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SQL Sever SSIS (ETL) developer, IBMi, Sap ABAP

Rockwood, Michigan, United States
February 05, 2019

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Kevin J. Theeck

***** *********, ********** ** *****


HARDWARE IBM AS/400 (20+ yr.), IBM S/38, IBM Compatible PCs.

LANGUAGES RPG/400/III/ILE/FREE (20+ yr.), ABAP, MS SSIS, IRL (Interactive Reader Language), ZPL II (Zebra Programming Language), Visual Basic.

SOFTWARE ACS, SAP, WMI, CMS, TaaTools, Silvon DataTracker, Silvon EzViewer, Cognos Suite (Query Studio, Reporting Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio), Business Objects Reporting, Tradelink Portal/Pack and Scan, Centric PLM, ServiceNow, BPCS, Vanguard, Cool2E, JD Edwards, TL Ashford, Patrick Townsend Alliance FTP Manager, DBU, DFU, SDA, Abstract/Probe, SQL/400, Office Vision, Query/400, Hawkeye, Messenger Plus, MAPICS, IMPICS, FAX401, DBU, Pathfinder, MS Windows 2010/2007, MS DOS, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, IBM's Client Express 400, Operations Navigator, Loftware Labeling, Label View, Andrew Corporation's Trulynx, Perle Talk, Atlas, Filezilla, Global Spreadsheet Server, Remote Desktop, Skype, WebEx.

APPLICATIONS Financial: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, Sales Tracking.

Distribution: Purchasing, Shipping, Inventory Management, Order Processing.

Other: Barcode, EDI, Scanners.

EDUCATION BBA in Business Computer Systems, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

A.Sc. in Computer Science, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, Michigan.


05/02 – Present Programmer/Analyst, Carhartt, Inc., Dearborn, Michigan.

●Responsible to implement the Silvon DataTracker BI Data Analysis Tool (ACS ERP). Operational data store housed on the IBM AS/400. EzViewer browser data access tool later installed. (Decommissioned in 2007.)

●Implement Cognos Reporting Tools with MS SQL Server database access.

●Responsible for Cognos administration.

●Created hundreds of reports using Cognos Reporting Studio, including many for the Planning Department. Was nominated by the Planning department for Carhartt’s “Going the Extra Mile” award for going above and beyond.

●Mentored BI advanced users and planning team users in Cognos reporting techniques.

●Used JavaScript in some reports for advanced prompting.

●Created the Demand Generation Scorecard, the S&OP Scorecard and the Corporate Scorecard in Metric Studio.

●Attended SSIS and DTS training class to begin assuming a larger role in using ETL for future projects.

●Participated in creation of the POS Data Warehouse.

●Assisted in set up of Cognos framework after upgrade of 8.3 for Infinium reporting.

●Trained in using Business Objects at the onset of the SAP implementation Phase 1.

●Created several reports before moving to the SAP data conversion team.

●Created a Human Resource Master data extract program along with a Wells Fargo credit card transaction program for loading to SAP Travel Management Module during SAP Phase 1.

SAP Phase II

●Took over the following conversion programs: Open Orders, VAS, EDI Cross Reference, Inventory and VAS. Worked vigorously during “go-live” week managing the execution of these programs and monitoring others.

●Responsible for over 50 incident tickets and work orders created post Go Live.

●Learned ABAP programming techniques to complete and install ABAP changes within SAP.

●Converted SAP BEx financial statements to Global Spreadsheet Server. Also created different segment lists and filtering to help with the ease of use for the Finance associates. As part of this project, helped with installation of the software on staff PCs.


●Responsible to develop 10 data conversion programs including - Vendor Master Data, Fabric Freight, SAP FG Duty, SAP Broker Fees Pricing,

SAP Material Pricing PIR w/o Grid, SAP Material Pricing PIR with Grid Group, Sourcing OH for FG by Vendor/SubCat, Freight by Departure Country, and SAP

Material Pricing PIR with Grid.

●Developed 3 ABAP Reports with varying complexity; learned to access and aggregate the data, as well as 2 different methods for formatting and displaying ALV reports to the screen, to email the report, and to create events that would trigger a call to another program. (i.e., if PO number was clicked on in the ALV report an event would be triggered to execute a program to display the PO screen.)

●Supported the Helm/COOP legacy Visual Basic program (system for tracking marketing dollars given to customers for advertising). Reduced help desk incidents of legacy COOP legacy system by 90% by fixing bugs in the system.

●Used an existing Business Objects report to load budget data to the legacy COOP system instead of using old and complex SQL Server DTS programs, for COOP Year end budget load simplification. Budget data was loaded to the legacy 25% system approximately 2 months earlier than in prior years.

●Decommissioned the Helm/COOP system (Elevate 97 COOP project). Examined COOP library to determine which files to conduct data extracts for, and how to filter the necessary records. Explained the data extracts and structure to project team. Gathered all various attachment and note files and coordinated FTP of them to the team.

●Assumed major role in dealing with ASN support issues that were coming in via Tradelink to SAP. Created several support documents for both IT and the business.

●Participated in the Tradelink 2.0/Scan and Pack upgrade project. (Vendor PO Portal with scan & pack and EDI sending functionality.)

●Modified SAP Outbound XML using ABAP.

●Modified RF scanner screen using SAP Smartforms to accommodate longer case ID numbers.

●Created new shipping label using SAP Smartforms.

●Created 10 reports using SAP ABAP to support the project.

●Created an ABAP program to retrigger the build of the outbound PO XML(s) to Tradelink portal. This was used during system integration testing as well as to pilot the first vendor. (Open POs must be sent to new Tradelink 2.0 portal.)

●Assisted in all aspects of the project from setting up servers and printers, creating scan sheets for testing, to installation.

