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Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher

February 11, 2019

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Grecia De. Barrios Silva

AREA By aim functional training goal are: I different disciplines also using • • • to interval, of teach increment OF each PERSONAL 2018/ As approach emotional resilience, resistance FREELANCE FREELANCE but Functional traditions strength a EXPERTISE: have • • • • • • a individual. Fitness the circuits, Vinyasa Currently Develop based Hold One Health, Motivation Training. Advertising campaign methods helped into body’s and balance, and TRAINER and and to Trainer training COPYWRITER LIFE events eccentric, on Yoga my One spiritual flexibility. lifestyle Methods and coordination. simply personalized in resistance their FUNCTIONAL are of COACH teachings and / mindfulness Kuwait style briefs, promoting nourished marketing and Group as set & strengths, balance adore and YOGA the elements tempo a flow that according – Yoga new 2013/– main sessions. doing self-which 2013/I which plans how TEACHER My have and each and healthy concepts, through TRAINING teacher as care. needs base in base 2017: exercises the incorporates well HIIT. to advertising. 2016 for order experience of is the of mix inspired my is living. each and as I Functional my functional take supporting needs to strength, clients. AND of goals. that teaching client improve both a by with holistic YOGA and mental, boost I Fitness Trainer

A individual driven maintains believer mindfulness self. my Dedicated finding challenges. opportunity other years. ACADEMIC 200 Himalaya Goa, Fitness Level EHFA Intensive EF Bournemouth, Degree Corporate University Bachelor Informatics conscientious, International best Hours India I 3 people am by in a - and in that 2016 creative in English an Yoga high Advertising a and with Image everyday Interamericana Yoga Spanish Personal I Science. healthy to are excellent functional the feel proactive, UK standard share, Valley dedication Teacher connected adaptable Language skills 2007-grateful 2014- way living Commerce tasks Training help, Centre, and team of I 2013 training have 2015 of accomplishing Training always with ethos. and Marketing and results of Centre, and learn to player attained Panama. reach Basic projects. every enthusiasm hard-and and Strong focusing and 2018 who and our working teach with over give better on the WORK EXPERIENCE

management leadership Excellent skills time and

Establish exceptional rapport with VIP clients

CONTACT Mobile: WhatsApp: Greciadeevergreen@+965 +44-668*-****-**** outlook.248-7161 com PROFESSIONAL PROFILE


and Self full motivated of energy

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