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Research Assistant

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
February 15, 2019

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Houjue Wang

** ******* ****** *** ***, Worcester, MA• 508-***-**** •


Full-time entry-level software development engineer position. EDUCATION

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Master of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.6/4.0 May 2019 Xi'an University of Technology, Shaanxi, China

Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Processing, Ranking: Top 10% June 2015 EXPERIENCES

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Research Assistant, Department of Computer Science Sept 2018-Nov 2018 Apply inverse reinforcement learning method to optimize networking route planning.

Implemented the reinforcement learning method to train an agent to find the ultimate policy of the FrozenLake-V0 OpenAI-Gym.

Built and implemented the value iteration, one of the dynamic programming algorithms, to compute the converge episode during agent training process in FrozenLake-V0. PROJECTS

Trip Review Web Application (

Built and deployed a web application that users can add trips review along with details that they recommend, and other users can add comments on the trips.

Support user authentication and user association: the users need to sign up or log in to create, edit and delete the trip or comment their post. Guests only have access to view.

Added flash message system as feedback of user’s actions, and imported google map API to illustrate location.

Utilized: JavaScript, Node.js(NPM and Cloud9 IDE), Express.js, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, REST, MongoDB/mLab, Heroku, Git.

Multi-User Chat Application

Built an application that contains client part and server part to deal with user presence and instant messaging functions: Users online appear on friends lists can send direct messages to each other and send group messages to users within a same group chat room.

Built a GUI for users to visualize user login and instant messaging functions.

Utilized: Java, Socket Programming, Multi-threaded Programming, TCP/IP, Swing, IntelliJ IDEA.

Big Data Projects

Search Engine Autocomplete: Built an N-Gram library and constructed a Language Model to generate data and put it into a database; queried data from the database and realized real- time autocomplete within sentence level.

Sentiment Analysis: Predicted the overall sentiment of several random books.

Social Media Analysis: Found Top K visited personal pages, people have more friends than average; counted the total number/returned people according to a particular attribute, etc.

Utilized: Java, Hadoop, MapReduce, IntelliJ IDEA. Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms (

Built and implemented Machine Learning models to solve problems by using NumPy: Linear Regression; SVM; Logistic Regression; Softmax Regression; Decision Tree methods; Reinforcement learning; Probabilistic Graphical Model; PCA; Expectation Maximization.

Built and implemented Machine Learning models to solve problems by using PyTorch: Softmax Regression; Convolutional Neural Network; Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM; Deep Reinforcement learning.

Utilized: Python, NumPy, PyTorch, PyCharm.


Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL.

Databases: Oracle Database, MongoDB, MySQL.

Frameworks and Libraries: Bootstrap, jQuery, Express.js, MapReduce, NumPy, PyTorch.

Tools and Technologies: Linux/Windows, HTML, CSS, REST, DOM, Hadoop, Git, Github, JSON, XML, Software Development Life Cycle.

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