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Engineer Software

San Marcos, California, 92069, United States
February 08, 2019

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Timothy M. Paige

*** ************ ******, *** ******, CA 92069

760-***-**** / 760-***-****(cell)


More than thirty years of experience in analysis, design, coding, testing, integrating, and implementing real-time, interrupt-driven applications and embedded systems, with emphasis on diagnostics, man-machine and communications interfaces and devices.


Languages: C/C++, Visual C++, C#, Assembler, exposure to Java, HTML, XML, Visual Basic, FORTRAN and various scripting tools (limited exposure to PERL, PYTHON)

Platforms: IBM PC compatibles, PALM, SUN

Microprocessors: Motorola Power PC, ARM, AVR, PIC, TI, Chipcon 1010, NEC, TI, ATMEL, INTEL 8080, 8085, 80x86 series, etc. 8051, ZILOG Z80, Z80 SIO, PIO, CTC, Z85x30, others

Operating Systems: Windows embedded/non-embedded OS’s, UNIX (X Windows - Motif), Linux, Integrity, Velocity, PALM OS, VAX VMS, DOS, VXWorks, ThreadX RTOS, various proprietary OS’s


Feb 20018 Radiant Power

To APR 2018 Oceanside, CA


Consultation toward implementation of RADAR horizon pitch display and control, as well as message monitoring system capture and display for operator message display.

Fixed various observable minor defects in displays and Version Control

Dec 2007 Interface Displays and Controls

To Feb 2017 Oceanside, CA


Ported formerly self-authored F-5 cockpit display unit software from aggressor squadron aircraft to new processor and hardware for foreign military sales (FMS).

Wrote test software for production displays and keypad bezels using I2C, RS232, CAN bus.

Designed DEMO software depicting animated aircraft instruments to highlight new haptic feedback touch screen display.

Wrote pattern code for overt/covert wing lighting using PIC processor and One-Wire.

Designed and developed PIC 18f based two line display software for military aircraft, writing drivers for segmented character LED display from Avago.

Developed and completed an X-Plane-engine-based training simulator for a jet aircraft, together with development of a networked TCP/IP / UDP replacement for normal 1553 communications with Inertial Navigation System (INS) for training purposes for the Aggressor squadrons under NAVY contract. My involvement is implementing new infrastructure communications, supplying Man/Machine interfaces and simulation of Cockpit Display Unit (CDU) with command and control of RADAR and INS systems as well as navigation visuals with rudimentary moving map, boundary areas of engagement and flight plan information.

In support of a newly designed demonstrator aircraft to highlight new system capabilities, created a redesign of the first generation CDU to upgrade my former systems integration of an AN-PQ-159 RADAR to newly implement a Selex Galileo GRIFO RADAR, Miniature Air Data Computer (MADC), RADAR Warning Receiver (RWR) and in-house developed hardware video and data recording unit for mission de-briefing replay with the established INS over 1553 and analog inputs, supplying MAN/MACHINE interfaces to facilitate CDU and/or new capability of Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) control over RADAR command and control functions. Developed new overlay video, video capture, and 1553 card driver software to accomplish new 1553 data recording capabilities.

Designed, developed and documented avionics software in C, C#, Visual C++ for a Cockpit Display Unit for fighter aircraft upgrades. Responsible for implementing all man/machine interfaces including touch screen, buttons, knobs and switches as well as interfaces with an Inertial Navigation System, RADAR processor, Air Data Computer, USB and GPS. Developed drivers for two digital I/O boards, 1553 communications board, RADAR scan converter, Synchro Resolver, and ATI/M9 video display board on PC104+ bus running under WinXP on x86 architecture. Assisted hardware development with test and utility software, later incorporating into Built-In-Test and diagnostic and maintenance screens. Implemented all messaging protocol and data transfer between guidance system and CDU and developed database for navigational data with touch screen editing capability. Designed graphics software from scratch to implement navigation screens with Heading and Track UP moving map displays, waypoints and waypoint data, as well as attitude indicators and RADAR video overlay. Supported aircraft integration and flight quality testing efforts.

Designed and developed software for standalone 1553 bus controller hardware developed in-house for flight operations, command and control of an inertial navigation system and interface with an Air Data Computer.

March 2007 Tek Systems

To Dec 2007 San Diego, CA


Performed sub contract work for Defense supplier developing software in C, C++ using Integrity RTOS on the x86 architecture for new display, command, control and communications hardware developed in-house.

Developed a simulator under Windows 2000 in support of same hardware using Visual C++ and C#.

October 2004 Eastman Kodak

To October 2006 San Diego, CA


Joined Kodak’s Software/Firmware Test Group towards development of a new all-in-one printer product line.

Interfaced with and supported third party and local firmware developers and managers as well as a large group of contract developers, QA personnel and operators in performance of their duties.

Developed firmware related requirements-driven test cases, test procedures and documentation.

Provided Windows PC and Firmware based test code written in C to expose the firmware capabilities of the products to an automated test suite.

Exercised the test suite via QTP, Test Director and a proprietary scheduling and reporting system developed in house by the software test team using C#, Visual Basic and VB script.

