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Engineer Support

Portland, Oregon, 97229, United States
February 11, 2019

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Portland, Oregon 97229



** ***** **********, *******, ********** and provisioning SAN/NAS storage environment. A dedicated and innovative Infrastructure / Storage Engineer with an extensive background in developing, executing and documenting test scenarios for enterprise storage environments. Strong background in providing storage solutions to customers and assisting local support teams defining and resolving problems, also assist account team and client management in defining the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of problems.


SAN Products: Support and provision the following storage systems – IBM Storage systems (DS8000/DS4800/DS5000, XIV, SVC, V7000, along with IBM dasd products – 3380 and 3390), Violin Memory Array, NetApp, HDS, EMC and VMware and AWS

Support the following Fibre Channel hardware - switches and directors (Brocade, QLogic, Cisco), HBAs (Emulex, QLogic, ATTO)

Protocols: SAN, NAS, iSCSI, SCSI, FcoE, SSA, ESCON/FICON, ESA 390/370

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, AIX, z/OS (Linux)

General skills: MS-Office, Visio, Lotus Suite, Citrix, IBM storage managers, Spectrum products (TPC and TSM)


ELH Consultants; Portland, OR Sept 2018 – Dec 2018

Infrastructure / Storage Consultant

Assisted client in designing a migration plan to move 900 servers from old iron to virtual.

Worked with clients teams (Linux, Windows, VMware, network, storage and datacenter) in determining process and time tables for migration.

Implemented migration – copied servers Operating Systems (OS) and moved them to virtual / guest servers using IBM SVC.

Before migration was implemented several servers firmware had to be upgraded (OS or HBAs).

Presented daily status to team leaders and weekly status to account team and upper management.

Migration completed successfully with no major problems or outages.

ELH Consultants; Portland, OR Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

SAN and Storage Consultant

Assisted datacenter customers upgrading SAN switches and storage products (firmware).

Datacenter had three SAN fabrics, each fabric had two Brocade directors and two /four switches per director. Also I upgraded two IBM SVC, eight IBM storage arrays, two HDS and a Netapp storage array.

No outages occurred during firmware upgrades.

IBM contractor (ARTECH) Sept 2014 – Feb 2017


SAN and Infrastructure Consultant / Admin

Member of IBM GTS SAN and Storage Team

I worked closely with our Chief Architect planning the client’s server’s migration from physical to virtual; AIX servers to PowerVC and Linux and Windows servers to VMware environment.

I helped develop a migration process to move client server’s operating system and data to virtual servers, this took two tasks; the first task was to move OS and data that resided on physical servers to their virtual servers (PowerVC and VMware), the second task was to move clients data from their current storage arrays (Hitachi storage array and Netapp storage array) to a SVC storage environment, this involved using IBM Copy Services (global mirroring and flashcopy) along with VMware (vcenter) and PowerVC.

Designed and implemented Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 storage pools, also managed storage pools capacity and efficiency.

Provisioned and supported IBM storage systems, EMC storage systems, Netapp storage array and Hitachi storage arrays.

I was responsible for designing, implementing and supporting our client SAN environment (Brocade directors, switches routers).

I lead a team determining Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Assisted Chief Architect designing and setting up a disaster recovery site

Assisted Performance team providing weekly data to assure storage arrays remained compliant

I was responsible for determining and scheduling and implementing all SAN and storage devices upgrades.

DaVita; Tacoma,WA Nov.2013 – Sept 2014

SAN and Storage Consultant

Member of DaVita storage and backup team

Supported and configured SAN directors and switches at both local and remote sites

Supported and provisioned all storage arrays (DS8200, V7000, DS4800, DS5000, XIV, SVC and EMC Isilon)

Supported DaVita primary and DR sites

Supported backups and recovery using Commvault and TSM

Provided weekly and monthly performance data

Assisted in procuring new SAN and storage hardware

TAOS Mountain; San Jose, CA Dec 2012 – Aug 2013

Technical SAN Consultant

Provided Engineering leadership to customers IT dept.

Assisted in developing and implementing a migration procedure to move a customer datacenter to another city

oMigrated approximate 2500 servers (Windows, Linux and Solaris), 80% of servers were virtualized to VMware farms or Solaris Global Zones (physical platform to virtualized servers)

oDeveloped a process to migrate customer data from HDS storage to Violin Memory Array

oAssisted customers IT, apps, databases and infrastructure teams to provide a smooth and efficient migration

Responsible for provisioning storage and attaching SAN and iSCSI servers to Violin Memory Array

Advice customers on quality, systems integrity and performance

IBM GTS, contractor (CDI) Feb 2012 – Dec 2012


SAN and Storage Admin

Member of IBM GTS Managed Storage Services team

Provided storage provisioning and problem determination for DS5000,DS8000, V7000, XIV and SVC storage products

Provided storage provisioning for IBM DASD (3380 and 3390)

Attach storage arrays to IBM zSeries and open systems platforms

Provided storage provisioning for HDS, NetApp and EMC storage products

Assisted Client IT team in resolving storage problems and help to with Root Cause Analysis

