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Experienced Technical Executive

Los Angeles, California, United States
February 09, 2019

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Kevin Gregory Schutz-Mullican

*** ******* ****** · Laguna Beach · California · 92651 · 323-***-**** · CAREER SUMMARY

I launch multi-million-dollar enterprises to profitability as a technical executive by leading diverse teams to produce high-tech solutions using agile methodologies. I deliver profit bearing exits for companies and investors through fiscal accountability and forward-thinking management that have often led to mergers / acquisitions.


Triangle Experience Group Chief Technology Officer Newport Beach, CA 2017-2018 Executed several $2MM to $4MM government contracts that increased the readiness of the US military forces by creating next generation collaborative operations centers, video streaming services, and secure, clandestine network penetration devices Revelens Chief Technology Officer Los Angeles, CA 2014-2017 Opened VR and AR streaming content to ad tech by leading the development of a contextual web- hosted media insertion service

Oblong Industries Director of Special Projects Los Angeles, CA 2011-2017 Created multiple functional components for the flagship Mezzanine product that contributed to 200% year-over-year growth that enabled the company to realize $20MM in annual revenue iOFilm Chief Technology Officer Los Angeles, CA 2001-2011 Created the Digital Intermediate process, now the de-facto standard in post-production, that reduced service costs by 50% and markedly increased creative freedom that allowed substantial margins, and later, negotiated a sale of the company to a private entertainment investor Project Cobalt Research Scientist Sunnyvale, CA 2003-2004 Generated foundational intellectual property by successfully recreating the Pons-Fleischmann cold fusion experiments in collaboration with MIT and SRI Postware VP of R&D Valencia, CA 1999-2001

Enabled an industry hardware partner to realize the true potential of their key product by implementing cutting edge computer science concepts in the creation of software and hardware products for the post production industry, and negotiated a sale of the entity to Cintel after realizing $2MM annual revenue is less than two years LOOK! Effects Founder and VFX Supervisor Los Angeles, CA 1997-1999 Pioneered a flexible business model to deliver visual effects in the rapidly evolving visual effects marketplace by separating talent from infrastructure and led the company to $1MM in revenue RFX Chief Scientist Los Angeles, CA 1994-1997

Mentored by multi-Academy Award winning technologist Ray Feeney in delivering customized solutions to the preeminent modern visual effects companies including Disney, DreamWorks, Rhythm & Hues, CBS, and Fox


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering 1989-1993 Initiated a unique coursework program under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Benton in collaboration with the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Architecture for mechanical design to practice robotics at the Artificial Intelligence Lab

Kevin Gregory Schutz-Mullican

625 Seaview Street · Laguna Beach · California · 92651 · 323-***-**** · CONSULTING

The Mullican Group Founder and Principal Los Angeles, CA 1995-Present Selected Client List:

• Supersphere – integrated an equirectangular camera into the Onward VR FPS game for eSports broadcast distribution

• Remarketing of America – developed a web-hosted business process management system for financial services delivery

• Prominence – wrote a Windows kernel level logging and parsing application

• Runway Editorial – created a web-hosted, automated backup system for digital, on-set dailies

• iOFilm – invented a complete color management solution for end-to-end feature film production unifying film, video, and digital sources and deliverables

• IVC – produced a system to automate the conversion of digital images to HDTV streams

• The Camera House – implemented a system to automate the conversion of raw, Bayer- patterned byte-streams to extended dynamic range, full-raster images The Mullican Group currently offers for license a closed-loop color management system and a scriptable image processing engine.


Project Management – Agile, Pivotal, Jira, Target Process, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Chef, CircleCI Software Development – C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Objective-C, BASH, Python, PHP Web Development – NodeJS, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, WebSocket Video Streaming – RTP, RTSP, RTCP, h.264, h.265, VP8, VP9, WebM, HLS, DASH Virtualization – VMware, Hyper-V

Data Management – DFS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB System Management – Windows, OS-X, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS Network Management – IP, TCP/UDP, DNS, DHCP, NIS, LDAP, AD, SSL, TLS, SNMP, ICMP, IGMP Design – Adobe Suite, SketchUp

Fine Art – Pencil, Pastel, Wood

Making – 3D Printing, Embedded Computing, Board-level Electronics, Metalworking Color Science – Adobe CMS, XYZ Transforms, SPD Integration, Color Calibration, Film Calibration Kevin Gregory Schutz-Mullican

625 Seaview Street · Laguna Beach · California · 92651 · 323-***-**** · CURRICULUM VITAE


Mullican, Kevin, “The Evolution of Oblong and Mezzanine,” URB-E Tech Talk, August 2016. Mullican, Kevin, “The Science of Color,” Oblong Seminar, March 2016. Mullican, Kevin, “An Exploration of Mathematical Visualizations”, Oblong Seminar, May 2014. Kaufman, Deborah. “Building a DI Facility From Scratch.” DI Studio, January 2007. Kienzie, Claudia. “Strengths and Weaknesses of the DI Process.” POST Magazine, December 2006. Mullican, Kevin. “A System for the Conversion of HDTV to Film Images for Projection.” Panasonic/IO Film Seminar, May 2003.

