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Software Quality

Colorado Springs, CO
January 31, 2019

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Qualifications Colorado Springs, CO ***** T’Christopher net 719-***-**** Career Scripting Operating Systems Languages Software Methodologies 15+ innovating collaborator years Achievements as test with a solutions dynamic, Selenium Professional/creation Win98/Surface SQL, Programming, QTP, Confluence, SDLC, a can-HTML, ALM, SDM, do XP/Tablet and and high attitude. using Fit, 7, Agile, PHP, Unfuddle, fostering execution Quality OSX volume Remedy, TFS, Python, C#Scrum, (Mac)REST,, .Center Net, lean System BitBucket, Selenium Sharepoint, QTP,, Kanban, UNIX, JSON XML, systems Automation SQL, Test HP Python, Git, ITIL, Mainframe, UX, change Lotus Engineer MS iOS, Product Javascript, Experience, Office Notes, in Android, business and and Based Office, Exploratory Project Python, Blackberry, SoapUI, Planning, and Selenium educational Manager and Descriptive tester. WebServices, Exploratory Google, Webdriver, with QuickTest environments. IBM Programming. a proven Testing, AS/Descriptive Testuff, 400, track TDD, Jira, Win10 Versatile Test record BDD case of Quality projects Quality testers years Innovative analysis) our approach exploring Initiatives: Training: by practices 70% Solutions: to Mobile using what At which Introduced Progressive, Lean it At Testing. meant saved Beyond-Development and to the introduced Earth, be company championed testers. introduced and Computer $a Agile 350,“testing processes 000 methodologies. FMEA in Science club” costs (which Failure which and and allowed Mode lost Quality morphed revenue. and us Assurance to from Effects cut At 6 project Progressive, call Analysis) Instructor center time and reps by led at 30% RCA CTU to a team 50 (and for root professional over to small cause define 13 All Quality Positions assume:

Professional July Computer 2000 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Design, Design, Develop Review Participate Evaluate Evaluate Communicate Communicate Black Functional Track Automation Fast-Help – Science Present paced, ensure Experience Box, appropriate o o o write, write, requirements, Manual and and White Agile Test QA requirements in Adjunct business-code an incorporate incorporate code and and effectively with best agile Driven or Software Box, is execute execute metrics reviews practices Automated Customer clean software driven Regression, Faculty specifications, Development with and technologies technologies project concise tests and to development Representative readable and assist multidisciplinary scripts analyze for – planning Colorado Integration, documentation test Integration developers TDD and as plans for for non-required technical and automated software and conforming and to Technical Business System Testing management, determine in team test development by providing documents, performance requirements procedures and software Testing, and Driven software articulate correct University System automated Debugging test Development providing process measurement to and behavior Testing and and determine technical processes compliance testing unit that Colorado timely Logs, of and is BDD concepts software software heavily activities and Functional and functional verification. analysis technical Springs, test and projects quality and and ideas tests feedback user Non- CO effectively. driven.

● ● ● ● ● ● Taught Created Created every Taught Taught Received semester non-SQL Manual class the very using highly-traditional materials high Testing as SQL we successful NPS moved Server students approaches for scores SQL, from and Capstone from PHP, through by Ideation and students connecting Python, coursework Automated lecture, to Javascript, Delivery through Socratic using for of CS Linux a Selenium a seminar, and web product Scripting, IT interface majors. and with in an online a and through Agile This Python Capstone processes environment. means PHP. framework that courses. I managed 1-5 teams December Site ● ● ● ● Explored standard Served Used Acted Automation my as on 2015 Product quality courses technology several – – Present knowledge Owner Pythia for textbook usage Math, while Group Computer in review to the help simulating classroom, Colorado committees document Science, Agile introducing processes Quality Springs, Development Assurance for Breeze, CO ABET processes and Docker, accreditation. IT majors. Unfuddle, SVN, Git, and podcasts to the

