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Data Software Engineer

Glen Allen, VA
January 29, 2019

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Sreenivas Nalla

**** ******* **. ********, ** ***94 267-***-****


Full Stack Developer with 12 years of global experience in analysing designs, developing and implementing innovative business processes and system solutions on enterprise-scale applications using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies.

Interested in exploring my skills and adapting to Different Domains and technologies.

Experienced liaison between the stakeholders, strategic planning teams and application development teams.

Skilled in working with satellite and diverse teams and skillsets.

Excellent at negotiating deadlines, problem solving and managing expectations.

Skilled at critical thinking to investigate, handle and resolve issues through time management, team work and leadership.

High comfort level working within fast-paced team environments or expeditiously carrying out solo tasks.

Excellent track record in delivering the products On-Time and with Good Quality.

Designed and implemented data warehouse architecture for corporate circulation data warehouse. Subsequent data marts, extracts and reports were sourced from the architecture of conformed facts and dimensions.

Experience in building Web/Windows applications using a wide range of technologies like VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SSIS, SQL Server 2000-2014, SSRS, Crystal Reports.

Experience in scripting languages like Power shell, batch file shell, VB script.

Having knowledge in SSAS and Tableau

Experience in configuring and working on source controls like TFS, SVN and GIT.

An effective communicator and team player with strong leadership, analytical, coordination and interpersonal skills.

Possesses strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Adaptive to new environments and learn new Technologies quickly. TECHNICAL SKILLS & CERTIFICATIONS


• Microsoft SQL Server

2000 to 2014

• Internet Information

Services (IIS)

• InterSystems Caché

• Crystal Reports


• JavaScript

• VBScript

• PowerShell Script

• VB.Net

• ASP.Net

• C#





• Perforce

• ReSharper


• Red gate SQL

• Qwest Performance

• Teradata

Exam 462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases – Certified: Data Management, Database Configuration, Database Maintenance, SQL, SQL Server, Secure Data Transmission, and Server Security. Exam 463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 – Certified: Business Intelligence, Data Cleansing, Data Extraction, Data Warehouse & Design, ETL, MS SQL Server, SQL, SSIS. Exam 466: Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server – Certified: Business Intelligence, Cloud, DAX Queries, Data Analytics, Data Management, Data Modelling, Database Design, MDX Queries, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL, SSRS, Tabular Data Model.


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India 2004 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.): Electronics and Communication Engineering PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

InRhythm Inc., Pittsburgh PA Apr 2011 – Present

Sr. Systems Analyst (Oct 2015 – Present)

Sr. Technical Lead, Hyderabad (Apr 2011 – Oct 2015) InRhythm Inc is a data analytics company with product offerings in the areas of BI reporting & Visualization and image recognition. It help our customers increase enterprise insight Generation, improve sales force productivity using dynamic routing algorithms, and drive new Insights via image recognition software covering a range of use cases. InRhythm is an Independent, privately held company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with a development Centre in Hyderabad, India.

PROJECT NAME : Product Design Data Mart

Client : Altria Group, Philip Morris USA

Duration : Jan’18– Till Date


A data mart solution to consolidate all data required for Regulatory Reporting and Automate the transformation of the data. One stop solution for getting data from 20+ sources and cater reporting needs using tableau. data mart solution extracts, transforms and loads data,the views created are used by tableau .this generate reports for regulatory needs of the client .this streamlined the data compilation from different systems also translate/transform product data from manufacturing batch size to single use.

The system has versioning to ensure reporting is done on approved products, all products data are managed at source system. Role:

Designed EAV model, data loads are driven by metadata by configuration.

Tested, Cleaned, and Standardized Data to meet the business standards using Execute SQL task, Conditional Split, Data Conversion, and Derived column, containers using SSIS and BIML

Use of archival logic to track change history at object level.

Design, develop and deploy Email notification module –an independent plugin with capability to monitor and notify daily data loads, server health and data mismatch.

Use metadata to configure mapping and logic at field level between source and target tables

Architect batch execution process between land/stage/final data bases

Create system documentation using Visio

Data architecture design, integration and configurations management, performance monitoring.

Power shell script to automate file move process between servers /folders.

