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Network Engineer Data

Champapet, Telangana, India
February 01, 2019

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Vijay Kumar Cheerala

Mob : 970-***-****

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A total experience of approximate 5.7 years with AutoCAD, Telecom Network Engineer and Micro station.

Experience in Analysis, Testing, implementation, and Training.

Experienced and Strong knowledge in all phases of AutoCAD and Micro Station.

A good team player with Good communication, interpersonal skills and an ability to work in challenging work products and in effective Project Management and project analysis activities.

Connectivity of Network Elements

Graphic Validation of Telecom Feature against Telecom Rules

Attribute Validation

Data Cleaning (Offsetting, Snapping, Hanging features etc)

Experience in Data Migration of Telecom projects which include

Data Migration and Conversion of legacy data and system of telecom operator in system Network Engineer

Quality assurance of data

Data Delivery

Extensively involved in Data migration and Personal Geodatabase maintenance.

Data capturing from tiff files into digital form for personal Geodatabase.

Experience in AutoCAD, Micro station and ArcGIS map of data conversion of Raster to Vector.


Apex Co Vantage Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad

Designation: Sr. GIS Analyst

Duration: Feb 2013 - Sep 2016

Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad

Designation: GIS Analyst

Duration: Jan 2011 - Jan 2013


Education: B.Tech (ECE) passed in 2010 with 60.73% in Jaya Prakash Narayana College of Engineering, Mahbubnagar.

Intermediate passed in 2006 with 64.99% in Aadarsh Junior College, Mahbubnagar.

SSC passed in 2003 with 55% in Municipal High School, Gudivada.


Softwares: Windows GIS: ArcGIS Desktop, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mapping, Navigation, Micro station.

Operating Systems: All Operating Systems, Windows 2000/XP etc.

Programming Languages: C, C++, MSBI, Python.


Experience in Enhance CA project using application Auto Computer aided design (AutoCAD).

Experience in India Built POI CEP Cites, India Built Edge Matching, and India Built Point of Interest (POI) project using application Auto Computer aided design. (AutoCAD)

Experience in Telecom Projects.

Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad Jan 2011 to Jan 2013

Projects: Enhance CA ADAS, India Built POI CEP Cites, India Built Edge Matching, India Built Point Of Interest (POI)

Designation: GIS Analyst

Client: Nokia NLC

Environnement: AutoCAD

Project Description: Today one of the pressing problems for any enterprise is to capture position and data about its retail locations. And if these outlets are spread across India then it s very costly and time consuming process thus making it almost impossible to implement. But your staff is visiting these outlets on regular basis. Why not provide mobile app to your field employee, which will capture the coordinates, relevant data and photographs of outlet. This will be updated into central database in real-time. This will allow speedier implementation of enterprise GIS system and in a cost effective manner.

The advances in Information Technologies have led to more complex road safety applications. These systems provide multiple possibilities for improving road transport. The integrated system that this paper presents deals with two aspects that have been identified as key topics: safety and efficiency. To this end, the development and implementation of an integrated advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for rural and intercity environments is proposed. The system focuses mainly on single-carriageways roads, given the complexity of these environments compared to motorways and the high number of severe and fatal accidents on them. The proposed system is based on advanced perception techniques, vehicle automation and communications between vehicles (V2V) and with the infrastructure (V2I). Sensor fusion architecture based on computer vision and laser scanner technologies are developed. It allows real time detection and classification of obstacles, and the identification of potential risks. The driver receives this information and some warnings generated by the system. In case, he does not react in a proper way, the vehicle could perform autonomous actions (both on speed control or steering maneuvers) to improve safety and/or efficiency. Furthermore, a multimodal V2V and V2I communication system, based on GeoNetworking, facilitates the flow of information between vehicles and assists in the detection and information broadcasting processes. All this, combined with vehicle positioning, detailed digital maps and advanced map-matching algorithms, establish the decision algorithms of different ADAS systems.

The applications developed include: adaptive cruise control with consumption optimization, overtaking assistance system in single-carriageways roads that takes into account appropriate speed evolution and identifies most suitable road stretches for the maneuver; assistance system in intersections with speed control during approximation maneuvers, and collision avoidance system with the possibility of evasive maneuvers. To this end, mathematical vehicle dynamics models have been used to ensure the stability, and propulsion system models are used to establish efficient patterns, Artificial Intelligence and simulation are used for experimentation and evaluation of algorithms to be implemented in the control unit. Finally, the system is designed to warn the driver if a risk is detected and, if necessary, to take control of the vehicle. The system has been implemented on a passenger car and has been tested in specific scenarios on a test track with satisfactory results.

Apex Co Vantage Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad Feb 2013 to Sep 2016.

Project – Telecom

Role – Sr. GIS Analyst

Client - VERIZON

Environnement - Micro Station.

Project Description: The scope of the project is to Migrate the legacy data available in different formats (DWG, Scan Copy tiff and Data base files) into Telecordia Technologies scattered over various different types of files namely Geo referenced files and Schematic files Geo referenced files stores the infrastructure network and above ground network inventory data and Schematic files stores the underground network showing the underground network comprising UG cables and Equipments etc. Data Migration and Conversion of legacy data and system of telecom operator in system Network Engineer. In this project Telecom placing and capturing the Features of Roadways like Cables, Terminals, and Poles etc. In this project we will place the feature as per hardcopy which given by the Client.


Date of Birth: 18/08/1988

Address: H. No: 4-1-121/17,

VST Colony, Nacharam,

Hyderabad 500076.


Place: Hyderabad Vijay Kumar Cheerala

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