● ● ● December Senior Developed Published Maintained Software 2017 daily Selenium UNIX-– dashboard Quality January based automated server Analyst of 2019 company cluster test – inventory Econolite health from using Colorado a Python variety of Springs, SQL data sources CO

● ● ● ● ● ● ● June Automation Developed Tested Documented Documented Mobile Mentored Championed 2017 proprietary Testing – 4 December EggPlant Test college an Processes Test efforts agile Engineer Approach hardware students automated approach for 2017 for interface training and – across to Convercent test Test development/to needs inventory a Results backend variety for of Denver, processes delivery VM external instances CO clients (maintained part time through remote) VMM

● ● ● ● ● August Quality Developed Helped Performed Frequent Docker o o o o 2016 Software to Rolled Dropped Trained Document work define Selenium/Manual – June out against manual testing Analyst Regression Continuous testing Test 2017 Python .Net Approaches, Framework. testers duties – production automated period Investability Integration to as use required from requirements, the code test 2 automation scripts weeks inventory Westminster, (to CI) and 5 for test days customer-results CO for facing (part internal product time and remote) external (international) clients

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● June Quality Developed QC’d Developed Created Investigated Created Testing Acted Docker 2015 o profitable Software as AWS test tests Rolled – Product December Selenium/software inventory automated Cloud to out Flipper find Owner Analyst Continuous service release missing Python for List 2015 solution mobile for product – process data automated Transfirst deployment Integration for devices which offerings mobile with was test team in scripts Aurora, testing iOS displayed inventory in of conjunction and 6 (for CI) people Android CO e-to for commerce customers customer-in with ecosystems Business Data application facing –Driven-Analysts product Development

● ● ● ● ● ● ● Created Created Analyzed Pioneered the Helped Helped Wrote/process o Performed to define Testing first Created requirements, Define Selenium, of test Developing relationship Processes Continuous inventory the SQL Automation python, queries Wrote, automated and between for Integration and Pod. Procedures and debugged, process QTP DB2 business Researched test uses queries (CI) for cases executed for within initiative testing analysts, an in to and Agile TFS. Pod. validate Test and recommended testers Mobile Found storing Cases data and constellation and for data development a documented Mobile high for Test-visibility automation of Driven-Apps 1400+ project related Development test tools in cases to an e-Agile commerce for product, Environment began

● ● July Quality Used Helped 2014 resources Software define – November documentation from Analyst SOAPUI 2014 – responses TekSystems/storage standard in QTP Nelnet/and TFS 5280Solutions Highlands Ranch, CO

● ● ● ● ● September Quality Wrote, Helped Wrote/Helped Manipulated Software debugged, Performed define define 2004 and relationship documentation – staged Analyst executed May SQL queries 2014 test between Test – data Progressive storage and Cases in DB2 AS/testers standard for 400 queries a and high setting Insurance development to visibility validate project Colorado data in an Agile Springs, Environment CO

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● September Quality Coordinated project Converted extensive Lead became Through Set out Performed processes. Mainframe Created Lead Wrote/Developed Tested Acted allowed SDLC As defects Represented Documented Trained needed. Mentored Agile State up processes. the the Testing Hardware processes as and webservices Performed lead in the and personnel me Reporting SME, effort effort our 2003 documentation under 4 280 maintained and Scripted Scripts and T3 to college time maintained Requirements innovations, and legacy and Test prioritize to to Society Manual executed .Net in – a by Prioritized integrate convert XP year June a SQL run on SME, Lead, Analyst, interns systems and using Production Business-50%testing company which in mobile queries scripts 2008 Exploratory I Cron and Disaster . or QTP for defined those our SOAPUI quality gathering Tester experience on defects coordinate training spanned jobs Facilities Driven-team and testing to and (a processes 280 code part QTP, team Recovery and and Selenium. and for into DB2 decreased scripts found System Development purposes. lab process time implemented approximately improved all WSDL other converting our using workload queries which 3 Manager and in corporate culture and to remote) and Linux-QA protocols stubs between Mobile/average brief Fail-had to Championed regression environment. Regression Progressive for validate and based environment. the and processes 4 over 30 IT up OSs – Responsive project business, both everyday health mocked Beyond-sites. projects/to processes shell with data 4 coverage manually tests people the and time (systems scripts Quick several output developers, work introduction year including testing Earth status by in and Picks) and 30%often activities. a flavors. to high of speed the Enterprises through, the GUI, small that while and .performance Net of QA Maintained to backend, allowed QTP testers Founded projects environment. acting completion. program QTP. which as us SQL, Roswell, 70% a group equipment release to and testing clear and reduced Developed environment using headless owner “club” our NM and Agile average backlog which which check or as of

