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Manager Oracle

Edison, New Jersey, United States
February 13, 2019

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PROFILE SUMMARY Comprehensive, cutting-edge and high-level accomplishments in an IT business oriented career involving database development, and software engineering in centralized, client/server, internet, and network computing environments; systems analysis, programming, networking, migration, desktop publishing, web development, training, and diverse technical support duties; also forward and reverse engineering in several interface projects, involving high availability (RAC, Grid, Data Guard, AQ, AR, Golden Gate), OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehousing, ASM, ACFS, ADVM, OEM, WS/SOA, Fusion Middleware, Portal and Apex technologies, DRM, J2EE, and JSP/JMS technologies, among others . Featured profile interview with Oracle Magazine Sept.-Oct. 2004, in its Peer-to-Peer Section. IOUG member with two documents among IOUG Top Ten papers ever.


Database Administration

and Architecture Outstanding success with demonstrated performance optimization of Oracle and MS SQL Server, including database, instance, I/O, OS, and production SQL statements tuning and benchmarking. Implementation of Backup and Recovery Operating Procedures, and related disciplines. Planning and organization of automated database administration strategies in various platforms including Unix, Linux, and Windows. Creative data modeler and database architect, in both logical and physical data models, with emphasis on conceptual and syntactical completeness and optimization throughout the SDLC, using BI and statistical mining with Excel R, SPSS or SAS.

Software Engineering Comprehensive expertise in both development and operation database administration, primarily in data warehousing environments (DSS/EIS), and development skills with Oracle server and tools, and leading edge IDEs and programming languages, using RUP, CMMI, and Agile methodologies.

Management Experience as a project leader and project manager, including definition, planning, time line, cost, risk and systems integration, in various database development, administration, and software engineering projects (SDLC, SADT, RE, ILM, IAM, ITIL, BPM). PMI’s PMP training at NJIT.

Statistical Methods Quantitative, Statistical Analysis and Biostatistics with SAS, R, SPSS, MathLAB, PRM, and Excel.

AI / Machile Learning Comprehensive AI knowledge and algorithms with machine learning methods and techniques. Proficient with Chatbots on Cloud, discriminative/non-discriminative, supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, CLIPS, Coreograph.

EDUCATION Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne, (Paris, France)&Alliance Française (1982)

Ier Degré, Certificat Pratique de Langue Française, (French).

Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne, (Paris, France)&Alliance Française (1985)

IIème Degré, Littérature Française (French Literature)

Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia (1987)

BS Systems Engineering

Corporación Universidad de la Costa (CUC), Barranquilla, Colombia (1982-1984)

Law and Political Science (3 years).

New Jersey Institute of Technology (1990-1997, 2004)

MS Computer Science, NJIT, Newark, NJ

PhD pending. Pursued doctoral degree in Computer Science up to dissertation level.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ (1994-1997, 2007)

18 graduate credits in Statistics.

Montclair State University (2003-2005)


CERTIFICATIONS Oracle Certified Professional (Oracle Certified Database Administrator)

CSS HRizons DBA and HRizonsCode certifications, HTML Certification.

KEY PROJECTS Horizons BCBS Support, Daily News Grid Infrastructure, TD Ameritrade Disaster Recovery, Onvia Globalization, BOA MLAM Offshore Funds, Bowne &Co iDoc, AT&T ABN, IBM/Empire BCBS Database Upgrade, PeopleSoft Benefit Reporting for Panasonic, FMC ACGINV, AT&T TTS.


