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Injection Molding Manager

Monroe, New York, United States
February 13, 2019

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Leo Czekalski

Plant Manager

West Milford, NJ ***80


Work Experience

Plant Manager

Kari-Out - Rockaway, NJ

February 2017- current

Manage a 21 machine injection molding facility that is part of a multi location company.

● Responsible for all planning, scheduling, directing and running of day to day operations which exceed ownership expectations.

● Responsible for all plant safety, maintenance, logistics, manufacturing, quality, assembly and delivery timelines are met.

● Responsible for plant P&L and all costs of operation.

● Ensure all company policies and procedures are implemented and being followed.

● Develop processes that maximize stewardship, safety, quality and productivity.

● Manage tooling engineering, all new products and molds. Manage mold PM and predictive maintenance program.

● Interface with all outside molding and tooling vendors to ensure proper work methods, quality and good manufacturing processes are being followed. Operations Manager

Weiss-Aug Surgical Products Division Fairfield, NJ, July 2016-Jan 2017

● Manage all operations of manufacturing including process and mold engineers, tool room support staff, 4 shift supervisors, machine and facilities maintenance staff, janitorial staff, material handlers, logistics staff, mold engineers.

● Develop strategy of continuous improvement for production molding operations including mold down time, molding equipment downtime, operating costs, machine maintenance and process troubleshooting.

● Coordinate new tooling and process development activities

● ERP business system lead

● Lead roll out of new plant in Mexico providing direction and guidance on plant layout, workflow and equipment strategy, staffing and execution.

● Control and manage tooling prints and revisions to tooling throughout entire tool lifecycle.

● Manage tool room support staff in maintenance and repair of all surgical products tooling.

● Perform DFM on all new customer designs

● Quote all new prototype and production tooling

● Act as program manager for all new tooling and process engineering functions

● Manage budgets of all production and maintenance

● Expand customer base for surgical products division

● Manage existing supply chain and develop additional sources for new tooling/prototype and fixture building including automation projects

● Manage budgets of all tooling changes and new builds

● Manage shipping and receiving schedules to facilitate plant logistics

● Maintain facility excellence in cleanliness

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Baxter Enterprises/Hi-Tech Mold and Engineering - Winchester, TN Jan 2015- June 2016

● Manage manufacturing engineering department budget and staff including 4 process engineers, 7 process technicians, 1 tooling engineer and 10 setup personnel.

● Assign engineers to new project/program rollouts

● Direct Scientific DOE’s required to establish most robust molding process is in place and validated

● Oversee all new mold designs and approve for manufacturing

● Work with tooling engineering,quality, material suppliers, and customers to ensure customers requirements are being met

● Identify shortcomings of any machinery, mold,secondary operation or process contributing to plant scrap and implement corrective actions for elimination of these deficiencies

● Manage all BOM’s and process validation sheets

● Verify all work instructions and work cell layouts

● Pursue automation avenues to reduce manufacturing costs

● SMED all die changes to ensure minimal downtime to production machinery

● Implement 5S and lean manufacturing methods to improve productivity, reduce costs and scrap

● Work with machinery suppliers, robot suppliers, material suppliers to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs

● Manage tooling PM program

Engineering Manager

Polymer Technologies Inc - Clifton, NJ

Jan 2012- Dec 2014

● Support plant, sales, quality in all engineering capacities.

● Work with customers and ownership on all new programs/projects

● Work to establish new program costs, tooling requirements, quality requirements, production machinery requirements

● DFM, ISO GMP’s requirements outlined and shared with entire organization

● Direct engineering staff and guide on all new projects

● Identify and qualify all outside tooling and manufacturing sources

● Quote and direct manufacture of all new tooling

● Provide all engineering specifications,analysis and evaluations to process and engineering staff

● Schedule and attend all new tooling samplings and qualifications Domestic and International

● Coordinate all pilot runs of tooling ensure process capability and viability domestic and international

● Support continuous improvement efforts, lean manufacturing, root cause analysis, quality requirements and all related activities

● Apply engineering methods, computer modeling, tolerance analysis, data analysis,experimental methods etc, to diagnose product,component and process issues

● Assure secondary equipment requirements procurement and implementation are met

● Track engineering changes, verifies and releases to production, create and maintain process books, develop manufacturing plans, including production floor flow, warehouse flow, etc.

● Support ISO 9001 and 13485 efforts

● Ensure safe work methods are being followed

● Manage all engineering and tool room staffs

Global Quality Assurance and Efficiencies Manager

EMI Yoshi - North Brunswick, NJ

May 2009- December 2011

● Working and living in Asia, primarily China designing, quoting and building new injection molds.

● Manage company owned injection molding facility

● Managed all outside molding and mold building vendors

● Manage and build more than 100 new molds and products per year at numerous outside sources

● Provide all vendors with specifications and requirements for any new tooling. Manage timelines of new mold builds. Ensure quality of work performed is to our standards.

● Qualify all new tooling at T1 samplings. Verify cycle times and mold capability analysis.

● Establish standard mold cycle times packaging requirements, molding schedules, quality standards, material requirements for all products.

● Work with US based partners, Asian partners, accounting and marketing departments.