Provided SAN admin responsibility and problem determination for Brocade, McData and Cisco FC switches and directors fabrics

Assist with SAN/storage architect projects

IBM, contractor (CTG) Mar 2011 – Jun 2011


Remote Storage Support Engineer

Provided Level-1 and Level-2 remote product support for IBM storage systems, virtual storage systems and virtual tape and SAN products and configurations. This included collecting and analyzing storage systems dumps, SNAPs, X-Rays and support data

Supported hardware / peripherals: DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, DS8000, XIV and SVC, V7000 and ProtecTIER, also Brocade, McData, Cisco Fibre Channel switches and directors and QLogic and Emulex HBAs

Acxiom, contractor (Collabera) Nov 2010 – Jan 2011

Acxiom Corporation, Little Rock, Ark

Infrastructure Engineer

Member of Acxiom Enterprise SAN Team

Provided Storage admin support for IBM storage products (DS4000, DS5000, DS8000, XIV and SVC)

Assisted implementing/supporting Tivoli products (TPC and TSM) to monitor and measure performance and provisioning

Assisted SAN team administrating HDS and EMC storage arrays

Assisted SAN team in monitoring heterogeneous storage I/O replication using Cisco SANTap

Assisted SAN team, in developing, testing and implementing Disaster Recovery sites

Assisted SAN team supporting VMware attached to NetApp

IBM CORPORATION, Beaverton, OR and Tucson, AZ 1985 – 2010

IT Specialist, Product Assurance Engineer and Test Engineer

Technical Marketing Support; Team Leader and member of IBM enterprise storage pre-marketing support team

Provided storage solutions to customers who does not meet IBM support matrix

Designed test scenarios to assist account teams and customers support teams in identifying and resolving customer’s problems.

Resolved customers unsupported configurations

Worked with account teams and vendors to identify and resolve customer’s infrastructure problems

Provided migration, replication and Disaster Recovery solutions to customers

Installed and supported XIV storage system in customer’s datacenters, also assisted XIV storage engineering in developing and implementing a data security erase program (XIV Machine Wipe)

Provided technical support to SVC also trained account teams and customers on installation procedure and attaching SVC to various vendor storage arrays (EMC, HP)

Educated / trained Account team and customers on DS5000 and XIV attachment to SVC

Provided Tivoli support (TPC and TSM), used Tivoli tools to assist in defining performance issues/problems and provisioning.

Provision storage LUN/volumes to Enterprise xSeries (z/OS) environments.

Assisted account team configuring VMware to DS4000

Provided assistance in attaching NetApp to IBM storage

Developed and executed various storage systems RPQs and Critsits test scenarios

Open System Lab; Linux RPQ Team Leader, responsible for evaluating, managing Linux RPQs

Note: RPQ means (Request for Price Quote; this process is used to provide certification to customer’s storage configurations that does not meet IBM support matrix)

Designed a process to expedite all RPQs assignment and evaluation, this increased RPQs closure rate by 15% which increased year end revenue

Developed and implemented test scenario for RPQ, Critsits and ISV certifications

Assisted in test validation of Cisco SANTap

Tracked and assigned RPQs to team members

Chaired weekly RPQ meeting with OSL team and upper management

Worked with account teams to resolve customer problems

Used Tivoli tools to assist with performance problems

Assisted in training IBM Global team (China) in understanding and implementing RPQ process and other IBM test and safety processes

SAN File System; Team Leader for Interoperability and Lab Team, responsible for developing, implementing and supporting all infrastructure, servers, storage and SAN requirements

Developed and implemented a service ticket process to support SAN File System development team and test team requests (problems and configuration changes), this allowed the Lab team to work more efficiently which increase development and test teams productivity that allowed the development and test cycle to decrease, the product announcement was 3 months ahead of target

Designed, implemented and supported SAN and Storage environments for Development Team and Test Team

Supported Test Lab (1400 servers, 20 storage systems, 60 fibre channel switches) accessed by 50 Development Engineers and 120 Test Engineers

Implemented training sessions on Storage and SAN to Lab team and Tests Teams

Responsible for Lab safety and represented SAN File System in site Labs council

NUMA System Test; Hardware System Test and Team Leader for FlexES, responsible for developing and implementing system test scenario

Designed and implemented FlexES test plan

Optimized new Shark releases testing on NUMAQ

Conducted test analysis in a Window and PTX environments


-MCDATA, Software Test Engineer, designed and implemented Fibre Channel simulator testcases

-EXABYTE, Lead Test Engineer, designed and executed EVT and DVT test scenarios for 8mm tape drives and libraries

-IBM CORP in TUCSON, Senior Lab Specialist, executed system level test scenarios on IBM DASD Controllers and Tape products

-TRW, Field Engineer, supported automated tellers and data collection systems


-US AIR FORCE, (Honorable discharge) Missile Technician, Supported Minuteman Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles


Pima Community College, Tucson AZ - Electrical Engineering (AAS)

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