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Nd Microsoft Office

Oceanside, CA
February 11, 2019

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Shane Tavares

Production Scheduler Oce nside - TE Connectivity

Oce nside, CA 92058



Authorized to work in the US for ny employer

Work Experience:

Production Scheduler Oce nside

TE Connectivity - Oce nside, CA M rch 2015 to Present Job Functions:

Production order ple se cket prep r tion of First Article Inspection Reports

• In-Process nd Fin l Inspections, upd ted blueprints, inspection pl nners

nd routers

• Work with CPR (Centr l P rts Registry) for compli nce of p rts to doc rel tionships in DM-tec (document mgmt.)

• SAP network for Shipping nd Inventory control, such s T-codes - COOIS, MD04, MIGO

• Conduct physic l inventories nd cycle counts monthly

• M int in g ge request forms s required

• Assist in ITAR monthly udits

contr ctor DTZ -UGL/Aerotek

Genentech - Oce nside, CA August 2012 to J nu ry 2014 M teri ls M n gement / cGMP nd non-GMP roles

Job Functions:

• Responsible for supply ch in tr nsition support in oper tions & procurement. SAP us ge / support in M teri ls M n gement, such s GMP tr nsfer requests nd orders. MIGO orders nd rel tive forw rd tr ining in STO's nd cycle counting. Ex mples: T-codes LS24, LB01, LB10 nd LT22.

• Tr ining in MRO (M inten nce/Rep irs/Oper tions) Receiving, Weigh & Dispense nd D ily w rehouse ops.

• Non-GMP receiving, d ily deliveries to MRO, Ops, L/O's, CUB, Airlocks, Weigh & Dispense etc.

• D ily m il pick up nd Non-GMP shipping per employee request forms.

• 5S reli nce nd sust in bility (3 loc tions) with d ily supervision nd m inten nce.

• M int in LSO/SOP tr ining nd keep up to d te.

• Full certific tion in Re ch truck, Forklift (electric & prop ne) & W lk/Ride- on electric j ck.

W rehouse Speci list C rlsb d

Air Products - C rlsb d, CA April 2012 to August 2012 Job Functions:• Responsible for h z rdous m teri l w rehousing, shipping

nd inventory of bulk high purity chemic ls.

• QC- Verify ll incoming / outgoing shipments to ssure qu lity nd

ccur cy

• Confident in using different sized Forklifts, electric nd regul r p llet j cks

nd dollies. (15-20 ye rs). • Experience using SAP for Shipping nd Inventory control d ily:

• Recurrently lift nd prep re bulk cont iners, boxes, p lletizing l rge orders

nd lo ding them into Freight C rrier.

• Shipper/Tr nsport pl nning, Cont iner holding nd moving, H zm t DOT, IATA nd IMDG

M inten nce Mech nic

FMD F cilities M inten nce Dept - C mp Pendleton, CA J nu ry 2010 to April 2012

Job Functions:

• Initi te nd complete ll work orders required by Dep rtment, such s C rpentry shop, Electric l, Sign Shop, P int Dept. or Gl ss Shop for Government f cilities on C mp Pendleton.

• Electric l component inst ll tion nd troubleshooting. HVAC Preventive M inten nce

• Building construction nd inst ll tion.

• Ev lu te tr ffic signs, repl ce if needed, Street p inting, nd Door

djustment nd rep ir / repl cement.

• Rep irs nd m inten nce on M rine Corps B se C mp Pendleton. Supply / Distribution nd Inventory Speci list

Gener l Dyn mics L nd Systems - Auburn, WA December 2007 to J nu ry 2010

Job Functions:

• Est blish gener l workflow, nd schedules for m ximum utiliz tion of workforce.

• Requisitioning / issuing of kits nd p rts subject to Ph se 2 mission objective to mech nic te ms.

• Coordin te inventory per ph se / mission for mech nics te m.

• Perform physic l inventories nd cycle counts monthly.

• Account ble for, Computer upgr de, Communic tion nd Armor kits, rel ted p rts nd seri l #'s for All V ri nts:

• Support mech nic l te m in rep ir or modific tion of medium t ctic l vehicle kit inst ll tions including 360 degree RPG-7 protection ( rmor pl ting).

H zm t W rehouse Supervisor, Distribution Speci list, Cl ss A H zm t Driver

Spectr G ses - Vist, CA M rch 1995 to June 2007

Job Functions:


• Prep re shipping documents, cylinder t gs, p cking lists, (DGR's), following guidelines required for h z rdous m teri ls shipping/receiving under D.O.T. IATA nd IMDG

• Merge pick tickets with p cking lists nd forw rd this inform tion to

ccounting, file duplic te p perwork with the customers' on-site file nd Network d t b se (S ge).

• Provide proper p perwork (bills of l ding, ddress l bels, pl c rding, etc.) for freight c rriers (FEDEX Air / Ground / Freight / Custom Critic l, UPS, YELLOW, CF, CWX, etc.).

• M int in contr ctu l greements w/ common c rriers

• Adjust RFO (restricted flow orifice) sizing ccording to customer necessity. Receiving• Provide n re for returning empty cylinders from our customers

nd utilizing Return Goods Reports (R.G.R.'s). S ge, copied nd tr nsferred to Accounting Dept.

• Prep re ll received / returned empty (residu l-l den) cylinders (40,000 lbs+ e ch shipment) tr nsit to m in loc tion in Alph, N.J. for cle ning, conditioning, nd p ssiv tion processes.

Tr nsport tion

• Upd te m inten nce records & licensing. Prep re Bills of L ding for tr nsit of h z rdous m teri ls. • Monthly delivery / pick up of products from long r nge customers.

• M int in Cl ss A license with ll endorsements (Air Br kes, H zM t, T nker nd Doubles/Triples). • M int in Forklift license (15+ ye rs of experience)


To be continued in Geology

Mir Cost College - Oce nside, CA


FEDEX shipping, ERT TRAINING, ACCESS, EMERGENCY RESPONSE, EXCEL, Microsoft office, Outlook, Word, S.A.P., Shipping, Inventory Control, MRP, Supply Ch in

Certific tions/Licenses

Cl ss A commerci l license

September 1997 to July present

Forklift certified, experience for

October 1996 to July present

Forklift experience t pro level.

Addition l Inform tion

Computer Skills:

SAP network for Shipping nd Inventory control.

• Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, Access nd Excel - documents, spre dsheets. • MAS200 ~ Co. revised to interf ce with Spectr enterprise softw re system. • Logistic m n gement progr m (Logm n) / FedEx ship m n ger system.

Emergency Response

• Continu l emergency response tr ining, including port ble scrubber oper tion nd S.C.B.A. use. • 24 hour ON-CALL duty. Accept ble due to close proximity of building loc tion to home.

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