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Project Manager Analyst

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
February 05, 2019

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Johnny Daniel Confidential Resume


University of Puerto Rico -- Bachelor Business Admin

Miami Dade Community College -- AA in Computer Science


Having being part of the workforce at various levels does provide a unique perspective when one is assigned the responsibility of managing others. My 29 plus years of experience in the workforce with well over 15 of those years in some form of managerial position meets or exceeds the experience requirements. Expanding on the requirements it bears mentioning that searching for software/hardware solutions have been an integral part of my responsibilities. It is therefore my hope and desire that after reviewing my qualifications, I am afforded the opportunity of an interview for the position.

Current Skill Summary Being Brought To Bear:

1. Twenty-nine plus years of experience in Information Technologies

2. Strong background in the use of the IBM mid-range systems AS/400 & I-Series

3. Well versed in the use of several object management systems

4. Experienced in the use of software research and analytical tools.

5. Experienced in the use of reporting tools like SEQUEL, Crystal Reports, Micro Strategy.

8. Well versed in the use of MS Office and it’s modules.

9. Managed resources in well over twenty projects of various sizes and complexity.

10. Well versed in Load and Stress testing scenarios (bench marking)

11. Extensive expertise in the use of OS/400 developments tools

12. Well versed in the use of various HLL used under Os/400 protocols.

13. Experienced in working with OFF-Shore support

14. Experienced Project Manager and Project Leader and Software Analyst

15. Exceptional communicator in a team environment

16. Corporate Trainer/Instructor for the IBM Mid-Range and applications software

17. Stern enforcer of corporate as well as coding standards

Technical Skills

Specialties: Business Analyst, Project Manager, Project Leader, Developers Manager, Corporate Trainer, Senior Programmer Analyst

Testing Automation Tools : SQL/400, ACCESS, QUERY/400, I-Series Navigator, Hawkeye, Abstract

Developing Tools: Stored Procedures (SQL Scripts ) CLP, OCL, I-Nav

Developing Language: SQL400, RPGLE, RPG Free, CLLE

Test Language : SQL/400 test scripts, Embedded SQL, Test Director

Report Writer : Crystal Reporting XI, SEQUEL, MicroStrategy

Office Software : MS Office, X-Analysis, Test Director

Data Base : IBM/DB2

O/S Expertise : OS/400, CPF/OS, SSP/OS, Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT

Hardware : S/3x, AS/400, I-Series, Personal Computer

Specialized Tools



NOTE: All programming was done using SQL as the driver language. All of the code written was using some format of SQL. An effort was made to promote ease of maintenance of the code hence a combination of external stored procedures as well as embedded SQL was the standard. When applicable the use of Materialized Query tables is the preferred form. However one must consider any limitations linked to the use of the technology. When involved within a Data Warehouse environment the focus was in the Data Mart areas and ETL process keeping them up to date in as much a seamless method as possible.

Professional Experience (20 Years)

(Prior Experience available on request)

Senior Programmer Analyst / DB Analyst

American Express GBT / Scottsdale, AZ Oct 2018 to Feb 2019

Short term contract providing support to their legacy code on the I-Series. During that time my obligations were restricted to my expertise on the I-Series and the implementation and understanding of all levels of the RPG Code. It was essential in my obligations to fully understand the use of SQL, Subfile programming, CLP menu creation and maintenance paired with the use of DDS as the main driver without using the OS/400 menu functions. Created prototype programs as well as a program written in RPG free as a mean to drill down in one of their applications. Wrote a couple of SEQUEL view programs to extract data from their system in the form of a report.

Senior Programmer Analyst / DB Analyst

Swift Transportation, Inc. / Phoenix, AZ May 2015 to March 2018

My job description covers a wide range, from programming as well as operations and system tuning and one key on newer and more advanced technologies. Initially the main focus will be that of enhancing / improving system performance on the I-Series. Making provision for the other aspects to also be implemented. We know that as a company there will be many challenges to face. We also know that unless we plan to face and conquer those challenges, we will be planning to fail when the challenges do occur. It is a fact that it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when the challenges do present themselves. It is my vision to provide guidance when it is needed as well as following established norms when required. I am a firm advocate of the team environment and an ardent follower of General Stanley Mc Chrystal’s concept of team of teams.

