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Software Developer/Data Analyst

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
February 12, 2019

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Welroy Wency Dmello

Jersey City, NJ-***** Portfolio Link 201-***-****


Pace University, Seidenberg School of Computer Science New York, NY

Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science GPA: 3.67 December 2019

Mumbai University, St. Francis Institute of Engineering Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bachelor in Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Engineering GPA: 3.6 May 2014


iKitchen: Github Repo May 2018

Served as a lead developer to create a Web based app using HTML, CSS, and PHP as the front-end to enable customers to use special discounts to order from a wide range of restaurants.

Utilized XAMP as middleware and MySQL as backend to connect website to database and to store client information

Mini Pig Game: Github Repo November 2018

Created a mini pig game using JavaScript HTML and CSS.

Two players roll the dice and first one to reach total sum of 100 wins the game with some rules to follow.

Apartment Management System: Github Repo May 2018

Created a web application using HTML, CSS, MYSQL and PHP to provide a platform for tenants receiving notices from the management also paying rent online through their website.

Collaborated with a teammate to create the front-end and back-end of the website.

Frequent Item Set Mining using Apriori Algorithm Oct 2017

Designed a JAVA based shopping directory prediction system to dynamically find incremental sets of frequent

items purchased in pairs, triplet etc. using a large dataset of previous shopping purchases.

Used the Apriori Algorithm to reduce the number of computations and storage required

Movie Recommendation System May 2018

Implemented a python-based movie recommendation system using subset of Netflix dataset.

Used user based and item based collaborative filtering algorithm using various distance formulas such as cosine and Euclidian distance.

Improved the accuracy of the movie recommendation system by using Euclidian distance algorithm.


Programming Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Asp .NET, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL, C, C++, Ionic 2, Angular JS

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac, Windows

Database: SQL, MySQL

Software: Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Office, Adobe Dreamweaver

Data Governance Tool: Collibra

Project management Tool: qTest.

Certifications: Angular 4.0, Java, Python, JavaScript, Blockchain


Introduction to Big Data Analytics Algorithms & Computing Theory Operating System Data Structures Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing Mobile Web Content and Development Concepts and Structures in Internet Computing Database Design & Development of Web Artificial Intelligence Data Warehouse and Mining


Private Tutor, Maharashtra, India November 2011 and April 2012

Provided academic support to six undergraduate students in computer programming I and II to increase test scores.

Explained logic through JAVA, Operating Systems Scheduling algorithms, FIFO/LIFO, Round Robin


My SQL, Udemy, Collibra(Data Governance Tool), Blockchain September 2018

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