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Project Developer

Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
a range of 80000 to 120000 a year
February 11, 2019

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Contact : +243-*********

Email :

** – years- old – Single 649, AV.FRESIAS; C/LIMETE

Nationality: Congolese Democratic Republic of Congo – Kinshasa


I have been working with Android more than 6 years and I worked with technologies like:

1. Android

2. Java

3. Kotlin

4. Gradle (Groovy)

5. XML



8. GIT

Experienced with Android Studio & Eclipse.

Most of my projects oriented on mobile and tablets but I have a little experience with Android TV as well.

Common libraries and tools which help me in developing process: Android Support Library, Dagger 2,ButterKnife,

EventBus, RX JAVA, ORMLITE, AppsFlyer, Optimizely, AppSee, Firebase, Google Analytics

When I have free time I usually work on my small start-up.

I love to be a team member. It is a great opportunity to share your experience and meet a great people.

I am a business oriented person. Before to do something I always have a discussion with a team how new feature can increase

company incomes. Each new feature has to be measured: (Analytics: Ecommerce & Events). Also for better

understanding user behavior on a new feature is good to analyze grabbed data. In this process always can help machine learning.


EASYCOMM since January 2014

Project 1

Android developer

Project team: 5

Project name: AcerGeomap

Project description:

This is GIS application. The main goal of application is to enable the Kinshasa City Water Distribution Company to be able to locate faults in their network.

Locate the leaks, georeferenced them and then send back to the intervention teams all the details concerning the breakdown.

Responsibility in Project

1.Developed GIS-client application with server integration ARCGIS for phones and tablets.

2.I have done integration with ARCGIS and GOOGLE EARTH

3.I Integrated offline mode for GIS client

Project 2

Android developer

Project team:7

Project name: Eyano

Project description:

The main goal of application is enabling the physicians build stronger customer relationships leading to a higher number of procedure bookings, improved time management, increased patient satisfaction, optimum utilization of resources and simplify the patient/insurance billing process.

Responsibility in project :

1.Create and developed app with Dagger2 + RXJAVA + MVP + layer pattern

Project 3

Android developer

Project team: 5

Project name: MapMe

Project description:

This app gives users the ability to create a video profile that allows them to “Show Their Personality” to apply for employment — certainly a different direction that rivals Workopolis and Monster with the standard job postings.

Responsibility in project:

1.Took the main role of development and create project architecture

Project 4

Android developer

Project Team.1

Project name: Bopeto

Project description:

The main idea of the project is to make your city clean. When you see some some traffic jams or graffiti on the walls, garbage in the streets, fallen trees, you can write a report on all of it, send it to your local government and check the progress of the current problem solution with the help of Bopeto app

Responsibility in project :

1.Create project architecture

2.Develop the whole app.

Project 5

Android developer

Project team:2

Project name: Lisasi

Project description:

This project creates content service for customers which is used in web store.


1.Bug fix


Computer and Economic Science

Diploma: Specialist Degree

Title of qualification awarded: Major in Computer and Economic Science

Self-Serve Study

Java it project



Listening - upper intermediate+

Writing - intermediate

Reading - upper intermediate

Speaking – upper intermiate +




Listening – excellent

Writing – upper intermediate+

Reading – intermediate

Speaking – upper intermediate +

I certify on my honor that the information provided above is true and trustworthy.


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