●Participated in decommission of the Centric PLM project – WebPDM.

●Wrote numerous SQL statements to extract data from the WebPDM legacy system including: Style, Color, Raw Materials, Size Charts, Images, Points of Measure, BOM, Supplier, etc.

●Assisted Centric consultants in the creation of Centric Importers to load the above data to PLM.

●Created Centric exports of finished goods, line architecture, supplier quotes, sample purchase orders and sample production orders for interfacing to SAP and BI.

●Responsible for Centric security, Centric attribute creation, Centric support, Centric upgrade support, Centric sample Purchase Order interface design to SAP, and Centric sample Production Order interface design to SAP.

●Participated in the Planning Analytics Phase 1 for the decommission of Infor Predictix.

●Planning Analytics week long training class (TM1).

●Reviewed/modified data exports for Predictix so they could be reused in sending data to Planning Analytics.

●Planning Analytics line architecture to Centric PLM interface design.

11/98 – 05/02 Project Leader, Key Plastics, LLC, Plymouth, Michigan.

●Incorporated new customer barcoding requirements into existing barcode label system including GM's new 2D label.

●Interfaced in house RPG/III programs with T.L. Ashford software.

●Developed and implemented paging programs that would monitor the computer system for certain error conditions and send a page to various personnel.

●Dealt with RPG/IV and Messenger Plus software issues.

●Responsible for programming enhancements for Janus 2020 batch scanners used in all the plant facilities. Programmed scanners using IRL, an Intermec's proprietary language.

●Responsible for applying Vanguard updates and merging new code with customized code.

●Upgraded to third party software including Messenger Plus, Cool2E (menu security software), Hawkeye, and DBU.

●Wrote several commands to help improve efficiency in the department, such as command FNDSRCMBR, which would help the programmers locate versions of a specific source member using RPG/IV and APIs.

●Implemented a backup label system using Loftware Label software.

●Used MS Access to store part information and directly interfaced with Loftware.

●Wrote PC batch files that would call Client Access Express file transfer programs to automatically download the part information database.

●Used batch files to upload audit or log files produced in Loftware when labels were printed.

●Used RPG/IV to process the audit files and populated IBM AS/400 production files for tracking purposes.

●Created Worked with a Source Code documentation on how to use the backup system using MS PowerPoint.

●Used AutoIt to automate the installation of Loftware that allowed users to create an executable program that can automatically respond to message boxes, send message boxes requesting user input and can call executable programs or batch files.

●Refreshed the database by using macros in the MS Access database.

●Environment: IBM AS/400, MS Windows 2000/98, MS Access, RPG/400, RPG ILE, Vanguard, Gentran, Messenger Plus, Cool2E, DBU, Hawkeye, Fax401.

04/96 - 11/98 Programmer/Analyst, Denso International America, Southfield, Michigan.

●Automated the process of printing barcode Shipping Labels using RPG/III in conjunction with ZPL II.

●Provided support for Accounting Department in the way of specialized reports, such as Cost Of Sales.

●Attended J.D. Edwards training classes: General Accounting, Address Book, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Automatic Accounting Instructions, and Technical Foundation.

●Worked on Denso Warranty and Repairs System that was developed using Visual Basic.

●Environment: IBM AS/400, MS Windows 2000/98, RPG/400, ZPL II, Lou Wright, DBU, J.D. Edwards, Future Three.

02/95 - 03/96 Programmer/Analyst, Diversey Corporation, Livonia, Michigan.

●Played an important role in programming, testing, and implementing applications on a major part of their BPCS Shipping module, which included Material Releasing, a Bill of Lading print, and a Shipping Label print programs.

●Provided support to Cost Accounting Department.

●Attended Lotus Notes training classes in Technical User, Admin. I.

●Worked on a Help Desk system that was developed using Lotus Notes.

●Environment: IBM AS/400, MS Windows 2000/98, Lotus Notes, RPG/400, BPCS, Pansophic, EZVIEW.

03/92 - 02/95 Programmer/Analyst, Lafayette Steel and Processing, Detroit, Michigan.

●Created PC environment for Simplex Time Recording Software and interfaced it with MAPICS Payroll System on an IBM AS/400.

●Modified Purchasing and Shipping Systems to automatically fax Purchase Orders and Bills Of Lading using FAX401.

●Interfaced IMPICS with MAPICS Accounts Receivable System.

●Handled user support for Accounting including Sales, Commission, Inventory, and Payroll reports.

●Implemented gamma ray interface from slitters in the plant to IBM AS/400.

●Developed histogram inquiry and print programs.

●Environment: IBM AS/400, MS Windows, RPG/400, COBOL, MAPICS, IMPICS, SIMPLEX Time Recording Software.

09/91 - 03/92 Programmer, Arbor Drugs, Inc., Troy, Michigan.

●Created an online Source Implementor/Monitoring System used to move files and programs from test to production environments.

●Responsible for extensive database enhancements to the Order Processing and Returns Inventory Systems.

●Developed a system for various mailing label processing by Outside Salesperson/Brokers, National Sales, Purchasing, Returns, Advertising, and generic type labels.

●Environment: IBM AS/400, MS Windows, RPG/III, Abstract Probe.

02/88 - 09/91 Junior Programmer (02/88 - 02/91), ASC, Inc., Southgate, Michigan Southfield, Michigan.

●Handled user requests for minor programming changes.

●Converted the computer operator's menus to SAA standards.

Computer Operator (04/85 - 09/91).

●Provided operational support company wide including reports.

●Handled local and remote communication problems.

●Processed nightly backups.

●Environment: IBM S/38, IBM AS/400, MS Windows, RPG/III, DBU.

REFERENCES Will be furnished upon request.

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