Senior Programmer Analyst / DB Analyst

Green Tree Servicing / Tempe, AZ June 2013 to May 2015

In the capacity of Senior Programmer/Analyst I was charged with the responsibility of software analysis in order to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem at hand. Said solution could be as simple as a one line modification or as complex as total program re-write. The main goal at my position was to provide transition on the existing Legacy code to a code geared towards efficiency and ease of maintenance. It is within my job description to conduct training seminars when it was deemed appropriate.

Consultant / Project Manager

JDS Consulting, Inc. / Chandler, AZ April 2009 to June 2013

As a consultant I was directly responsible for managing resources assigned to me. Said resources were for the most part human assets (programmers). On that capacity I had to provide direction to junior programmers, assist senior level programmers if and when they requested assistance. Provide regular status updates to the steering committee or upper management. Ensure that the project or projects remain on target and on time. The range of managed resources were from as little as two or as many as ten per project. It was not unprecedented that some of the managing was directed at working with users and scheduling their training on the new or modified aspect of the operation.

Senior Programmer Analyst (Project Manager)

Computer Guidance Corp / Scottsdale, AZ May 2008 to Apr 2009

Maintenance of existing Construction Management software for the construction industry. Responsibilities included maintenance of their Legacy code as well as interaction with the client base. This interaction was divided between code modification with enhancements as well as creating new modules to be added to the base code. The client base was comprised of a combination of fairly large accounts as well as mid size to small accounts. All modifications were to adhere to strict documenting guidelines both in the program as well as addendums to the test scripts.

Responsibilities included maintenance of the code and provide direction to other members of the group when it was deemed appropriate. The system was designed in such a way that the leadership role would change from one project to the next based on the area of expertise that was required at the time. Members of the group was five most of the time but it could grow to twice the amount depending on the urgency attached to the task at hand.

Consultant (Project Leader)

Food Services of America / Scottsdale, AZ Nov 2007 to Apr 2008

Responsibilities included program maintenance of the existing code with more portable code such as embedded SQL. Create custom code as well as maintain it when requested by the clients. Analyzed Requirement Specifications documentation, Functional Specification Document, User Interface Specifications to develop and Execute Test scripts.

Verified the flat files as well relational data base files by using SQL and Queries in the source system as well as in the test environment. Used a quasi live environment to test the generated data with cross references to the source systems. Data integrity was crucial and in the test phase it was a requirement that all levels of the data would have a perfect match. This was also part of the test script generated for the specific application. This group of people were six in total. It was not my responsibility to direct or guide them. However if and when then the moment came to pass, I was to take over the task and see it to completion.

Senior Programmer Analyst (Project Leader)

CSK Auto, Inc / Phoenix, AZ May 2000 to Sept 2007

Responsibilities included the modernization of legacy code by using SQL as the nested language. On this capacity I was charged with the creation and maintenance of their Data Warehouse using exclusively RPG and SQL the languages to extract data from the source system as well as generating the various reports to the over 1,200 stores in the network. We were assigned the task of creating a tracking system to be able to isolate the source of the company wide "Shrink". A system was designed and later rolled out that had an impact on shrink from the very beginning. The system could track any transaction from the time it was generated and any activity related to it (ie. warranties) for no less than 10 years. The area of performance we were also charged with the task of trimming down a process that was running for over 36 hours. We were able to trim it down to under 15 minutes by using SQL in a variety of ways including the use of materialize query tables. (MQT), triggers and indexes.

NOTE: For the sake of clarity and in full disclosure it is my assertion that I have expertise on the Insurance claims arena. We were sub-contracted by the insurance provider for the sole purpose of isolating and identifying discrepancies. Said discrepancies were circumscribed to claims settlements and were identified as possible fraudulent activity. Due in part to our interaction, it was discovered that it was not fraud but mismanagement the direct culprit for the discrepancies. The issue was addressed, the culprit was removed and new safeguards were implemented to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future. I can say this event took place in the state of Florida, but I am not at liberty to disclose the name of the company or individuals involved in the aforementioned action. I was a senior programmer working for the contracted consulting firm. I was involved on that capacity for a period of three years (1976 – 1979).

It should be noted that All experiences listed above are the last eighteen years of my professional career. Any information prior to year 2000 can and will be provided upon request by the prospect employer. It should be noted that the totality of my experience surpasses the thirty years touted on the summary portion of this resume. However, for the sake of clarity it was my decision to keep this document as short and legible as possible by the format we now see.

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