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Mechanical Engineer Maintenance

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
February 13, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae

Candidate Details:

Full Name of the Applicant:

Mohammad Atiqur Rahman

Contact Number:


Date of Birth:

04th February 1992



Address for Communication:

Mohalla : Barahdari ; Po + Ps : Bihar sharif

Dist : Nalanda State : Bihar Pin code 803101 (India)

Application Details

Position Applied:

Mechanical Supervisor/Engineer (STATIC AND ROTATING)

Employment History/Skills

Education Qualification

Technical Education

B.E in Mechanical Engineering (2009 to 2013) from SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY (CHENNAI 120, TAMILNADU).

Education Qualification:

Secondary School Certificate – Science Stream In 2008




Seeking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity in an organization with maximum opportunity for career growth that recognizes and utilizes my true potential while nurturing my technical skills on upgraded platform.

Experience Details

Total Experience

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2 Experience Details

3 Experience Details

JOB DISCRIPTION Role & Responsibilities

Execution Work: Checking the system of work & material and having sound knowledge about Mechanical Equipment’s, OEM MANUAL, and relevant knowledge of piping network with their fabrication reports.

Document Work: Method of statement groundwork, Risk assessment, Submittal approval, RFI acknowledgement, material enquiry as per specification & standard of project requirement, sound knowledge of piping and instrumentation drawing and other relevant drawing such as GA drawing, isometric drawing.



Company : EMCO-QATAR


Date : 28/06/ 2018 to 20/9/2018




Date : 03/05/ 2015 to 30/01/2018




Date : 08/9/2013 to 27/03/2015.

job responsibilities:

Improved rotating equipment reliability and availability through the implementation of Reliability Engineering principles, techniques and tools, such as Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA).

Define spare part requirements, employing Risk Based Maintenance and performing regular audits to ensure working capital is optimized, stock levels are maintained, and obsolete equipment been revised.

Mentor Reliability Maintenance Engineers for continuous development. Prepare, and follow up on development plans of Reliability Maintenance Engineers.

Hands on experience, with major involvement in overhauling and troubleshooting of the following equipment:

PUMPS: Single stage and Multi stage Centrifugal Pumps, Screw pumps & reciprocating pumps.

COMPRESSOR: Rotary, Reciprocating, and centrifugal compressor.

Maximize the Reliability and Availability of plant equipment.

Overseen routine maintenance on rotating equipment, carries out visual check of seals for leaks, disassembly of equipment, replacement of parts as directed, replacement of packing & gaskets, repairs as appropriate, check bearing and reassemble.

Ensures and precisely supervise the upkeeping of correct alignment and tolerances, using precision measuring instruments such as laser alignment equipment, DTI clock gauges, micrometers, gauges, Vernier’s and CONDITION MONITORING (such as temperature and vibration).

Carries out routine preventive maintenance of machinery according to schedule, checklist and specific equipment requirements. This includes changing oils, greasing, cleaning strainers and filter and general overhaul of equipment.

Assist in planning annual shutdown and major equipment turnarounds shutdown projects and assist in inspection of equipment for its healthiness.

Strict adherence to plant safety protocols and good housekeeping.

Having sound knowledge in SAP (PM Module) so can help give input on budget and financial projection by interacting closely with planning team and ensures smooth operation. Having workable knowledge in SAP (MM) that helps me to keep track of external materials and request if needed.

Adhere to work management procedures PDO such as golden rules, lifesaving rules and process safety management procedure.

Maintenance and inspection of distillation tower as per ASME SEC VIII DIV 2, removal and replacement all types trays (bubble cap, valve, sieve, trays).

Internal cleaning, maintenance and inspection of all kinds of heat exchanger plate type and shell &tube and fin fan cooler, under which I supervised all kinds of inspection depending upon the types of material used for tubes (e.g. IRIS test & eddy current testing) and carried-out hydro testing for both shell & tubes based on ASME SEC VIII DIV 2 AND TEMA.

Overseen the cleaning, inspection and overall maintenance of pressure vessel (horizontal & vertical) SKID MOUNTED PACKAGING EQUIPMENT incorporated with replacement of demister pad, schoepentoeter and all other relevant accessories.

Maintenance of pressure relief system (pvv, psv, prv, blow-off hatch). In addition to all these I possess fair knowledge about isolation valves (Gate, Globe, Ball, and Butterfly).

Supervise the internal inspection and maintenance of ONCE THROUGH STEAM GENERATOR, Fire Heater, Immersion Heater and HRSG followed by its stack inspection.

Worked under the supervision of client’s reliability support engineer to identify the critical plant failure modes in a systematic and structured manner, through giving various crucial inputs.

Possessed flair knowledge in all API STANDARDS (API510, API610&API682, API650&653, API570) and ASME STANDARDS.

In addition to all mechanical equipment I have an excellent ability to deal with associated piping network.

In addition to all above technical skills, I have some experience in managing people, mentoring new employees, since I took several courses on safety leadership and management and I feel I am ready to take next step if it comes to managing people.


Essential work activities

Checking & Using Materials/Machine and special equipment.

Assessing, evaluating, influencing team to promote and enhance productivity.

Informing, discussing, presenting and briefing in liaison communication with client.

Essential work activities of Safety

Maintain standards of safety and comply with Company’s Health, Safety & Environment, and Management system requirements.

Take reasonable care of own health and safety and that of others on site and follow and maintain Company’s standards and Quality in accordance with Company Quality System requirements

Surveyed various research of operation through studying HAZOP AND HAZID for risk management to influence lean production


Strong analytical skills and problem solving abilities.

An excellent ability to communicate & interact with all level and people from distinct cultures.

To work with a company seeking an ambitious and career conscious person where acquired skill and education will be utilized towards continuous growth.

Driving license


Expected salary & Facilities


Able to start a new position

Computer Skill


Operating System : SAP (PM), SAP(MM), MS- Excel, MS- Word, MS-PP,

Telecommunication CAFM, ANSYS(FEA).

Other relevant information:

Personal Information:

Father’s Name : Mohammad Afsar Alam

Date of Birth : 04.02.1992

Marital Status : Single

Religion : Islam

Nationality : Indian

PASSPORT NO : L-7846081

Language Known:

English, Urdu, Hindi Arabic.


Dear Sir,

As an engineer with a broad-based technical back ground, I would like to present my resume in consideration for the position, which you sent via mail.

Having almost five years of experience of working for in a leading organization, I possess a variety of engineering skills that i feel to be highly valuable for your company. The consistent theme throughout my carrier has always been my ability to drive operational, visual and customer service standards to the highest level.

I also possess creative flair as well as an impeccable communication skill and can quickly identify trends and readily adjust into it.

However, what really set me apart from other candidate is my proven ability to maximize the production through team work, apart from this i can handle some of the jobs single - handedly depending upon the circumstances.

I realize that this letter alone may not sufficiently convey all my abilities, therefore i would appreciate of a personal interview with you, where i will be able to demonstrate my suitability further and in more details.

Yours sincerely,


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