Working with Cisco AP’s (802.11ac).

Software/OS: Cisco IOS, Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000/NT/9X, MS Office applications, Visio Diagrams.

Eversource Energy company Westwood Mass. -08/2017 – 12/18

Network Engineer involved testing and designing workarounds for Network issues.

I latest responsibility is migrating the SCCP protocol over to MGCP on the

Cisco SG gateways Cisco 350’s.

I have designed and configured the power companies sub stations which are highly secure sites. Implementing the Voice and video on demand for security. Making sure the station had full WiFI and fiber connection s to the core.

I am also working on projects to install network command centers utilizing WAP and the controllers.

Making sure the voice and data Vlans are contiguous. The work includes updating Microsoft Proteus data base with Ip and DNS names and Ip ranges (Subnetting).

I was responsible for configuring we have 3650, 4506, 6800, 3900,3800 and 2900 and nexus ASR(ASR).

Analyzing and making sure the correct GbICs were being used for the new switches and routers.

Setup test networks in the lab and configuring the interfaces. Creating access control lists.

I also had to bring up power Sub stations from scratch. This included all the WIFi all the local area networking and configuring the WAN interfaces to connect into the Mpls

. Update the Voice vlans and the Data vlans using cisco Macros separating the vlans for voice and data.

Test the cisco TACA’s plus making sure the correct access writes for the different level techs was correctly.

Also support Liebert UPS systems plus installation and configurations.

Worked with Pulse secure to support user accounts connecting remotely over the VPN.

support all the PRi’s circuits from the remote sites.

Update CA Spectrum and use it to manage the system plus monitor network outages.

Worked with splunk in order to validate VPN credentials and security violations.

APEX Systems/ Adidas Reebok – Network Engineer December 2016 – 4/01/2017- Consultant

I am currently involved in Migrating the Network from Canton Ma. Portland OR.


-Responsible for ensuring Network Services architectural principles are utilized throughout the design, deployment, and development of the Reebok and Adidas International LAN & WAN networks.

-Engage in project management, including needs analysis, planning, implementation, documentation, data center migrations from Can, assist with network LAN and WAN troubleshoot.

-Support the ongoing management and maintenance of network service components encompassing switches, routers, wired and wireless transmission, load balancers, VPNs, firewalls, IP addresses, VLANs, ACLs, QoS, and network-related servers and services such as RADIUS, DNS, and DHCP.

-Responsible for specialized or sophisticated needs analysis, solution research and evaluation, projects, and proposals over network services and associated infrastructure

Signature Consulting/Dimension DATA May 2016 to October 2016 - Consultant

I am currently working at Umass Medical in Worcester Ma – Hospitals.

I am involved in deploying a new network of cisco routers and switches for the core network. We are converting the core and distribution switches from 10 to 40 gig pipes. The project includes configuring the routing (OSPF, BGP, Static and QOS). My responsibilities are to configure and trouble the network devices provide physical and test the physical network connections. I was also tasks with Identifying the connections and marking them appropriately.

Replaced the Extreme switches for Cisco switches also upgraded the Cisco core Routers to Cisco 6809’s.

I have assisted in the redesign of the Network most of my networking focus was on the configuring the metro ring for OSPF and running tests on the network connections. I have also assisted in the redesign of the network makings recommendations that have been implemented.

Converse/Nike - Consultant - February 1 2016 - March 26 201

I was responsible for configuring SRX550, EX4300 and the Sr220 Juniper Equipment that was replacing the Cisco ASA Equipment, I was also responsible for the Aruba wireless as they connected to the backend of the Network.

I tested the setup in the lab and reproduced the Firewall configurations and routing connectivity.

I worked on testing the Windows Servers for integration which included: DHCP and Radius servers.

City of Boston – Consultant –October 2015 - December 2015

Network Engineer

I am currently working on the BoNet Back Bone for the City of Boston. The devices include: Cisco switches, Juniper routers and, the Nexus 9000 switch. The site also has Aruba wireless routers which are configured to support the surveillance cameras for security. The tool used to support all the integrated devices is spectrum and the alarms indicate the severity of the issue. The customers are the Boston Police, Boston Fire, City Hall, Boston Schools, libraries.

I took the Juniper jump start classes for intermediate routing, switching and advanced.

The site had Juniper M-120 routers and were upgrading to M-240's.

I assisted in setting up the juniper switch interfaces, the VPN routes, wireless routers and, video cameras in the configuration of the juniper routers.

I took python scripting classes at code academy and completed it.

EMC 4/2013-10/2015

Designated Support Engineer

Working for the CS Remote Reactive Storage SE Team; currently support the ATMOS products Line:

•EMC Atmos: Object-based cloud storage platform to store, archive and access unstructured content at scale. Atmos provides the essential building blocks for enterprises and service providers to transform to private, hybrid, and public cloud storage.

•Efficiently store, manage, and aggregate distributed big data across locations through a single pane of glass. Gain a common view and central management and seamless scalability

•Add capacity, applications, locations or tenants to your cloud with zero need to develop or reconfigure. Reduce administration time and ensure availability.

•The Nodes are Dell Linux servers running Linux (Ubuntu) with Java base applications that interact with the Operating System.

•Troubleshoot servers (Dell), Storage arrays, and the services that control applications that interact with the ATMOS Operating system.

•Responsible for troubleshooting the ATMOS hardware, Software, Cloud Storage and, Data communications for the ATMOS platform.

•Diagnose the health of the overall system, trouble shoot capacity issues; take network traces (TCP dump). Diagnose resources issues with Virtual Machines where the install base of the Atmos O/S resides. The sessions for Atmos are run over TCP connections.

•Also troubleshoot GeoDrive, NFS, migrations and, CIFs.

