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Customer Service Manager

Washington, DC
January 31, 2019

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Olandre Mundell

Email: Address: 49 Galveston Street SW, Apt 301 Washington, DC 20032

Tel: 404-***-****


A Professional with over 9 years’ experience in Retail Management, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Law Enforcement eager to explore new avenues of customer service delivery. Self-motivated Professional seeking an opportunity to utilize my experience and skills to positively impact your organization. I possess Good work ethic, punctuality, critical thinking and the ability to work well under pressure and I am very customer focused.


H.E.A.R.T Vocational Training Institute – Kingston (Jamaica)


Jamaica Police Academy – Twickenham Park Spanish Town (Jamaica)


Bridgeport High School – Portmore (Jamaica)



Produce Team Leader (YES Organic Market) Washington D.C. 20017

July 2018 – Present

Manage department activities related to stocking, pricing and rotation of merchandise. Place order, receiving, display and sale of all products in accordance to company quality and merchandising standards.

Manage department inventory

Conducting point of sale transactions

Ensure all invoices and bills are processed

Maintain accurate records of sales, purchases

Provide Customers with exceptional customer service

Ensure that work environment is clean and safe

Eliminate waste or overspending

Ensure integrity and accurate Pricing as well as related financial information

Maintain and update regularly pricing history database

Perform financial evaluation to assess pricing action effectiveness

Produce Manager (Winn Dixie) Pensacola, Florida 32504

January 2018 – July 2018

Manage department activities related to stocking, pricing and rotation of merchandise. Place order, receiving, display and sale of all products in accordance to company quality and merchandising standards.

Provide Customers with exceptional customer service

Manage department inventory control to maintain proper par levels so that there is no out of stock and over-stock products. Prepare weekly sales reports for store manager.

Ensure all invoices and bills are processed accurately and in a timely fashion.

Maintain accurate records of sales, purchases, and any transfers daily between departments. Ensure that work environment is clean and safe.

Comply with federal, state and local laws. Dispose all outdated and spoiled produce, which is no longer suitable for sale.

Ensure customer satisfaction by resolving customer concerns and problems in timely manner.

Work with Store Manager on hiring, evaluation and overall supervision of department personnel. Train the produce team in new policies and product knowledge.

Assistant Director (Epik Tours and Used Car Parts Limited) - Spanish Town (Jamaica)

MAR 2015 – APR 2017

Assisted in the Forecasting and management of startup budget of $2,000,000 JMD to improve business profitability, business assets and effectively control employment expense resulting in the business yielding revenues tripling the startup investment within six (6) months of operation.

Perform counseling for staff who are having difficulty meeting company expectations and try and get them on track without promptly resorting to employee termination.

Implemented approach and strategy to revenue generation for products and services.

Conduct the purchase of new and effective motor vehicle assets for the business.

Working with other executives in developing and implementing plans and goals for the business.

Working with the director to coordinate and supervise daily operations.

Ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies.

Undertake staffing responsibilities (hiring, training, evaluating etc.).

Assist in budgeting and monitoring expenses.

Create reports and share them to the director or other executives.

Police Officer (Ministry Of National Security {Jamaica Constabulary Force}) - (Jamaica)

JUNE 2010 – APR 2017

Led & supervised squads consisting of a minimum of 3 junior officers and a maximum of 10 junior officers.

Special skills counselling distress individuals

Prioritizing Calls and assessing the nature of calls via civilians and police main control.

Operating multiple communication equipment effectively.

Ability to understand which emergency is imminent and to dispatch the appropriate unit.

Excellent listening and oral comprehension skills to respond to callers during difficult and stressful situations.

Patrolled and maintained law and order throughout Jamaica as I worked with special Units which were tasked to take on assignments across the Island.

Psycho-Analyzed suspected individuals and make the right call so as to avoid victimization claims.

Worked closely with inner- city communities to maintain peace and curtail gun violence.

Apprehend violent suspected criminals and initiate legal proceedings against them and ensure they answer to charges in court.

Coached and assess team members’ performance and relay the necessary information to my superiors for the necessary notations to be made.

Participate in Court Proceedings giving testimony in trials.

Supervisor/Assistant Manager (Maxie Department Store) - Portmore (Jamaica)

APR 2009 – MAR 2015

Assist the Retail Store Manager in planning and implementing strategies to attract customers.

Coordinate daily customer service operations (e.g. sales processes, orders and payments). Monitor and maintain store inventory.

Evaluate employee performance and identify hiring and training needs.

Supervised and motivate staff to perform their best.

Monitor retail operating costs, budgets and resources.

Analyze consumer behavior and adjust product positioning.

Handle complaints from customers.

Conduct regular audits to ensure the store is functioning effectively and presentable.

Make sure all employees adhere to company’s policies and guidelines.

Assistant Store Manager (Karoll’s Apparel) – Greater Portmore (Jamaica)

OCT 2008 – MAR 2009

Coach and support other team members. Maintain and monitor store inventory.

Ensure that the store is clean, safe and presentable for customers.

Greet and assist customers as necessary when other sales associates are busy.

Conduct regular audits of the store’s physical and practical condition to ensure quality. Maintain product levels appropriately.

Interact with the public via social media and maintain the store’s online presence.

Generate and review daily sales report.


Excellent Customer Service orientation.

Leadership and management Capabilities.

Excellent communication skills both written and oral.

Strong sales support and project management and training skills.

Analytical, problem solving and market research.

Data Entry, excellent team player.

Adaptability and Accuracy.

Marketing and Sales.

Professional Development

Diploma – Alison Courses


Diploma – Alison Courses


Certificate – Alison Courses


Certificate – Alison Courses


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