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● December Quality Coordinated the Tested Performed Maintained Reported Heavily Maintained Orienteering company Software physical involved 2001 directly supplier a corporate Failure and nearly remote – and in March plotting Analyst to the management CAD $Mode CEO research/350,website, creation components and 2003 000 of Effects – rocket to Maximum in maintained fabrication aerospace of lost Analysis and the flight sub-, process Spaceport reviewed paths contracts. facility (corporate Dynamics Cron FMEA) management to jobs blueprints America determine in for Roswell, customers rocket Colorado including and duties. optimal NM hardware. obtained with helping recovery Springs, a team Developed customer fund of times. CO 6 raising which sign-skunkworks (remote) efforts offs. operated tools on a which shoestring saved

● ● Designed, continents Implemented wrote industry and executed standard test QA plans practices certifying in a new accounting shop. software working in three currencies across three March Quality ● ● ● ● ● Coordinated Interfaced Developed Created Developed 1998 Software and – with the process December maintained monthly bug Customers Analyst tracking to reviews move Linux 2001 – who system company USA.with Shell had Net the Scripts trouble servers Development Colorado to with in maintain real the Springs, time system, team customer to South allowing CO facing African me systems to headquarters create defect tickets Software ● ● ● ● ● ● ● As Designed, Coordinated Coordinated consolidation Headed Developed Interfaced third and efforts tester wrote with procedures Technical migration monthly of in to Customers 14 and the test million executed company, reviews in for of UTF8 Skills 7 Mass who Consumer million with manual (helped Internationalized) had Mailings, user the trouble addresses test to Development accounts implement Managed plans with certifying the to products Enrollment AOL industry system, team servers email allowing standard of which software users me QA included to across practices create the three defect in normalization a hardware new tickets shop. platforms and Professional Secretary Leadership President Secretary “Crown” Education Pursuing MS-BS-BA-Additional BBST Quality Software Unix Knighted, Computer Communication Systems Certification Quick skills Set Quality Webmaster LAN repair, Created with (Black Assurance up/(Doctorate Testing President) El IEEE Pikes Manager Adrian stored Test Team budgeting, Paso Engineering—Colorado administrate Box Professional: CPS-Science Training Student Peak Professional/Services Software queries for Certificate, Empire, Lodge Peak CCTI specific Certificate, for in (non-of Theatre Chapter – Computer 76 Chapter 2001 Colorado/and University Branch No. and profit 2000 (Mobile and gradebook have Testing) Gateway) training 13 SQE, concentration) remote American Quality Colorado Colorado AF Certification sites American lectured Science Testing Wyoming 2006 of & Certifications students Technical AM. like computer Phoenix, access. program Center Technical Society on Technical http:– 2012-lab Society Colorado risk chapter – Automation and /2002 Fort to University, /2015 school for, track in for staff University, University. Lewis Quality. Fundamentals, of Technical Quality network the org in student use Experience. College, Adrian 2010 using 2009-(of 2009 ASQ)tools, University. 2009 progress. that software HTML, 2011. Empire 1988 . Test included 2006-and Set PHP, Design other up Program 1999-Present Anticipated testing and off-Quality and 2002 site SQL was labs. Bug data initiatives. completion, based Advocacy, Descriptive storage, on an troubleshooting, Florida 2020 online Programming Tech database 2014

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