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Electrical Engineering Design,Test,Characterization,Validation

San Jose, California, United States
February 13, 2019

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VARSHA PAUL 469-***-****

Electrical Engineering Graduate Student with focus in Radio Frequency and Communications with 3 years of professional experience in industry. Actively seeking Full-time Position in domains of Radio Frequency/ Communication. The University of Texas at Dallas West Bengal University of Technology Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (RF & Communication) B.Tech., Electronics and Communication Engineering RF Systems & Microwave Engineering, RF Circuits, RF Engineering Lab, RF & Microwave Amplifier Design, Optical Communication Systems, Wireless Sensor & Networks, Digital Signal Processing, Random Processes & Probability, Digital Communication System, Advanced Digital Logic, Fields & Waves, Biomedical Applications of Electrical Engineering. Programming: C, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, MySQL, Java, Python, Verilog Software: MATLAB, Simulink, PSpice, VSS, AWR, Virtual Photonics, Microwave Office, SAP (BIBO), Weka Devices: Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Calibration Kit (E-Cal, SOLT), Power Meter, Noise Figure Meter, Antenna Tuner, Signal Generator, Soldering Station, Oscilloscope Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access

Others: AWR, AXIEM, Arduino IDE, Codrones, Robotics, Little bits, Coding with art, VHDL MS Excel (Macros, Pivot Tables), MS Word, MS PowerPoint Interests: Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), Power Amplifiers (class A/ B/ AB), Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO), Mixers, Matching circuits, RF transceiver system design, Filters, Multiplexers, Power dividers, Couplers, Resonators, RF switches, S parameters, Load pull, P1dB,TOI, Noise figure, Linearity, RF Link budget, Electromagnetics, PCB layout design, ASK, BPSK, QPSK, QAM, OFDM, SNR, BER, VNA, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, ATE tester, Oscillator, Statistical Data Analysis, Tableau, Microsoft tools (Excel, Office, Power point)

Continuous Improvement Intern, dbSpectra Jan 2018 -May 2018

• Transmitter and Receiver parameter measurements and Testing.

• Performed simulations in Microwave office, AWR

• Involved in the evaluation and verification of various RF products [Tx/Rx]

• Worked on building an automated test bench for measuring output power at Transmitter and Receiver end, undergone linearity measurements over temperature using python

• Performed mm-wave measurements on Transmitter over temperature and frequency to obtain output power using a power sensor.

• Performed mm-wave measurements on Receiver over temperature to measure Gain, Noise Figure, 2nd and 3rd order non-linearity components, SNR, image reject ratio using various techniques

• Performed data analysis, validation and visualization of the results obtained thereafter using like MS-Excel and Tableau

Student Instructor at The University of Texas at Dallas, Computer Science Outreach Department May 2017 -August 2017

• Training the juniors on Robotics, Drones, Coding with art, Minecraft, Makey Makey, Little bits, Arduino IDE, Raspberry Pi

Lead Systems Engineer Feb 2014 – June 2016

Tata Innovation Labs

• Incorporating EDGE implementation, EDGE capacity planning aligns with marketing requirement.

• Undergone Parameter tuning, Counter analysis and KPI formation for both voice and data service. SUMMARY




Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, India

• Having an experience of 3 years in Manual Testing and Quality Assurance. Having experience in working on tools like JIRA, Bugzilla and HP Quality Center.

• The skillsets while working as a Test Analyst involved: Test Case Preparation, Test Execution, Defect Logging, Defect Tracking, Application Testing, System Testing, Client Interaction.

• Having experience in handling multiple threads simultaneously and getting client appreciation for the quality delivery of the releases. Experienced in handling the business logic and providing solutions for problems. Runner-up in TCS CODEVISTA.

• Two stage low noise RF Amplifier design March 2018-April 2018

Designed a two stage LNA to achieve unconditional stability for all frequencies, while satisfying conditions of Gain>18dB at 10 GHz, Noise Figure <2 dB at 10 GHz,3dB and 20dB bandwidths and output return loss>12dB.The Gain and Noise figure budget was calculated to achieve design goals and to find a tradeoff between the parameters for the best performance.

• Intelligent hailstorm detection and warning system using Radar and 5G communication link. February 2018-April 2018

Design and analysis of an RF System for a drone that comprises of Transmit and Receive blocks for detecting hailstorm and delivering weather conditions to the nearest station. Used AWR-Virtual System Simulator to simulate Link Budget Analysis, Cascaded Gain, P1dB, IP3 and Noise Figure Calculations. Used a 15GHz radar and 24 GHz communication link.

• Intelligent Road Surface Detection and Warning System Using Automotive Radar Technology February 2017-April 2017

Design and analysis of an RF System that comprises of Transmit and Receive blocks for detecting road surface conditions and delivering location and surface conditions to the nearest station. Used AWR-Virtual System Simulator to simulate Link Budget Analysis, Cascaded Gain, P1dB, IP3 and Noise Figure Calculations. Used a 18GHz radar and 9 GHz communication link.

• Two stage broadband RF Amplifier design February 2018-March 2018

Application of the RF and Microwave concepts to the design of a broadband RF amplifier that was utilized as a front-end amplifier for optical receivers. Undergone the stability analysis of the same.

• A new unequal power divider design with enhanced insertion loss flatness November 2017-December 2017

Conclusion of the fact that with a substrate and shunt stubs it is possible to get a flatter insertion loss response. We also noticed that by reducing the bandwidth, insertion loss flatness can be highly improved.

• Emergency vehicle warning system using RFID, RADAR and IoT, Wireless Sensors & Networks January 2017-May 2017

Development of an automated parking system using RASPBERRY PI using ‘Haar Cascades’ in Python – OpenCV. Later, the captured faces are trained using “Local Binary Patterns for Histogram Equalization” algorithm and the data is stored in a file.

• An Efficient way of designing a 400 Gbps WDM System, Optical Communication System October 2016-December 2016

Used Virtual Photonics software to design and implement WDM System. The light path was developed using a 1500nm wavelength and Ook modulation for a ber of 10^(-14). Internal and external modulation were conducted by employing electro-absorption and electro-optic modulators.

• Analysis of ECG signal, derivation of feature vectors using wavelet transform, classification and validation of normal and abnormal heartbeats using machine learning May 2018-Present

Used MATLAB wavelet transforms and machine learning together to detect the onset of heart attack.

• BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, India)-Mobile communication, Broadband, Switching, MDF, Power Stations, Microwave

• ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India)-Power Production and electrical requirements at drilling sites. ACADEMIC PROJECTS


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