August 2004 Drive Cam, Inc.

To October 2004 San Diego, CA


Rendered Quality Assurance services for an embedded video capture device and associated client-server data-base applications level software for the transportation industry.

Performed code review, defect tracking, and resolution for firmware written in C and assembly language, and client written in C#, MS SQL-server database.

February 2004 DexCom, Inc.

To August 2004 San Diego, CA


Designed and implemented a plan to automate testing and documentation of an embedded RF medical device via emulator scripting and internal code using externally supplied data and command files.

Performed light software development toward product and test, documentation including Requirements Trace Matrix, Test Procedures, Test Cases and Test.

Used DoxyGen for code documentation, Green Hills Software for emulator and scripting, as well as developing software for interfacing device to PC through the emulator, RM Track for requirements tracking.

Reviewed, analyzed and tested code written in C, C++ and Visual Basic for design verification.

1999 Flextronics Design

AKA – Vextra Design, System Design, Metamor Software Solutions, Vanteon, Flextronics

To October 2003 San Diego, CA


Took sole or shared responsibility for roles in design, development or improvement and quality assurance of either original or existing designs for customers in diverse projects using a variety of microprocessors and development environments.

Performed documentation, test of software, quality assurance, and customer interfacing for wireless PDA’s, Set Top Boxes, cell phones, test equipment, medical devices, and other networking and consumer oriented devices for customer and ODM purposes.

Designed, coded and ran tests for a medical device to exercise motor, pump, RF and LCD operations.

Supplied Test Plans, Procedures and Test Cases for a PALM based Video and Audio Conferencing and Instant Messaging PDA developed in-house.

Supplied remote console PC based test control interface to exercise built-in test code not implemented in final product.

Developed Test Plans, Specifications, Test Procedures and Test cases for an RF-based implant-able medical device re-designed in-house from an existing design.

Participated in design team for a Personal Video Recording device (PVR). Wrote design documents, test plans, project cancelled.

Developed and implemented test plans and procedures for an Audio/Video conferencing PDA device used for surveillance teams.

Background participation in team developing Best Practices, Policies and Procedures and miscellaneous templates for design and quality documentation.

Used early releases of Win CE Embedded Toolkit, supplied an explorer interface for an embedded product supporting personality modules for a configurable test equipment tool.

Supplied test software for the digital camera and integrated the PC simulation of the LCD status display with a remote console control of the camera internal functions.

1998 Palomar Technologies, Inc.

To 1999 Carlsbad, CA


Shared global engineering tasks for continued development and maintenance of an existing PC-based pick and place robotic cell for the Hybrid chip assembly industry.

Contributed to lookup camera image recognition and referencing capability, database implementation, update and conversion using SQL, post-placement accuracy checking, as well as installation software and saleable options integration via web-based multimedia HTML presentation during installation and for company website.

Ported existing applications to Win 95 and 32-bit Windows NT from Win 3.1.

Maintained legacy Windows 3.1 code.

1994 Northrop Grumman Corporation, Logicon, SYSCON

To 1998 San Diego, CA


Provided life-cycle support and development for a message broadcast system for the Navy. This subsystem provides near-real-time contact report data to a variety of Tactical Receive Equipment (TRE) users.

Upgraded and enhanced previous Synchronous Capture Tool to convert captured binary broadcast message traffic to man-readable and SYBASE database format.

Converted an existing multi-tasking, multi-processor, distributed processing Tactical Terminal satellite communications program to a protected mode DOS-based simulation.

Converted software to Intel Protected Mode of operation.

1993 TRANDES Corporation

To 1994 San Diego, CA


Maintained portions of the Tactical Advanced Combat Direction Systems Electronic Warfare (TACDEW) Program using FORTRAN. TACDEW supplies a Distributed Tactical Simulation for ships and aircraft for the Fleet Combat Training Center Pacific (FCTCPAC) on multiple Digital Equipment Corporation VAX and Micro VAX computers under VMS remoted via multiple DECNET and Ethernet Local Area Networks.

Designed and implemented DoD Standard (2167 A) Software Test Description (STD) document totaling more than 8,000 pages for the Marine Corps Digital Communications Terminal Restructure Effort (MADRE) initial software release.

Worked on an embedded Digital Communications Terminal for the Marine Corps and hosted on a SUN SPARC station development system in an X-Windows/Motif environment.

1984 Unisys/Paramax Corporation

To 1993 San Diego, CA


Joined Special Projects group for hardware/software as a team member, using 8080, Z-80 and 80186/88 Assembly languages to support various communication hardware projects, supplying man-machine interfaces, communications protocols and chip level hardware control.

Worked on design specifications, coding, testing and documentation.

Wrote diagnostics, man-machine interfaces, simulation and communications software for stand-alone and remotely operated gear with emphasis placed on compatibility with PC/XT's, AT's and family in a real-time interrupt-driven environment.

Assisted in design and coding in C and assembly, debugging, documentation and maintenance of various real-time satellite communications subsystems.


University of California, Riverside

BS, Plant Physiology

Coleman College, San Diego, CA

BS, Computer Science

Certification: TQL- Total Quality Leadership training

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