Databases and Apps. Oracle 6/7/8/ 8i//9i/10g/11g/12c database Servers, Oracle Exadata X3-8/X4-2, Apex, Oracle EM

Grid and Cloud Control, Oracle RAC/Clusterware, HARD/Data Guard/Stand-by technology, SQL, Oracle11g, /12c PL/SQL, SQLJ,, Forms/Reports Developer Server, Oracle*Forms/Reports 2000, Oracle Xpress, Discoverer, Oracle Pre-Compilers (Pro*C and Pro*Fortran), SQL*Forms 3.0, Crystal, Toad/SQL Lab, ADP’s CSS/HRizons/PeopleSoft Tools and Code, SQLBase, Microsoft SQL* Server 6.5/7.0/2000, SQL Enterprise Manager, FoxPro, Access, dBASE, Paradox, FileMaker, Rapid SQL, DB Artisan, Sybase, SQR Workbench, Goldmine, lims, R, SAS, AQ/MQ Queue Series, Vignette, Oracle Financials 9.7/10/5/11/11i. Trained with Oracle Express and Discoverer at iDevelop. Familiarity with Oracle Spatial, Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle Data Integrator, SQL Developer, OBIEE, Microstrategy, Informatica, and Oracle Warehouse Builder.


Data Modeling Oracle Designer 6i, Erwin/ERX, Systems Architect, ER Studio, Rational Rose, UML, IDEF1X.

Web Servers Oracle9i App Server, Oracle iAS, Microsoft IIS, WebLogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss, JRun.

Storage EMC, Legato, RMAN, Veritas Volume Manager, Oracle Replication Manager, Hitachi SAN.

Languages Java, C, Visual C++, gnu C++, Visual Basic, VBA, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Cobol, S.

Web and Scripting JavaScript, VBScript, Oracle Portal, WebDB, xSQL, xml, html, Lotus Script, Java,, PSP, JSP, MSVisual InterDev, SharePoint, Korn Shell, Perl, C#, Oracle9i/10g/11g/12c App. Server, SOA Suite, SOAP, REST, WSDL, UDDI, node.js,

IDE and 4GL Tools JDeveloper, Eclipse, Oracle Developer Suite/Forms/Reports, Microsoft Visual Studio, PowerBuilder.

Software Engineering Rational RUP, Rational Requisite Pro, Object-Oriented Software Development, CCM, RMI

OS/Virtualization Win 2003 Server, Win 2000 Server/Advanced Server, Linux, Win NT, Solaris10/11, VMWare, IBM AiX, HP-UX, Windows 7/XP/98/ 95, Unix 5 R4, MacOS X, Android, iOS, VM CMS, OVM, HyperV.

Hardware Sun Servers and Workstations, IBM RS/6000, HP-UX-based Servers, Intel-Pentium x86 and Compaq Alpha Servers, DEC/VAX mid-range Series, Apple Macintosh, IBM System/36, IBM 43XX, AT&T StarServer, AT&T/NCR Towers, IBM S3X, AS/400, Dell Servers, Exadata X3-8.

Communications Windows NT/2000 Networking, SQL*Net/Net80, Fast and 10/100 Gigabyte Ethernet Networks, ODBC/JDBC Database Connectivity, Novell, AppleShare, HTTP, GIOP/IOOP, TCP/IP, SSL, FTP, MS Proxy, VoIP (SIP), Telnet, AT&T Datakit, PathWorks, DECNet, Outlook97/2000.

Miscellaneous SPSS, MS Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visual SourceSafe, DreamWeaver, TimeLine, Interleaf, HyperCard, COM/DCOM, ActiveX-OLE, Flash, Freehand, Illustrator, Lotus Notes.


2002-Present Oracle Consultant DBA/ Developer/Analyst, ADN Research, New York, NY

8/2016- At NJCU, Jersey City, NJ, Performed business, purchasing, and curriculum analyses and development. Teaches Software Engineering, Operating Systems Concepts (with emphasis on the Linux kernel) and Artificial Intelligence courses, the latter with focus on problem solving and applications in Logic, Expert Systems, Machine Learning, and Robotics fundamentals. Utilized Oracle Virtual Box, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, JDeveloper, UML, C, C++, bash shell, CLIPS, Java, prolog and Rational (RUP), CMM/CMMI, XP, SADT, and Agile methodologies.