Feeney, Ray, Charles Spaulding, and Kevin Mullican. “The Visual Effects Industry Needs a New Production Model.” Millimeter Magazine, November 1998. FILM OF NOTE

Color Science Imaging R&D [Credited], Astro Boy, Summit and Imagi, 2009

-Precise color accurate conversion of HD master to film Digital Intermediate R&D [Credited], Man in the Chair, Michael Schroeder, 2006

-Seven Festival Awards including Best American Film at 2007 SBIFF Digital Intermediate R&D [Credited], 7 Dias, Fidecine, 2005

-Four Mexican Cinema Journalists Awards including Best Film Digital Intermediate R&D [Credited], Crash, Lion’s Gate, 2004

-Three Academy Awards including Best Picture

Digital Intermediate R&D [Uncredited], This Girl’s Life, Independent, 2003

one of the finest examples of HD looking as good as film Screen Daily Visual Effects Supervisor for IO Film [Credited], Shaolin Soccer, Miramax, 2003 ACHIEVEMENTS

Top Secret Clearance: current

Software: Deployed a video stream aggregation system for use by the US military to combine and distribute ISR FMV; TEG, 2017

Award: Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement “Emmy” award for work on the ACES data interchange format; 2012

Software: Created an event tracking solution for use in large scale analytic and forensic analysis of digital content delivery systems to reduce capital expenditures by optimizing installed components; The Prominence Group, 2012

Software: Created a QuickTime digital media streaming server using Linux, Apache, and PHP; The Post Group 2010

Professional Service: Chairman of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s ACES Kevin Gregory Schutz-Mullican

625 Seaview Street · Laguna Beach · California · 92651 · 323-***-**** · Metadata Standards Committee tasked with designing a metadata schema for the interchange of motion picture data; AMPAS, 2009

Hardware Development: Designed, built, and integrated a motion control system for a film scanner targeted to the manipulation of archival film materials; iOFilm 2009 Software and Hardware Integration: Designed a system and color management pipeline for the generation of film three-strip color separation negative elements from a digital source, such that the separations can be processed, handled, and recombined using traditional analog film processing methods; iOFilm 2008

Hardware Development: Constructed a robotic machine to scan and generate color profiles in the XYZ color-space for any combination of film processing laboratory and film stock; iOFilm 2006 Professional Service: Invited to participate in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s File Format Committee (ACES) to design the next professional digital picture interchange format; AMPAS, 2005 - 2009

Software Development: Implemented a system for the acquisition of RGB and YCbCr sequences from the s.Two digital film recorder and Thomson Viper digital film camera for use in feature film grading; iOFilm, 2004

Software Development: Engineered a color calibration system for the transparent conversion of High Definition (HD) video streams to discrete images in the film color space, which enabled a Digital Intermediate pipeline utilizing existing High Definition post-production equipment to finish on film; iOFilm, 2003

Award: Academy of Television Arts and Sciences “Craft Certificate” for visual effects work on Children of Dune for the Sci Fi Channel; 2003

Software and Hardware Integration: Created a procedural system to perform a resolution independent Digital Film Finishing service, which has half the staff and two-thirds the capital requirements of competing entities; iOFilm, 2002 - 2008 Hardware Development: Engineered a tri-color, LED array lamp house implemented using a half- sphere integration model for a custom 3k area array CCD film scanner; iOFilm, 2001 Software and Hardware Integration: Built a system for the scanning and recording of digital images from and to film with visually imperceptible loss for use in a digital title and “optical” pipeline to provide a film negative intended to be inter-cut with traditionally processed film; iOFilm, 2001 Professional Service: Invited to participate in the Motion Picture Experts Group’s Digital Cinema Review Board’s MPEG-4 review process to evaluate commercial MPEG-4 implementations for use in digital cinema; MPEG, 2001

Software Engineering and Hardware Integration: Built a system to perform automated conversion, formatting, and transfer of a digital image data stream into high-definition video stream; International Video Conversions, 2000

Chicken Run, DreamWorks, 2000

The Road to El Dorado, DreamWorks, 2000

Joseph – King of Dreams, DreamWorks, 2000

Award: Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout; Troop 45, 1987

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