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Project Manager / CTO

Pensacola, Florida, United States
February 05, 2019

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J.P. Lachman Project Manager /

Networking / Security


Malta: +356 7909.9913

USA: +1-850-***-****

Objective: Obtaining a position allowing me to continue along my path of personal growth, develop new technologies to better facilitate company goals, and utilize existing relationships to further benefit the organization as a trend setter and industry leader in the fields of Business Development, Network Security and Cyber Defense. Accolades: US Patent # 200******** - System and method for Anti-Network Terrorism Live CNN/FN Interview on topics including network security, threat deterrents, and the state of the nation’s critical infrastructure. - DVD master available on request Multiple Training Videos for the NSA used to instruct operatives in the latest techniques and methods used in combating network terrorism. Video dub partially available on request (due to National Security) Hold the distinction of having written the STIG (Security Technical Integration Guidelines) for the NSA in reference to the FreeBSD Operating System. I am the first person to ever connect a FreeBSD server to a Classified DOD network. Lectured at George Washington University in Washington DC on behalf of the NSA and DISA on Cyber Security, threat detection and threat mitigation Skill Sets:


- 15+ years of Business management, Technical / Patent Writing & Documentation

- Multiple successful Product Developments from Vision to Roll out including Sales, Support, training and Customer Management

- Highly skilled at organizing and compartmentalizing complicated large scale projects and programs while maintaining deadlines and budgetary requirements

- Advanced knowledge of many computer Operating Systems including Windows, UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS and Solaris

- Recognized by the DOD, NSA, and DISA as a leader in the Information technology, network security and cryptography fields

- Assertive, self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose perseverance, and vision demonstrate major strengths in planning, problem solving and communications

- Strong background in all phases of project Management, including direct oversight of over 100 simultaneous military and civilian personnel, organizing, prioritizing and exceeding short term goals, and the rapid development and completion of multiple simultaneous projects

- Talented in customer relations, with strong managerial and training skills.

- Excellent negotiating skills resulting in lowered operational costs, higher profits and long term service and support contracts generating recurring revenue streams Experience:

Firmo Verumi / DigiRock Networks

Chief Technology Officer

September 2004 to 2016

Pensacola, Florida

{Intl. Trading}

- Built out a secure, redundant, multi-homed, high speed networks to facilitate commodities trading over multiple exchanges on multiple continents.

- Oversaw the development and operation of integrated apis from multiple data vendors, customization of the front end visual interface, and customizable applications to automate trades between multiple exchanges when specific criteria were met

- Built out secure, fault tolerate virtual trading platform operational from any computer regardless of planetary location.

{Streaming Media}

- Built out secure web based E-Commerce front end to facilitate virtually unlimited simultaneous live streaming events from anywhere on the planet

- Integrated multiple merchant account apis in web front end allowing users to provide paid subscription services while managing their own revenue though the custom interface.

- Maintained a global network capable of 5mil+

simultaneous streams to computers, tablets, phones and tvs

{UseNet Provider}

- Built out a Global commercial UseNet service provider, processing over 8 billion database records per day

- Built custom databases to index, sort, and cross reference each record in to a first of its kind state of the art search index for Usenet. This database processed 8b records a day with a year retention

- Managed multiple redundant gigabit networks in a number of large scale geographically separated datacenters

- Oversaw a constant throughput to end users in the gigabits, maintained operational security

- Secured networks including defense against intrusion and Cyber Operations, LLC

Chief Technology Officer /

Director of Advanced Technology

significant denial of service DdoS attacks against the system.

- Oversaw the development of a secure Web based front end to integrate billing, on site messaging, account management, and state of the art search capabilities

- Negotiated pricing with a number of datacenters in multiple currencies for space, bandwidth, hardware, and electric

{Portable Satellite Uplinks}

- Built and maintained Rapid Deployable portable networks complete with Satellite uplinks to provide VOIP and Internet services on golf courses and in stadiums to the NFL, MLB, The PGA Tour, and their television networks, ABC, and NBC amongst others.

- Maintained servers and equipment at multiple datacenters to facilitate hand off from INTERNET to telephony traffic

- Utilized custom products and patents providing the ability to supply secure end to end communications via sat uplink anywhere on the planet

January 2000 to 2004

Jupiter, Florida

- Designed and administrated multiple secure networks to compartmentalize and facilitate creation of multiple high end patents and products

- Wrote and assisted on numerous patents in the fields of network security, data compression, video compression, and encryption

- Designed and Patented the Anti Network Terrorism system, A.N.T. utilized by the National Security Agency (NSA), the US Department of Defense (DOD), The Defense Intelligence Systems Agency (DISA) and the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to combat Network Intrusions and Denial of Service attacks.