10/14-1/2015 At GalaxE.Solutions, Sommerset, NJ, Lead DBA. Performed Oracle12c/11g database installations, configurations, upgrades. Physical Data Model deployment, custom backup and recovery, performance tuning, and stored PL/SQL packages for a VPD. Utilized RMAN, DataPump, Apex, XML, .NET, Win2012.

09/13-12/13 As a DBA Architect and DMA Consultant, at Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC, performed database, storage, and system administration duties, using Oracle12c Grid Infrastructure, Oracle12c ClusterWare, ASM, RAC One Node, ADVM, ACFS, and Oracle12c database and Oracle12c EM Cloud Control, while studying, analyzing and researching Exadata X3-8 and X4-2 and Oracle Virtualization. Prepared portfolio on relevant derived benefits, after a careful mocking of the Exadata database server environment, including RFPs/RFIs. Utilized Oracle VM, Enterprise Linux 6, MS Project, Excel, Word, Outlook, SharedPoint and Windows 7.

09/12-05/13 As a Sr. Oracle DBA/Architect and IBM contractor for Horizon BCBSNJ, Newark, NJ, monitored and tuned Oracle PNO and MDM databases in DEV, SIT, and UAT environments and provided on-demand advice to other production databases. Wrote advice, work plan, and operating procedures and enticed corrective action when needed. Performed pre-action test in Sandbox database including regression and smoke testing for Oracle TDE settings. Prepared Oracle Fail Safe and database comprehensive, detail, and step-by-step migration documents. Wrote PL/SQL RMAN shells for HIPAA compliance encrypted backup and PL/SQL alert log monitoring procedure. Upgraded Oracle11g Sandbox database to the latest release for TDE project. Performed OFA architecture tuning. Utilized Oracle10g/11g, Oracle Fail Safe, Windows 200x Enterprise Server and AiX 7.1. Utilized, SharedPoint, Oracle WebCenter Portal, Excel, Marketo, Informatica, and SAP.

03/12-07/12 At Verizon Wireless, Basking Ridge, NJ, imported requirements documents into Rational Repository using ReqPro. Implemented virtual Oracle environment for RAT using Oracle VM, Solaris11X, and Linux5, Oracle10g/11g. Prepared business strategy and process improvements documents, performance, networking, and production tools models. Utilized SharedPoint, SQL*Server, Oracle SQL Developer, and MS Office.

04/10-07/10 At Fox Television Stations (Secaucus, NJ), implemented and executed migration of Oracle10g production servers from ZFS to UFS storage format. Created an Oracle database (SMO) to support the NetApp Snapshot Manager environment. Wrote SQL and PL/SQL Code to “populate business views" and exported them to csv file via UTL_FILE. Provided continuous production support for the IBMS servers. Migrated several SQL Server databases to a Windows 2008 .NET environment. Performed corporate SQL Server inventory. Lead. DBA during upgrade and the relevant execution plan. Utilized SharedPoint, Excel.

09/09-05/10 At IDP (Little Falls, NJ), provided BR/DR/BC technical support. Utilized FDR Upstream, Reservoir, Director, WindowsXP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux, Oracle11g, RMAN, SQL Server 2005/2008, DB2 UDB, Microsoft Exchange, VNC, and VMWare, HP Ultrium, EMC SAN. Wrote RMAN shell scripting. Tested vault/migrate/copy and backup/restore FDR/Upstream operations.

11/08-02/09 At VMS (NY), Administered media, marketing, and ads and news radio and TV monitoring databases. Responsible for backup and recovery and performance tuning of cluster databases. Monitored, tuned, and troubleshoot Oracle Streams AQ using Oracle Grid Control. Utilized Oracle11g/10g/9i, OEM Grid Control, RAC, OBIEE, ASM, Data Guard, Veritas Netbackup, RMAN, and SQL/PLSQL, SQL Developer.

