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Safety Plant

Kansas City, Missouri, 64155, United States
February 11, 2019

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Masters of Science in Occupational Safety Management Warrensburg, MO Dec 2014

University of Central Missouri (UCM)

GPA: 3.88/4.00

Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice: Minor Political Science May 2009

Overall GPA: 3.57/4.00 Major: 3.76/4.00

Proficient in Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


oCertified Safety Professional

oCertified in CPR/1st aid

oCertified Environmental Specialist

oOSHA 30 Hour

oHazardous Waste Management Complete Course

oDOT Hazardous Materials Training

oVisible Emissions Evaluator

Safety Experience:

Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor, Remington Arms Company

Lexington, Missouri, (May 2016 to present)

oManage, write and implement all environmental health and safety programs for two manufacturing sites

oDeveloped & implemented a behavior-based safety program

oAdvise plant management of safety and environmental regulations, procedures and polices

oPerform regular safety and environmental inspections

oWrite A3's and scope of work for capital projects

oDevelop procedures, policies and programs to achieve regulatory compliance and reduce injuries

oLed initiative to apply new machine guarding on all equipment

oImplemented and wrote new SWPPP

oEnsure compliance with Title 5 Air Permit

oManage hazardous waste program as a large quantity generator

oWrite standard operating procedures for machine safety requirements and work processes

oWrite lockout tagout procedures for each piece of equipment

oImplemented new ergonomic equipment and work processes to reduce CTD's and repetitive motion injuries and increase production efficiency

oImplemented electric tracking of safety data sheets

oDevelop and present all safety environmental and health trainings for the plant

oPerform new hire safety orientations and all plant safety/environmental training's

oManage relationships with regulators and act as the company representative during regulatory inspections. Participated in several regulatory inspections to include OSHA, hazardous waste, air emissions and storm water

oLead safety committee meetings

oInvestigate incidents to evaluate corrective actions and determine root cause using 5 why's, A-3 and other root cause tools.

oEnsure compliance with OSHA, EPA, state regulatory agencies and other standards/codes. Stay current in any regulatory changes

oManaged several capital projects to manage combustible dusts

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, Jarden Home Brands

Fishers & Muncie Indiana, (February 2015 to April 2015)

oWrote & implement safety programs, policies and procedures for a startup facility and another facility who never had a full-time safety and health professional

oDeveloped behavior-based safety program to encourage safety behaviors for all employees

oPerformed job hazards analysis on all positions and risk assessments on work processes to eliminate safety hazards

oWrote Lockout Tagout procedures for every piece of equipment

oConducted OSHA require safety training's & new hire orientations for all new employees

oWrote & implement safety observation program for employees and supervisors

oResearch & implement ergonomic solutions

oImplement machine acceptance program for new equipment and processes

oResearch and budget for capital improvements

oWrote & implement safety incentive program

oImplemented safety board awareness program

oPerformed trend analysis for near-miss, first-aid, property damage and recordable injury

oEnsured compliance with all federal, state and local regulations

oLead safety teams & weekly management safety meetings

oManaged plant relationships to help foster a positive safety culture

oManaged employee's incidents including workmen’s compensation, light duty program & accommodating work restrictions

oAssisted plant with designing and implementing machine guarding, combustible dust controls, emission controls & other safety processes on equipment

oWorked with plant management on implementing & designing 5S standards

Safety Intern, Church & Dwight

Harrisonville, Missouri (May 2014, January 2015)

oWrote, modified, and implemented safety programs, polices and procedures in ordinance with OSHA and corporate safety policies

oConducted hazard assessments on all positions in the plant

oConducted trend analysis, audits, accident investigations, site inspections of operational procedures, facility design, and equipment

oConducted safety trainings and new hire orientations

oImplemented and run safety incentive program

oUpdated MSDS system and write excel spreadsheet with hazard assessment and PPE requirements

oOrganized safety data and injury rates

oPerformed ergonomic evaluation for every manufacturing line and research improvements for each manufacturing line

oLead safety committee meetings

oWrote weekly safety topics

oEnsured compliance with OSHA

oCreated Lockout/Tagout visual aids on all machine lines and preformed Lockout/Tagout practical audits

oConducted respirator fit test and respirator training

oConducted full plant noise hazard survey and mitigated sound hazards with controls

oPreformed IH sampling for airborne particles and noise

Wrote safety programs to include: confine space, respiratory protection, hearing conversation, eyewash inspection, fall protection inspection, forklift, blood borne pathogens, pallet jack, lockout/tagout, hot work, hand tools, power tools, general electric, arc flash and plant specific programs

Graduate Assistant, Department of Safety Sciences

Warrensburg, Missouri (August 2013 to December 2014)

oGraded professor’s tests and assignments

oSubstituted for professor’s classes

oAssisted students with homework or job questions

oPosted jobs/safety information on blackboard

oAdministrated safety science computer lab

Safety Intern, General Electric Transportation

Grain Valley/Warrensburg, Missouri (January 2014 to May 2014)

oUpdated material safety data sheet for the plant

oPerformed safety inspections and input into the audit tracking system

oUpdated physical job demand analysis for each position

oWorked on kaizen manufacturing projects

oWrote and updated job safety analysis for all employees

oOrganized DOT paperwork for hazardous materials

oWrote work-station ergonomic program

Adjunct Instructor, University of Central Missouri

Warrensburg, Missouri (August 2013 to May 2014)

oTrained students on: safety/emergency planning, fire safety, environmental issues, OSHA inspections, MSDS, OSHA 300 log and safety legislation

oTaught students about various safety topics by using various techniques

oInformed students about OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, FDA, NFPA, NSC

oEvaluated student performance by administrating tests and assignments

oMotivated students to be passionate about safety

oOrganized guest speakers on relevant topics

oWrote teaching aids and training materials

Loss Prevention Supervisor, Kohl’s Department Store

Kansas City, Missouri (May 2011 to August 2013)

oApprehended up to three suspected shoplifters a week

oConducted hundreds of investigations on external/employee theft

oPerformed daily, weekly, and monthly audits and safety inspections and input into the Audit Tracking System

oEnsure training compliance in the Learning Management System

oIdentified and fixed any safety hazards

oMaintained surveillance equipment including CCTV

oWrote detailed reports on apprehensions and safety/inventory audits

oTrained employees on theft, inventory and safety issues

oEnforced Kohl’s corporate polices and safety standards

oLead monthly safety and inventory meetings

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