Experience in scope analysis, test assessment, effort estimation, root cause analysis

Experience in system, functional, SIT and integration and UAT testing. PROJECT NAME : POS and Scan Data

Client : Altria Group, Philip Morris USA

Duration : Apr’15– Mar’16


The Application is used to predict of the metrics i.e. Sales, stock, reorder, market share etc. for retail/chain stores. Data from different retail stores point of sales is collected and placed in files. Application loads data in file and reports the metrics. Role:

Architect and implement data load process from FTP /web UI to database.

Use data flow, expression task, data conversion transform editor etc. using SSIS. Sreenivas Nalla Page 3

Ensured stakeholders were always informed

Data validation in the UI using JQuery and JavaScript

Steered issue detection and resolution

PowerShell script was used to automate file consumption p

Use SSIS for notification by email about the daily data loads, server status.

Involved in Peer Code and design documents Review.

Handled the DB of 1.5+ TB with 50 tables, 20 sap’s and 10 function.

Fine-tuned process to show up report from 30 min to 3 mins by; remediation of existing loading process and UI.

Created Batch Stored Procedures for in the Report Scheduler according to the monthly, weekly or daily.

Developed User Interface pages using HTML and AngularJS, Server-side coding using ASP.NET and Web Service calls.





The Sale sedge Online Reporting application is a Know Where You Stand (KWYS) application that gives the FSF the current status as well as the status of various initiatives as of the last 5 quarters. Depending on the role and assignment, a user should be able to start at his level and drill down to the lowest level reporting him. All the reports are classified broadly into six categories: Dashboards, Price Promotions, Product Promotions, Trade Programs and Visibility in stock. Role:

Involved in Design and Implementation the Delta processing for data import from OLTP to OLAP.

Worked on dimensional modelling, Star Schema, SCD, ODS, ETL, OLAP

Key member of CRM-BI solution developer offshore. Liaison between the offshore and the onshore teams taking the direction from Onshore

Used SOA to get data into ODS using Melissa data service .

Creation of Junk Dimension

Extracting and loading of STARS volume data into the fact tables using SSIS, BTEQ.

Analyse query plans and Tune existing code.

Written Generic Utility functions/procedures like refreshing views, cleaning tables, getting record counts of a specific table with null and not null values.

Design and develop the pricing dashboard module in the application.

Release management from DEV to QA and QA to Prod.

AngularJS framework to render data and manipulate UI dynamically and make Service calls to save data.

Co-Ordination with Onsite team to gather requirements and propose timely fixes.

Applied Covering and Filter indexes for query performance.

Developed user interface pages with HTML and Bootstrap CSS framework

Involved in resume screening and interviews for recruiting team members.

Created web methods to access business layer and save data

Remediation of the Existing design and process.

Sreenivas Nalla Page 4

Implement Partitioning to bring down application down time, data load process time.

Manage and Maintain Development SQL Server Single handily including backup, stats update and db. Consistency checks etc.

Set-up maintenance plans and check for the Server Health periodically.

Used DB Mail for notifying the Client about health of server.

Exposure to Red Gate Tools like SQL-Compare and prompt, Qwest Performance Tool. Arctern Consulting (Subsidiary of Volt Information Sciences), Bangalore, India Jan 2010 – Mar 2011 Software Engineer





CONSOL is a comprehensive, easy-to-use web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps companies manage procurement for Human Capital, Materials and Services. Consol’s flexible workflow capabilities automate the procurement lifecycle – from vendor selection to requisitions, through invoice processing and payment – driving operational efficiencies, financial and process transparency, cost savings and compliance. Role:

Developed Script Synchroniser Tool single handed, syncs the Source control scripts to db.

Involved in Design and Implementation the Operational Data Store for the Application.

Used Table valued parameter (TVP), XML datatype and MERGE statement in SQL 2008.

Applied Covering and Filter indexes for query performance...

Involved in creating and maintain SSIS Package for the BI solutions.

Written a Script to drop and recreate All the Dependencies of User Defined Table Type.

Create and deploy the new Instances of DB.

Manage and Maintain Development SQL Server Single handed including backup, stats update and db. Consistency checks etc.

Set-up maintenance plans and check for the Server Health periodically.

Used Entity Framework - Database First approach to interact with DB objects and used complex LINQ statements to update tables

Used DB Mail for notifying the Client about jobs being failed

Exposure to Red Gate Tools like SQL-Compare.

Writing N-Unit Test cases in the Business Logic Layer.

Analyzing the FRD and thus Code to meet the requirements.

Involved in Code Review.

Exposure to the Perforce and Re-sharper.