EXPERIENCE (Continued)

11/07-01/08 At Merill-Lynch (NY), provided successful on-demand production and development support and solutions using PL/SQL. Wrote and maintained stored procedures, functions and triggers, and anonymous blocks. This source code maintained and controlled financial products, such as equities, futures, and options. Provided advice on Oracle performance tuning. Wrote PL/SQL package messaging solution using Oracle10g utl_mail in local Oracle10g database. Prepared analysis and feasibility study for future migration and upgrade to Oracle10g, for which he installed an Oracle10g database using multiple block size technology. Utilized MS Project, Visual SourceSafe, Oracle9i/10g, Java, and Windows.

06/07-11-07 At Oracle University (NJ, NY) trained to teach and taught Oracle10g Certification courses. Utilized Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle App. Server, ODS, OID, OBIEE 10g/11g, OGG, ODI, Oracle WebCenter Portal.

At Vonage, provided VOIP Help Desk support for the installation, upgrade, and migration of VOIP.

02/07-04/07 At IDC Global (NY), upgraded and maintained real estate business intelligence reporting system based on stored procedures for Orpi (France). Similarly maintained the metadata for the German real estate data model, Maklerv. Utilized PL/SQL, Oracle, SQL, and Erwin/Fusion. Also tuned SQL Server databases.

09/05-01/06 At Time Warner (NY), administered several production, test, and development Oracle9i data warehouses and (aol, Time, Time Warner, and Time Magazine) database instances emphasizing process monitoring, including Data Guard. Prepared patch documentation and applied patches. Wrote and automated database corporate monitoring scripts using DBMS_STATS. Implemented RMAN point-in-time recovery without a recovery catalog. Wrote Unix shells to perform several Oracle process and scheduled jobs. Provided DBA development and production support, including, but not limited to, SQL, PL/SQL, Export/Import, and Oracle Intermedia. Prepared several database operating procedures for overall process improvement. Reverse engineered data model using E/R Studio and Erwin. Implemented SQL analytic statistics model useful to query optimization and instance tuning. Implemented several testing Oracle10g Database and Grid Control, including Oracle9i iAS in the local Windows environment, to document Time Warner Grid Computing initiative. On-demand analysis, programming, and testing of Oracle Spatial and Text PL/SQL modules. Utilized Oracle9i/OEM, Vignette, Oracle WebCenter Content, JDBC, SQL/PLSQL, Java, STATSPACK.

06/05-08/05 At the Daily News, installed and configured Oracle10g Grid Computing environment with a variety of targets, custom groups, and blackout schedules. Supported document management data warehouse. Created and administered several databases in addition to those currently managed. Wrote RMAN shells to restore existing incremental level 0 nightly backup. Provided support for Oracle Data Guard using Oracle grid control. Provide strategic support for EMC Clarion Snapshot rollback process and business continuity model. Wrote several departmental business operating procedures. Attained optimal Oracle performance tuning. Utilized Oracle9i/Oracle10g databases, Oracle10g Grid Control, OC4J, Java, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Solaris8/9, EMC NAS/SAN, Centauri, Toad, and Sun Clusters 3.5. Researched high-availability solutions including Oracle RAC. Lead DBA deployment team and managed business process.

2002-2004 Independent Oracle Consultant – Senior DBA, ADN, New York, NY and Norwalk, CT

09/04-05/05 For IBM and Empire (EBCBS), (NY), administered a set of LPAR AiX4.3/5.2L GPFS Cluster/Windows-based Oracle 8i/9i databases. Designed, implemented, and executed migration plan for EBCBS medical data warehouse. Utilized Oracle utilities (SQL*Loader, Export,Import). Create several databases, implementing multi-block size, connection pooling and multiplexing among other features. Redesigned physical and logical models using Erwin. Provided production support for Empire BCBS and for Java development teams as well. Wrote PL/SQL packages, SQL scripts and Unix shells. Tuned SQL for Java. Set up MQ Series environment and wrote AQ PL/SQL package code to move queue data from AQ to MQ Series on a peer-to-peer basis. Documented tentative comparative migration plans to both Oracle9i and 10g. Utilized BMC Patrol, Marketer, Java, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Web Services, Oracle Messaging Gateway, and OEM.

