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Senior Technical Writer

Los Angeles, California, United States
February 07, 2019

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David F. Clark, Senior Technical Writer


• Structured Writing

• Step-by-Steps

• Quick Starts

• Troubleshooting

• Cautions, Warnings

• Tips and Techniques

• TOCs, Index, Glossary

• PDF Bookmarks

• Custom Icons


• Provisional

• Non-Provisional

• Research, Analysis

• Specifications

• USPTO Format Drawings


• Installation, Setup Guides

• Feasibility, Costing

• 2D Drawings

• CNC, Mold, 3D Printing

• Cabling Diagrams


• Procedure Flowcharts

• User Interfaces

• Test Reports

• Maintenance


• Feasibility Analysis

• Overview Diagrams

• Cabling

• AC Power Distribution

• LAN Networking.


• Strategic Presentations

• RFQs, Procurement

• Proposals

• Equipment Deployment


• White Papers

• Journal Publications

• University Collaborations

• Conference Proceedings

Proven success creating mission-critical documentation for hardware, software and systems. Rapid production of challenging technical documentation within cross-functional teams and PDLC settings. Multidisciplinary perspective tempered through experience and with a fearless attention to detail. Rapid ongoing learning while maintaining a high pace of production. Consistently creating accessible results for all levels including entry-level, engineers, strategic customers and management. Able to interview and draw the relevant topics out of SMEs, developers and end-users. Master of best practices in structured writing and expert in the effective uses of relevant production tools and applications. Experience

Sr. Technical Writer SpaceHarp Corporation

Los Angeles, CA 2013 to present

• Design and patent documents formed critical basis of product designs

• Hardware and software testing enabled improvements throughout the PDLC

• Operating manuals established viability for public installations and events

• Production RFQs accelerated rapid prototyping and manufacturing costing

• Technology transfer documents key to ongoing licensing endeavors Patent Consultant Independent Consultant

Los Angeles, CA 2018 to present

• Industry research, patent searches and technical analysis

• Specification and drawings for patent applications Sr. Technical Writer Vortex Immersion Media

Los Angeles, CA 2010 to 2012

• Design documents critical to world’s 1st one-PC multi-projector dome video

• UI documents facilitated onboarding, increased show reliability and control Sr. Technical Writer Laserium Hollywood Partners

Hollywood, CA 2008 to 2010

• Installation documents key enabler of custom interactive theater launch

• Hardware and software manuals critical to operation of over 500 events Sr. Technical Writer Laserium International Corporation Van Nuys, CA 2006 to 2008

• System documents key to custom venue’s setup and 400 shows of operation

• Project documents enabled dozens of strategic customer contracts Sr. Technical Writer Zuma360 LLC

Los Angeles, CA 2003 to 2006

• User guide documentation empowered early adopters and pro performers

• Preparation of provisional and non-provisional patent applications Sr. Engineering Documentation Specialist Broadcom Corporation Irvine, CA 2000 to 2003

• Critical support to Test and Characterization Group

• Semiconductor test reports qualified product releases and revenue releases

• Documentation of test setups for reference designs, semiconductor wafers

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• Computer Linguistics

• Pattern Recognition

• Artificial Neural Networks

• Factory Automation

• Data Reduction

• Feature Extraction

• 3D Graphics

• Asian Character Generation

• Asian Character OCR

• User Interfaces

• Digital Audio Workstation

(DAW) Software

• MIDI Applications


• Optical Computing

• Holographic Correlators

• Opto-Mechanics

• Industrial Equipment

• Factory Equipment

• Audio Visual Equipment

• Sensors

• Lasers and Laser Projectors

• LEDs

• Biomedical Device

• MIDI Controllers

• Disk Arrays

• Network Print Appliances


• QAM Semiconductors

• Test Setups

• Embedded Systems

• MIDI Systems

• Site Equipment Plans

• Equipment Cabling

• Audio Visual Systems

• Location-Based Systems

• DMX Lighting Control


• Office 365 Professional Suite

• Adobe Creative Suite

• Visio

• Adobe FrameMaker

• Adobe Acrobat Professional

• LucidChart

Technical Writer Willow Valley Software

Nevada City, CA 2000

• 1st release User Guides for Extreme Engineering’s mobile sport products

• User guide contracts consistently exceeded HP’s high document standards

Technical Writer Independent Consultant

Los Angeles, CA 1994 to 1999

• SOP and setup documents empowered testing and installation success

• Specification and drawings for patent applications

• Technology transfer; management presentations; planning; analysis Technical Writer Acunetics Corporation

Chapel Hill, NC (remote) 1993 to 1994

• Structured documentation accelerated patient and doctor testing

• User guides for host software, host PC training hardware and mobile DSP

• Regulatory compliance and product labelling


Associate of Arts and Sciences, Computer Science. Additional year of Computer Science with minors in Physics and Mathematics. Maharishi University of Mgmt. HS Diploma with special achievement award. Interlochen Arts Academy. Additional Training

Professional development courses in full-dome video, optical computing architectures, pattern recognition, machine vision, factory automation, artificial neural networks and computer-generated holography.

• Evans and Sutherland, Digitar-4 Training

• Society of Photo Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

• Optical Society of America (OSA)

• Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

• Robert Hecht-Nielsen Corporation




+1-213-***-**** iPhone Skype: David F Clark Los Angeles, CA 90035

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