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Fountain Valley, California, United States
February 02, 2019

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Fountain Valley, CA 92708


OBJECTIVE Systems Integration and Hardware RF Test Engineer

Experienced professional with over 15 years’ experience in the electronics field,

A team player and effective problem solver with the ability to consistently meet

Deadlines with high quality results

QUALIFICATION Accomplished RF Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in Wireless Communication

Responsible development systems GSM & CDMA at 800, 900 and 2100 MHz

Improvement Performance of GSM and CDMA network with base-station

Feed-forward Linear Hi Power Amplifiers for use in Cellular, GSM and PCS

CDMA Repeater Hi Power Amplifiers (800 MHz, 1900 MHz)

Agilent E4438C (ESG), GSM, CDMA2000, IS95, Rhode and Schwartz

Agilent Network 8753E (250 KHz -6GHz), Spectrum HP8560E (30 KHz-3 GHz)

Agilent PNA E3836B/C Network Analyzer (3MHz – 50 GHz), HP8510 VNA

Lab Window, Lab View, Visio, Orcad Capture, Microsoft Excel & Word

Trained RF technician with over 5 years of experience are included Research & Development, Testing, and Manufacturing of RF active and passive products used in wireless cellular communications, MCPA, Repeaters and duplexers/filters.

EXPERIENCE L3 Communication Torrance, CA Oct 2017 to present

Sr. RF Technician

●Responsible working in ENV Lab set-up bench work, saturation output power variation &

Temperature over acceptance for TWT, TWTA, Ku, Ka band for Space Communication

●Experience preferred in fast-paced production environment with flight hardware.

●Knowledge and experience in environmental tests including Thermal Cycle and TVAC

●Experienced test and set-up equipment using RF measurement equipment such as Senor

Power Meter, PNA 8364B/C, Spectrum, Network Analyzer, Signal Generators, HP8510 VNA

Thinkom Solution Inc., Hawthorne, CA Nov 2015 – Oct 2017

RF Test Engineer:

●Responsibilities: be part of the team working on satellite system development and

Integration System Test antenna including Calibration Beam Point, Beam Walk and

Verification test for RX and TX antennas airplane

●Azimuth refers to the rotation of the whole antenna around a vertical axis.

●Elevation refers to the angle between the beam pointing direction, directly towards the

Satellite and the local horizontal plane, It is the up-down angle.

●Experience with hardware integration including installation of components and harness,

RF test and troubleshooting hardware component level and peaking near fields

●Ku Band Frequency Rx: 10.901GHz –12.101GHz, TX: 12.10GHz –14.151GHz

●Familiar with Labview GUI test automation tools, and Matlab scripts.

●Experience working R&D products & EMI test and set-up, monitor thermal chamber

●Experience RF systems set-up with measurement and testing of RF related hardware

●Proficient with RF test hardware such as Vector Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes,

Spectrum Analyzer, PNA and passive waveguide components desired.

Com Dev USA

El Segundo, CA Feb 2012 to Nov 2015

Senior RF Technician:

●Responsible working on Passive Microwave Payload Filters, WGS & TDRSS products for

Boeing Satellite including test, troubleshot and RF tune filters production line.

●Working in engineering lab and lean room manufacturing environment,

●Tests insertion/return loss and calibration of coaxial and waveguide components level

●Tests Ku/Ka band frequencies 12.75-14.5GHz, 30-31 GHz and 44 GHz Rejection

●RF tune Filters, Coaxial, circulators and Performed functional tests (ATE), data analyzer

Assembles/installed various mechanical/electronic components and sub-assemblies

Sub-assemblies per Assembly drawing or Process Traveler instruction

Used small hand tools, soldering irons, tweezers, microscopes, torque wrench etc.

Works with epoxy and other chemicals

●NASA-STD-8739.3 Certification preferred.

●NASA-STD-8739.1A Certification preferred.

●Ability to read and understand drawing, schematics, build instructions and Test procedures

●Excellent mechanical assembly skill including soldering, bonding, coaxial cables, test harness

●Hardware integration experience including installation of components and harness and

Experienced troubleshot component levels, Burn-in and bench test set-up.

●Experience preferred in fast-paced production environment with flight hardware.