03/04-08/04 For TD Waterhouse, implemented, maintained, tested and deployed RMAN-based backup shell scripts for backup, recovery, and standby architectures, on a Hitachi SAN based Oracle environment. Supported ad monitored financial (trading) and human resources data warehouses. Provided both production and development support. Implemented Korn shell, SQL, and PL/SQL scripts to automatically maintain database environment. Deployed many SQL and PL/SQL-based applications. Provided production support for PeopleSoft, TradeDirect, Riskmon, EIS, and other ERP and database-driven legacy systems. Prepared database and network security analysis report. Utilized Solaris, Erwin/ERX, JServer, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle9i Enterprise Server, Oracle Data Guard, and SQL Navigator. Lead backup testing team.

12/02-09/03 eWayDirect At (Norwalk, CT), as a Lead Oracle DBA:

Managed several Oracle9i/8i databases and created new databases and migrated instances to Oracle9i

Utilized J2EE with Eclipse for maintenance and analysis purposes.

Developed several PL/SQL packages for strategic marketing databases driven email lists, including Silver Carrot marketing, and many local email lists databases.

Implemented and executed migration and performance tuning cycle strategic plan.

Utilized Solaris9, Oracle9i, Developer Suite, JDeveloper, Erwin, and Enterprise Manager.

Monitored and supported marketing data warehouse while leading the DBA upgrade/migration team.

EXPERIENCE (Continued)

01/03-12/03 At Montclair State University, MIS Lab Technical Specialist, performed the following tasks:

Provided MIS Lab Technical Support using RH Linux, Oracle, .NET Framework 3.0, and Win2K8.

Set up Lab with Oracle 10g on RH9 Linux and MS Enterprise 2003 Servers and ASP.Net framework.

01/03-05/03 Metropolitan College of New York, (NY), as a Technical Instructor taught the following courses:

MIS, e-Commerce, Microsoft and Java productivity tools

Instructor for Oracle Portal, Oracle Architecture and Infrastructure.

06/03-12/03 At FDU Computer Career Institute, Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)Certification Instructor include training SQL, PL/SQL and database administration courses, involving backup and recovery, performance tuning, and network administration. Utilized Oracle8/8i, Windows NT/2000. Implemented BR model.

09/01-03/02 Assistant Vice President – Lead DBA/Technical Analyst, Deutsche Bank, AG, New York, NY

Administered, tuned, and monitored over 45 database instances with a total of approximately 128 Terabytes, including replication, in the Static Data Management data warehouse, ICON and eSPEAR environments, involving materialized views and MV groups and related datawarehousing jobs.

Created and upgraded database instances while leading DBA team.

Wrote draft proposal for new backup and recovery policy in congruency with both Deutsche Bank and Oracle principles, practices and disciplines.

Automated object analysis processes for most instances and logical backup.

Reverse engineered data models using Erwin to validate and enhance database consistency.

Wrote several PL/SQL packages and procedures to successfully maintain subsets of the trading system, including matching methods logic, Euroclear, and other regular purging rules.

Utilized Oracle Enterprise Manager, Replication Manager, Oracle 8i and 9i, Erwin, WebSphere, PL/SQL with built in packages, MS Project, Solaris 8, X-Windows, Win NT/2000.

12/99 – 02/01 Lead Technical Developer /Senior Oracle DBA, Bowne & Co, New York, NY/Parsippany, NJ

As a Sr. TD/DBA, designed, implemented, and developed Oracle-based systems with highest level of quality assurance to satisfy customer needs. Lead DBA and development team.

Developed PL/SQL stored packages.

Designed, implemented, and developed several Oracle portals, portlets, and data models.

Implemented backup and recovery database operating procedures.

