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Data Analyst

Stamford, Connecticut, United States
January 31, 2019

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Adedeji Ayinde +1-203-***-**** 60 W Broad Street Stamford CT 06902 Linkedin Github Summary

Meticulous data scientist with hands-on experience in data wrangling and analysis, having a firm understanding of machine learning algorithms and modeling; Seeking to use my skills to enhance organizational productivity and success through data-driven decisions. Technical Skills

• Python (OOP, NumPy, Pandas, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Regex, SciPy), SQL, R, Tableau, Microsoft Suites, Apache Hive, Apache Pig

• Machine Learning: Linear/ Logistic, Lasso, Ridge regression, SVM, PCA, Decision Tree, Clustering, Natural Language Processing

• Big Data Framework (Hadoop), AWS cloud services such as EC2, S3 Buckets and RDS instances, DynamoDB & Redshift services Experience

Kaggle Project participant Dec 2018 - ongoing

Elo Merchant Category Recommendation

Aim: Help understand customer loyalty and develop algorithm to uncover signal in customer loyalty

• Performed data wrangling and transformation using python

• Conducted Exploratory data analysis to gain understanding of the data Email Campaign Analysis Project

Analyzed Email-Campaign and user demographic data to identify the factors responsible for low open rate, low user conversion and made recommendations that increased open rate from 2% to 5%.

• Performed extensive data cleaning and manipulation using Pandas, NumPy, regular expression and custom written functions in Python

• Performed statistical analysis and variable selection using SciPy and scikit Learn libraries in python

• Developed a classification Tree model to predict if an email will be opened or not using Decision Tree classifier in SciKit Learn with model having a True Positive of about 90%.

• Created visualizations and dashboard in Tableau to present results of data analysis Topic Modeling (Natural Language processing): Analyzed a large corpus of data to extract features and built a topic model

• performed data cleaning using regular expression pattern matching,

• performed word tokenization, lemmatization and removed stop words from the cleaned corpus.

• Used scikit Count vectorizer for feature extraction and performed topic assignment using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA). WORK EXPERIENCE

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Connecticut Jan 2018 – Apr 2018

• Designed coursework and assignments, evaluated student projects and provided learning support to students.

• Organized and coordinated lab sessions

• Carried out project management research and developed students study materials Quality Control Data Analyst, Saipem S.p.A Feb 2014 – Aug 2017

• Designed and developed various data gathering procedures for targeted business process

• Analyzed large production dataset consisting of millions of records

• Used statistical techniques for hypothesis testing to answer critical business questions

• Created dashboard visualizations using tableau, and made presentations in management meetings

• Performed auxiliary data analysis using excel functionalities such as Pivot Tables, VLookup and HLookup etc.

• Developed key performance metrics for measuring quality process improvement and tracking weekly production progress

• Managed day-to-day data operations which include problem identification, data extraction, transformation and analysis

• Utilized SQL for querying data in database and ad hoc reporting Audit Analyst, KPMG Sept 2013 – Dec 2013

• Performed GAAP Analysis and IFRS conversion – converting from local accounting standard to IFRS compliant standard

• Identified performance improvement opportunities during audit engagements and made recommendations

• Reviewed financial statements to establish compliance with accepted accounting standards Education and Training

University of Connecticut, Stamford, CT Dec 2018

Master of Science, Business Analytics and Project Management GPA: 3.94 Relevant coursework

Big data Analytics with Hadoop (using Cloudera, Hive, Pig), Predictive Modeling (using JMP), Data Mining and Business Intelligence

(using SAS Enterprise Miner), Statistics (using R), Business Decision Modeling (using Excel), Business Process and Data Management

(using Oracle Developer),

University of Lagos, Nigeria Apr 2014

Master of Engineering CGPA: 4.0/5.0

Federal University of Technology, Nigeria Mar 2011 Bachelor of Engineering CGPA: 3.81/5.0

Competency Summary

• Data cleaning and manipulation using pandas and regex, with Hands-on Exploratory data analysis skills

• Experience with statistical hypothesis testing on data

• Experience in the use of machine learning techniques for modeling (Supervised and Unsupervised learning) such as Linear regression, logistic regression, Random Forest, SVM, KNN, K-Means Clustering & Neural Net in Python.

• Fluent in python for data science with experience using libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, SciKit Learn and familiar with NLTK for Natural Language Processing.

• Understanding of relational databases (Oracle & MySQL), and SQL queries for data extraction from databases

• Experience in the use of Tableau for data visualizations and creating dashboards

• Familiarity with Big data frameworks like Hadoop and platforms running on Hadoop such as apache Hive and Apache Pig

• Familiar with AWS cloud services like implementing EC2 instances, S3 Buckets and RDS instances in the amazon cloud

• Team collaboration, with effective communication and ability to set priorities in a fast-paced environment

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