Exposure to the Scrum-Agile Methodology.

Code Re-factoring with in architecture.

Sreenivas Nalla Page 5

Mahathi Software Pvt. Ltd., Visakhapatnam, India May 2009 – Dec 2009 Senior Software Engineer


CLIENT : MDTablet, Orlando, USA.



MDTablet is an innovative Electronic Medical Records system designed to enhance the way doctors capture, manage, and exchange patient information. Our solution couples the most modern tablet computer devices with the latest Microsoft® development tools and technologies to deliver a feature-rich EMR that is affordable to any medical practice. Role:

Involved in requirement gathering and discussion with the client.

Worked on Extended Stored procedures

Coding for different modules using .NET 3.0.

Review of the source code, Unit testing and Bug fixing

Worked in MVC architecture.

Deployment of application in IIS.

Creating SSIS package for data loading.

Writing the procedures for getting the data from different legacy applications(Remote Sites) to MDTablet

Writing triggers for data posting from different application to MDTablet and vice versa.

Mapping the data fields of different applications to MDTablet

Analyse and design the Database for Dynamic Histories.

Performance tuning of the Existing Stored Procedures.

Develop Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions and Views based on the requirement from Client.

Backup/restore, manage and ensure 24/7availability of Database.

Fine tune database, queries for optimal performance and scalability.

Documenting MS SQL Server database design, implementation and configuration. e4e Business Solutions India PVT. Ltd., Bangalore, India Dec 2008 – May 2009 Senior Technical Consultant




Sreenivas Nalla Page 6


Trak Care is an advanced Web-based, healthcare information system that rapidly delivers Electronic Patient Record (EPR) benefits. It brings exponential improvements to the care of every patient and to the productivity of every healthcare professional. This Product is Actually Designed on Caché Technology. Unlike other HIS, which has Billing centric data Model, It has Patient centric Model of Data.

At the heart of Trak Care sits the electronic Patient Record (EPR), which captures the continuum of clinical and administrative information about a patient, and the Patient Master Index (PMI). Trak Care is built on InterSystems Ensemble®, an innovative rapid integration platform. InterSystems Ensemble® shares core technology with InterSystems Caché®, which is the leading database for clinical applications worldwide. Role:

Involved in total cycle from requirement gathering, design and implementation of the dietary module.

Writing Different Java Scripts based on the requirements given by Client

Involved in Configuring the Application as per client.

Writing VB Script for Word document (these are used as templates) used by Client.

Writing VB Script for MS Excel for Data Upload of Master Data.

Writing different routines for Master data Upload.

Writing User Defined Functions for getting the required Fields in UI.

Involved in writing Procedures for pulling the data from legacy application

Responsible for code development and code reviews.

Designing and development of Pages from scratch depending on the requirement and analysis.

Involved in designing and implementation of the custom classes based on requirement.

Implemented the MVC model for printing module in the application. Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India Aug 2006 – Jan 2008 Software Engineer





Apollo Health Care a standard GUI solution meant for medium & large hospitals, looking for high quality proven solutions. HMS+ has been designed modularly using State-of-the-art Technology & Platform. The integrated Modules of this Package have been developed using MS SQL & Visual Studio .NET to work under Windows NT / Windows 2000 / 2003 architecture for a Client - Server environment. It has the modules OPD, IPD, MRD (Medical Record Department), Lab, Inventory, Financial Accounts, Doctors’ Accounting, HRD, Payroll, Wards, Software Management and Billing. Software provides different reports in both windows as well as dos printing. System covers all the internal activity like payroll system and recruitment for the hospital employee also. Role:

Responsible for code development, code reviews, testing and code delivery.

Involved in requirement gathering & UI design.

Single handed implementation of SMS feature.

Sreenivas Nalla Page 7

Code review and unit testing.

Involved in UI/DB designing, coding, unit testing, defect resolution, and supporting application software

Writing the data access and business logic classes.

Writing Queries, Stored Procedures, functions, Triggers and views.

Data Transformation services (DTS), Data initialization and setup for project through Cursors and stored procedures.

Creating Scheduler for Sal Server for migrating the data.

Taking backup and restoring database for testing purpose.

Optimising DB and queries.

Implementing a DBA maintenance plan for MS SQL Server (DBCC, updating index statistics, monitoring database and disk space).

Scheduling and managing jobs on MS SQL Server.

Designing of Crystal Reports.

Develop Documentation for the Database.

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