Upgraded SQL Server-based web site for Merrill-Lynch’s MLAM offshore Funds with VB ASP .NET.

Configured and maintained Oracle8i. Onvia Web Site globalization and localization systems analysis, and database infrastructure, internationalization paradigm, and requirement specification.

Designed, implemented and managed Oracle Open World 2000 and DBA Oracle Portals .

Developed Java /XML Servlets and BC4J using JDBC connectivity for Oracle Portal, and emphasized DB Servlets rules to staff.

Utilized Solaris 2.6, Win NT/2000 servers WebLogic, WebSphere, and iAS, JDeveloper, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Erwin/ERX, Oracle Designer, MS Visual Studio, WebDB, Oracle [WebCenter] Portal, Oracle iAS/http Server, HTML, XML, VBScript, asp .NET. Used the Rational RUP, Rational Rose and RequisitePro standards.

Designed iDoc data model, and worked on Onvia Internationalization, MLAM, and H2L data warehouse projects, with ETL, OLAP, using Erwin/ERX, Rational, and UML-based tools.

Analyzed of Oracle Spatial PL/SQL code.

7/'97 – 10/99 Oracle Consultant DBA/Software Engineer/Software Developer, ADNMIS

At Phillips-Lucent, performed cell-phone calibration tests, using PL/SQL and Unix shell scripting, while gathering important quantitative information for regression analysis and data mining.

At Vertek Corporation, Murray Hill, NJ, developed several back-end interfaces and SQL reports for AT&T’s ABN data warehouse, which included dynamic PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, C external procedures, triggers, and database libraries. Utilized Oracle’s Portal/WebDB, COM Cartridge, Net80 IPC Listeners, and DCOM technology to implement a database-controlled e-mail service using a team-customized Visual Basic COM dll and Object PL/SQL APIs. Researched Oracle Application Server, JDeveloper Suite, and WebDB. Responsible for Oracle8 RDBMS Server production upgrade, Oracle8i R&D installation, and XML research work. Other duties involved data model reverse engineering, systems analysis, database performance tuning, technical writing, quality assurance, and PL/SQL code evaluation. Duties included Oracle database administration for the development environment and Production system upgrades. Utilized SQL*Loader, Export/Import, LotusScript, HTML, and JavaScript. Utilized WebDB, ASP, XML.

As an ERP/ Technical Consultant for JGI, performed the following tasks for Panasonic (Secaucus, NJ), and Ames Dept. Stores (Hartford, CT), and Scandinavian Airlines, namely:

Provided both functional and technical ERP analysis to subsequently implement and develop ADP HRizonsCode, SQR and PL/SQL programming.


Utilized HRizonsCode, SQR and PL/SQL programming, SQL

Utilized Oracle and SQLBase under Windows NT, Windows95 and Unix platforms. Responsibilities involved Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll Implementation, and IPP-to-HRizons migration.

Performed DBA duties for local company and client database environments.

Accomplished HRizons/PeopleSoft applications’ systems analysis, implementation, and development.

07/97 – 01/98 Database Analyst/Developer, Reed Elsevier, New Providence, NJ

As a Senior Programmer Analyst/Database Analyst, at Reed-Elsevier, New Providence, NJ, provided systems analysis and development of stored and anonymous PL/SQL procedures, SQL, and PL/SQL development, quality assurance, technical specifications, and implementation of quality assurance strategy at various stages in the software engineering and business processes. Utilized Oracle7, HP-UX Unix. Projects involved order matching, customer and prospect categorization and renewal. Involved in the definition, analysis, evaluation, and discussion of functional business rules, and database performance tuning. Wrote ETL transformation code for document data warehouse maintenance. Utilized Oracle 7, Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL Oracle Designer 2000, Developer 2000, Reports 2.5, System Architect.