●Knowledge and experience in environmental tests including Thermal Cycle and TVAC

●Experienced test and set-up equipment using RF measurement equipment such as Senor

Power Meter, PNA 8364B/C, Spectrum, Network Analyzer, Signal Generators, HP8510 VNA

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Lake Forest, CA

EMI Test/Sustaining Engineer Oct 2007 to Dec 2011

●Responsible working sustaining engineer development with Audio and video measurement,

Maintained the Quality Control System IFE for Boeing and Airbus required conduct/support

EMI testing of product to DO-160, Boeing and Airbus requirements

●Working knowledge of EMI, set-up test and Environmental aspects of Boeing and Airbus

Experienced with Audio measurement and LRU troubleshot associated with EMC/EMI tests,

Radiated emissions, Conducted Emissions and other specialty EMI test configurations

●Integration tests PCBs of LRU and system functionality and documented. Troubleshot &

Analyze root cause of any system anomalies/discrepancies in hardware/software.

●Product Planning and Generate Reports to Analyze Data, ECR and Develop Corrective Actions

●Wireless experienced in Wi-Fi802.11a/b & subsystems tests, RF bench test and

Qualification on systems functional ATE tests and Basic command Linux

●Performed functional tests (ATE), troubleshot RF circuits component level and LRUs for

Environmental Qualification tests labs and test reports. Visio & Orcad capture circuits.

●Experienced and familiarity with hardware development tools Mentor Graphic, in-circuit

Measurement equipment like PNA, Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Multi-Meters,

Network Analyzers, RF Signal ESG, Generators, Power Meter and other test equipment

Powerwave Technologies

Santa Ana, CA 92705 May 1995 to June 2007

RF Engineer

●Responsible development Feedforward for CDMA2000/I95 for 800, 900, 2100 MHz with

High power amplifier systems from 10Watts up to 100Watts, perform functional Test and

Troubleshot hardware, optimization and analysis, Optimization for LTE/UMTS/GSM

●Improvement Performance of GSM and CDMA network with base-station

●Experience working on RF Module, Integration Systems GSM & CDMA

●Experience in Software Automation bench Test and set-up bench test for technicians

●Support Design System Engineer, RF tune GSM, CDMA/I95 high power amplifiers

(Both discreet devices & modules) for Cellular Base Station

●Developed Requirements & Test Specifications

●Programmable Logic Array (PLA), CW, 2 tone CW test, 1dB Compression Point

Projects Engineer

●Works with system engineer to define components/system requirements

●Interfaced with layout design engineering and manufacture engineering throughout

Prototyped and production phases

●Support of manufacturing bench test set-up and trained RF tune amplifiers for technicians

during production start-up.

●Involved overall project run from schematic design to evaluation prototype

●Interfaced with Mfg, and development engineering to ensure product

Testability and manufacturability

●Supported hardware & Software integration of test solutions on production lines

●Integration System Test, RF tune and completed system test

●800 & 1900 MHz 25/60Watts, CDMA Power Amplifier

●900-960 MHz 50/60-Watts, GSM Power Amplifier

●Thermal cycle at temperature Cold -40 degree C and Hot +85 degree C

Sensor Systems, Inc.

Chatsworth, CA 91311 June 1990 to May 1995

RF Test Engineer:

●Experience in the RF /Microwave, Identify and resolve technical issues

●Provide root cause / analysis, analyze existing design and improvements with new products

●RF Test Gain/Phase, Troubleshot Active and Passive antennas

●VSWR, 1dB compression point, test prototype antennas

●Test power amplifier, transceivers, combiners, splitters

●UHF (350-400) (902-928) MHz Antennas

●UHF L-Band (902-928), (1710-1850) MHz Antennas

●UHF S-Band (2200-2300), (2400-2485) MHz Antennas

●UHF C-Band (5250-5850) MHz antennas

●Active/Passive L1/L2 GPS Antennas

●Measurements using far-field, near-field, anechoic chamber, and compact ranges

●Test set-up, work bench, support production line and mass productions

●Write Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP)

●Experience in electrical lab skills and test equipment RF measurements on

(Networks, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, Oscilloscope, Multi-Meter)

EDUCATION California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering

REFERENCE Professional and Personal reference available upon request.

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