•Support ACDP (Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform), this product supports capacity based billing and meters the data so the customer can bill their clients accurately.

•Was responsible for the GUI interfaces and working with HTTPD/Apache2 and troubleshooting failures and error conditions. Troubleshooting also consists of working with PSQL (DB); the scripts run on Python and Ruby on Rails.

•Troubleshoot file systems and Disk drives, as well as disk controllers (DAE’s).

•Work on EMC Atmos API's for S3 AWS - Via ruby on rails, HTTP and, REST.

General Dynamics formally (Fortress Technologies), Westford Ma 1/2011 - 4/2013

Network Engineer

•Working in the secure wireless space; worked in both Support and QA0

•Customers are Military bases where they use the product as a secure wireless device. The product is fully FIPs compliant for encryption by the US Military standards. My job included putting together a lab that included Radius Server, DHCP Server, CA Server, DNS server and Cisco routers/switches.

•The Products supported are access point (AP), FCX-controller, wireless clients.

•The Fortress devices are wireless and support encrypted devices support -RSA SecurID, QoS, RADIUS, RF, RSN, RSNA, RRL, SB, Secure Client, SFIPSecure Client Bridge, Secure Client device, PKI, PPP, PAN, Multi-factor Authentication, IPsec, IPS, HTTPS, EAP(md5,TLS,TTLs),DHCP, dBI, dBM, FiPs, BSS. 3DES, AES. 802.11, 802.11i, 802.1X, 802.16.

•I AM currently working with MESH wireless networks supporting government and military customers.

Jacobs Technology, Lincoln MA 8/2009-1/2011

Network IV Engineer

•I worked on conformance testing with the Spirent Equipment.

•Spirent avalanche was setup to test an environment that scheduled load balancing for the USAF ticket system (proof of concept). This involved Juniper, Cisco and F5 Equipment.

•Security was MacAfee and Check Point Firewalls along with Bluecoat(web Cache)

•Servers: Sun and Dell Linux.

•Completed -> Site Survey guide to gather Technical information for the base boundary Routers, Switches and, Sun Servers. Routing Protocols – trouble shoot and maintained -> BGP, OSPF, TCP/IP Bridging Spanning Tree.

•Motorola/Broadbus Technologies, Boxborough MA 7/2005 – 8/2009

Senior Network Support Engineer

Stream Commander is a Dell Server with Linux Red Hat OS.

•Need to perform Software upgrades, assist with installations and log CR’s (bugs).

•Supported SAN & NAS Nexsan Disk array SATABOY & ATTA BOY for storing content.

•Trouble shoot and resolve disk controllers, disk arrays and drives.

•The VoD server is all Cisco CLI

•Trouble shooting IP to RF issues between the VoD and gqam, mqam to the STB.

•Interface with Scientific Atlanta, Motorola DAC6000, RADD6000, OM1000/200, Cisco FNCS/ISDS.

•Perform upgrades and patching of Operating Systems, Applications, and Databases (Oracle, MySQL)

•Implemented, and maintain LINUX infrastructures including: Guest LAN’s, Switching, IP Routing and Firewalls, DDOS,IDS, User Directories, Security and,DNS

SUN Microsystems, Burlington, MA 7/2003 7/2005

Senior Support Engineer

•Worked on supporting Sun Certified System Administrators on Messaging and LDAP(directory Server) products:

Sun System Admin Certified System Admin I

•The Directory Server Support included trouble shooting customer issues.

•Creating CR (bugs) filing the bug reproducing customer issues in the lab.

•Support for customer in installations upgrades on the SunOne Products.

•Also provided support for customers on Replicating Data bases

Enforcement, system security (IKE, IPSEC, SSL, and Kerberos).

QUARRY TECHNOLOGIES, Burlington, MA 4/2001- 9/2002

Senior QA Engineer


•Testing is conformance Testing, Throughput Testing, System limitations. When Testing protocols we do system testing against Cisco and Juniper Routers to verify system level test plans..

Projects include:

•Writing and testing QOS: (QOS) WRED routing and analyzing traffic metering, shaping, and classification.

•Classification is based on the IP TOS/DIFFSERV code point and the IP Packet fields to ensure correct priority is used. The test also include performances testing over VPN’s .

•Analyzing IP Traffic and testing the stress level of multiple interfaces for traffic management. Interfaces include 10/100 Ethernet, Gig Ethernet, ATM Oc3 and ATM Oc12.

Writing and testing Firewall . This is to include all IP protocols BGP, OSPF, RIP and static IP routes also IP-applications FTP, TELNET, SNMP, TFTP etc.. the TCP/IP Stack and UDP.

CELOX NETWORKS, Southborough, May 8/2000- 4/2001

Senior Network Engineer

•Wrote System test plans.

We had a prototype system which I was supporting and testing with system test the Celox 12000.

XEDIA Purchased by LUCENT Bell Labs, Acton, MA, 01720 4/99-8/2000

Senior Network Engineer

Test and incorporate Class Base Queuing (CBQ) which is used as a firewall and bandwidth management code: Used for traffic Management on the Xedia Router.

Testing and implementing the functionality of the firewall applications.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s): The Xedia supports Site To Site tunnels as well as IpSec Dialin

Tunnels. The Encryption is DES, 3DES and null. Testing and implementing the principles of PKI.

Implementation of Access Point Router in specialized network environment, running OSP BGPDesign

test customers Network Environments in the lab, to isolate the problem before escalation to development.

WAN protocols supported PPP, Frame Relay, and ATM in multi-vendor environment.

Customer base for the Access point was mainly ISP’s and Carriers.

Installation and Design of ISP’s for IP subnetting


Worcester State College, Worcester, MA 01606

B.S., Business Administration

Northeastern University, Boston, MA - Certificate in Engineering, Data Communication UNIX/C Programming –attended

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