01/97 – 07/97 Database Analyst, MCS Canon, Lyndhurst, NJ

Responsible for extensive DBA, database and business analyst duties, and PL/SQL development for an in-house custom marketing system, PL/SQL implementation and ETL development to migrate both data from PC-based Goldmine and IBM AS400/System 85-based databases to Oracle/Stars marketing tracking system. Upgraded the Oracle 7 Server from version 7.2 to version 7.3. Wrote several Database Department Operating Procedures. Utilized Oracle 7, PowerBuilder, Novell Netware 4.1, Windows NT, Enterprise Manager, Crystal Reports, Office 95 and 97. Fully responsible for marketing production database administration.

1994-1996 Senior Oracle Consultant, ADN, New Jersey

At TOSCO (Phillip-Conoco), developed and upgraded several Oracle*Financials applications, using SQL*Plus, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle*Reports 2.0, Oracle Designer 2,000 and Developer 2,000. Developed and upgraded several AP/AR reports using SQL and Oracle*Reports 2.5. Consolidated and reconciled reports.

At ISI M&Mars, responsible for database analysis and design, and technical specifications of the DFS Market Data Oracle warehousing. Responsibilities involved development of DCL shells, SQL scripts and PL/SQL stored procedures. Utilized OpenVMS 6.2 and ORACLE 7 RDBMS Server. Utilized ERWin/ERX to build data model prototype.

04/94 – 09/95 Associate Computational Scientist, FMC Corp. R&D, Princeton, NJ

Defined, designed, implemented, and developed the acginv lims Barcode-based Inventory System as a main accomplishment. Responsible for Oracle data warehouse design, implementation and development, database/systems analysis, software development for the Computational and Analytical Sciences Department. Duties involved upgrade and maintenance of several scientific databases, including biochemical records for individual and compound mixture experiments, partial upgrade of the comix system, maintenance and successful database administration of the BioSys expert information system. Other duties include PRM support and training. Utilized Oracle7, SQL*Forms 3.0 SQR, Pro*FORTRAN, and DCL. Evaluated data modeling tools, including Oracle Case, Erwin/ERX, SAS, QSAR training. Responsible for a variety of database administration duties on several DSS/EIS databases.

1990 – 1994 Oracle Consultant, AT&T GBCS, AT&T Tech, Capital Corp., Allied-Signal CAE Center

Developed inventory, finance, and contact, mailing, for SDF, and Conference Registration systems Oracle Forms and SQL*ReportWriter Reports, and others using SQR against an Oracle 6 database. Tested, tuned, and improved the performance of several reports, using Oracle’s performance tuning guide and explained plan strategies over an Oracle Financials/Inventory repository. Developed the SF1412 data warehouse reporting system as part of the GTM Gateway project using Oracle 6.0, SQL*ReportWriter, SQL Language, PL/SQL, and Pro*C. Prepared technical documentation using Interleaf. Developed Unix shells calling reports. The SF1412 project, a complement SF1411, reports pricing information with lowest possible prices, a requirement in working with the Federal Government. Developed a component of the front-end and reporting for the AT&T Message Service Trouble Tracking System Phase I, providing the capability for insertion, listing, querying, updating, and closing of trouble tickets. Reviewed and improved the AMS TTS logical data model, including ER diagram and table normalization, and created and enhanced the physical data model. Developed testing, inventory and software documentation for various Oracle applications. Utilized Pro*C, SQL*Forms, SQL*ReportWriter, and Microsoft Word in documenting the RPDPS project. Duties included database administration. Utilized STP CASE Tools ERWin to reverse engineer models and upgrade the Inventory and Finance Entity-Relationship data model and; Oracle 6.0 SQL language scripting to test and maintain database systems; SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*ReportWriter 1.3, TimeLine, TopScan, 20/20, DECNet, PathWorks, and SQL*Server; VAX/VMS 5.4.X, Ultrix. Utilized ERWin/ERX

33 Ireland Ave, Edison, NJ 08837

Skype ID: anthonydnoriega ~ 646-***-**** ~

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Anthony D. Noriega


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