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Welding Metal

Veracruz, Mexico
February 08, 2019

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Samuel Rodriguez

VERACRUZ MEX. • Contact: +52-229******* • Email


A multi-skilled, talented and confident welder with a practical background of successfully welding & fabricating carbon steel and various others metal components. Possessing extensive knowledge of specialist welding machines and tools such as grinders and oxy cutting and acetylene having an excellent safety track record when working on the job. An excellent communicator. Who can relate well with people at all levels and has the flexibility of working well as part of a team and also individually.

Now looking for a suitable vacancy with an ambitious and reputable employer.


SCR dispositivos y sistemas S.A de C.V.

Grupo Evya S.A de C.V 2011- 2015

Working on a variety of projects. Using hand-welding and also flame-cutting equipment to cut or weld metal components or pipes. Also involved in performing routine servicing and repairs in metal poles for lighting. In group Evia S.A de C.V maintenance of offshore oil rigs, with stay up event two months without going ashore.


Experience of working in home constructions, manufacturing & shipbuilding.

Safety conscious & able to ensure a safe working environment to work in.

Able to work at heights on scaffolds etc.

Experience of hand and power tools. Metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment


constructing and repairing various metal parts by welding them together. Occasionally welding beams in bridges, buildings and other structures. Welding components in flat, vertical also overhead positions. Accurately examining and measuring work pieces for defects etc.

Cutting large metal objects into pieces to be discarded.

Measuring work pieces with straightedges to ensure correct specifications.

Preheating pipes and work pieces, using hand torch or heating furnace.

Notifying managers of any defective or faulty equipment or material.

Constantly monitoring the fitting, burning, and welding processes.

Fusing metal segments, using processes such as gas metal arc and flux-cored arc.


National educative system. General directions of training centers for work


Training courses: application of electric welding in pipes and application of electric arc welding.

High school

National education system: Veracruz’s institute of education.

REFERENCES: - available on request.

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