- Facilitate the deployment of the ANT system in conjunction with the US Air Force to protect and secure forward deployed Bases around the world and the US Critical Infrastructure

- Managed, maintained and directed programming teams to develop and modify ANT technology from inception to roll Florida Online

Senior Network Administrator


- Managed over 100 men and women from the US Air Force, the NSA, DISA, DARPA, and a number of private

contractors, EDS Federal, Booze Allen Hamilton to develop, evaluate, and author mission goals and criteria

- Worked with the US Navy to deploy ANT to the submarine fleet to secure all communications

- Negotiated with vendors to lower costs bi over 30%

- Maintained corporate relationships with International Clients like Cisco an Juniper, even playing in the Juniper Open Golf Tournament one year; in an effort by Juniper to incorporate the ANT system as hardware in their router platform to better server the US Defense community

- Documented and authored the ANT user manual with commercial writer to provide complete turnkey package

- Negotiated pricing, recurring revenue models, and support contracts to maintain a yearly 20% revenue and 50% every second year for upgrades

- Contracted with International companies to have custom hardware manufactured for specific military requirements, including liaising with ITT Dokomo Japan and their software team to access, modify and integrate their drivers in to our platform

- Worked with the US Air Force to provide high speed secure video streaming for the early drone programs

- Provided Live video streaming of the NASCAR awards ceremony from the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for

March 1997 to December 1999

Coco Beach, Florida

- Maintained multi-homed high speed commercial network servicing over 24,000 Internet connections including over 3,000 dedicated high speed connections to businesses and municipalities

- Maintained an assortment of Sun servers, access points and telephony equipment to provide connectivity to commercial Internet subscribers

- Built out multiple high speed networks to segregate web development, live sites, technical support and test networks Vetrol Data Systems

Network Administrator

as well as in/out of band servers and equipment.

- Facilitated backups across multiple servers and vendor platforms as well as operating systems and networks

- Maintained network security, firewalls, core and edge routing devices, security policies and enforced procedures 1995 to March 1997

Vero Beach, Florida

- Maintained network for first ever Internet provider in the area.

- Facilitated technical support for Internet customers, and maintained online presence on our gateway; built, repaired, computers, installed operating systems

- Provided on site repair, upgrades and customer support

- Created a charity that accepted donated computers and parts for tax credit, then combined components to build computers for needy school children

- Taught classes in grade school and provided weekend classes for students and their families to become exposed to computers

Summary: Please allow me to speak candidly for a moment. I have built and patented some incredible technologies, and still have several more within me. If you are the type of employer who needs someone like me, then you can imagine the things I cannot discuss because of confidentiality agreements. I am very good at what I do. If you want to build something not yet possible, and have received this CV, there is a high probability I can help, and we should speak. Right this second, I maintain the operational capability to set up a secure mobile autonomous network, anywhere on the face of the planet via portable satellite uplink, an E- commerce front end complete with billing and user management systems, and the ability to live stream multi-sourced content to over 5 million people; and that’s just for fun! Imagine what we can build together... I look forward to sitting down and discussing it in person... Testimonial: The Anti-Network Terrorism system (commercially available as ProDefense) by Cyber Operation has provided an essential link in the quick response time requirement to modify the Department of Defense’s Information Systems Agency, Internet Access Point security policy. John’s team has been extremely responsive to the unique requirements of the DOD, and have modified their ProDefense DDOS tool suite to meet Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessment

(IAVA) and DISA Security Technical Integration Guide (STIG) compliance. John’s team training and hands on support during the pilot, their speedy and error free modifications to their tool to meet operational processes, not only won the DISA Pacific Theatre Tier II, Internet Router Analyst’s respect as system engineers, but also improved the first line operations personnel response time for deployment of ACL/Firewall filters. To quote one of the operations staff at DISA PAC, “You will only take this tool from our cold dead hands!”

John’s team has provided additional one-on-one training as operational staff has deployed, and have been very responsive to keeping the DOD involved in all updates to their tools. The A.N.T tool is almost a GOTS (Government off the Shelf) tool instead of a COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) because they have been so responsive to our needs. Without this tool, manual processes are required to deploy ACL/Firewall Filters on the DOD networks. Networks that do not currently have the A.N.T. tool take between 8-12 hours to deploy ACL/Filters, with inadvertent dropping of all filters during updates allowing unauthorized traffic access to critical DOD resources. The A.N.T. tool allows the DOD to respond in minutes to malicious traffic and also enforces the correct DISA ACL/Filter deployment process.

- Lerner, Jonathan E.(Contractor) Jonathan.Lerner EDS Federal Additional References available upon request.

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