● Ensure shipping timelines are met for all world wide shipping requirements and schedules

● Ensure on time delivery of all raw resin,colorant, corrugated and packaging items are made to internal and external suppliers

● Travel as necessary throughout China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan to verify cycles, quality and outputs of company owned tooling.

● Setup and manage tooling PM program based on mold cycle counts

● Lived and traveled throughout China and Asia for 2-3 month time frames returning to US for holidays or short business activities or vacations. President

Anderson Tool and Die Inc - Linden, NJ

Jan 1991- April 2009

I was a 25% partner in a custom injection molding shop with a proprietary line of surgical scrub brushes, catheters,and surgical instruments which are disposable and utilized in the performing of surgical procedures.

● Custom molder of many types of POP and display products

● Designed all new tooling for POP displays which are injection or blow molded or extruded. Also designed thermoformed, wood and metal wire products used for POP display industry.

● Managed entire 33,000 SF molding plant which included 23 injection machines ranging from 15-610 ton. Set up plant engineering work cells and work flow optimization.

● Managed all manufacturing, maintenance, tooling, assembly and packaging operations.

● Responsible for company P&L reporting directly to Board of Directors

● Managed all outside vendors, suppliers of molds, resins, colorants and packaging.

● Developed production reporting system with BOM for all products

● Hands on process validation of all process sheets utilizing scientific molding methods.

● Began implementation of automation program to minimize operating costs.

● Maintained facility organization and cleanliness leading customers through for plant tours on weekly basis.

● Quoting of all new programs molding, assembly and tooling. Operations Manager

Wiggins Plastics - Clifton NJ

Dec 1986-Jan 1991

● Manage Entire injection molding operation of a 53 machine thermoset and thermoplastic molding operation

● Molding production runs on a 7 day 4 shift schedule with more than 100 hourly employees and 10 molding and assembly supervisors

● Train all processors in the proper setup and establishment of molding cycles and conditions based on Scientific Molding Methodology

● Introduce first robots for molding machines to company

● Reduce secondary workforce by 70% by improvement to molding conditions on machines eliminating need for second QC checks

● Improve all molding output by 20+ % reducing to a 6 day work week and generating same output as 7 day schedule

Process Engineer

Johns Manville Holophane Lighting Division- Edison, NJ Oct 1983- Dec 1986

● Responsible for all plant manufacturing output and scrap rate

● Utilizing Scientific Injection Molding tools, reduced plant scrap rate for all clear prismatic lense from 10% to 1.7% during my tenure

● Improve machine cycle times by 24% department wide which increased output per labor hour and eliminated overtime costs. Manufacturing costs were reduced making the company more profitable and competitive in the marketplace.

● Implemented the use of regrind resin along with virgin blnd to further reduce manufacturing costs.

● Was able to use up more than 200K pounds of regrind accumulated in warehouse before my joining the company.

● All prismatic lenses were molded from Acrylic and Polycarbonate resins for specialty applications of operating and dental room lighting, stadium and bus, train station lighting as well as parking lots and garages.

Process Engineer

The Regina Corporation Rahway, NJ and Long Beach MS June 1982- Nov 1986

● Working in the tooling engineering group, I was responsible for assisting in DFM, tooling design review input, qualification of all molds at first samplings and establishment of molding cycle and process data sheet.

● Sign of on all new molds and turn mold over to manufacturing. Assist with first setup and production run. Assist with all secondary equipment requirements and setups.

● Maintain all process data sheets for all molded products, all mold drawings and secondary machinery setups. Responsible for all corporate copies.

● Assist on molding floor to reduce scrap rates and any process related failure modes.

● Sample all resins and qualify for production acceptance.

● Worked Sunday through Tuesday afternoon at Long Beach Mississippi facility and Wednesday through Friday at Rahway NJ facility.

Setup and Process Technician

Kings Custom Molding Inc So. Hackensack, NJ


While attending school in the evenings, I worked at my father's injection molding company during the day.

Beginning my career here, I worked my way up from fork truck operator, material handler, mold setup man, machine process technician and to shift supervisor. I was taught by my dad on how to cycle in machines for profitability.


AS - Accounting and Business

Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ

AS- Plastics Technology and Injection Mold Design - NJIT, Newark, NJ Certificate - Leadership and Team Building - Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Additional Information :

Area’s of Knowledge

● Injection molding technology thermoplastic and thermoset

● Compression, Transfer and Blow Molding

● Profile Extrusion of Medical Tubing

● Two Color and 2 Material Machine Overmolds

● In Mold Labeling

● ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 13485 Medical Device

● Statistical Process Control

● Production and Process Engineering

● Lean Manufacturing Utilization

● Manufacturing Concept Planning

● Factory Layout and WorkFlow Planning and Analysis

● Automation and Robotics

● Generation of Shop Floor Work Instructions

● SolidWorks, AutoCad, and MoldFlow Analysis Experience

● 100000 particulate clean room Experience

● Medical Device Product and Process Validation

● cGMP

● DOE/SPC/FMEA Experienced

● RJG Scientific Molding Master Molder 2

● IQ/OQ/PQ Experienced

● Product Development Engineering

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