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Network Engineer Manager

Birmingham, AL
January 29, 2019

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205-***-**** *** **th PL S, Birmingham, AL 35206


A+, NET+

CCNA, CCNP (Expired)


Associates Degree of Applied Science, Network Engineering, Virginia College of Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

Dec 2003

GPA: 4.0


Network Engineer

Self Employed / Freelance 01/2008 – Present

Working with a number of restaurants and small businesses finding solutions for network, hardware and software needs.


Complete PC/Device Availability: Design, build, installation, and maintenance of servers and workstations for commercial clients, including but not limited to: Windows 7 POS systems using Restaurant Manager software, both front-end and back-end builds. Repair, including touchscreen replacement, install new units and relocation of existing adding or extending network cabling and UPS availability as needed, always-up video surveillance, including GeoVision Windows hardware/software based systems, Sony and Toshiba stand-alone systems, entertainment systems, mounting both flat screen, projectors and screens and audio playback devices with speakers, including active line noise filtering for both long-haul audio and analog video requirements, and actual part by part customization and build of back office desktops that run MS Office, Quickbooks and various other office-related software packages.

Software Consulting: Diagnose software issues that hinder productivity and functionality, and provide research-based solutions to insure a more functional and user-friendly working environment so that the people at work may more easily accomplish their goals, up to and including finding new packages, like paperless invoice scanning databases for Quickbooks, that assist in streamlining day to day business operations. I also provide remote desktop assistance using VNC and LogMeIn services depending on customer’s preference.

Backup Management and Disaster Recovery: Use a combination of local, NAS, and cloud-based back-up solutions, including EaseUS and Mozy management solutions, to insure redundant availability of all essential data regardless of any point of failure, while providing timely audits to guarantee that these are functioning properly.

Wireless Installation, Availability and Security: Install access points with new copper cabling, when necessary, to better physical locations within existing structures to better provide access to the location’s perimeter, while using fewer devices and providing reliable access simultaneously. Regularly perform network surveys to insure that channel overlap and signal strength competition do not interfere with the needs of my clients and make manual changes to channel usage and amplification, when necessary, in order to have the most reliable service available to both internal and publicly accessible networks. My designs utilize Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, D-link and others depending on budget and radio demands.

Routers, Switches and Hard Wiring: Install, maintain and troubleshoot all cabling including Ethernet and A/V, both surveillance and entertainment systems including servers/workstations, sound and projection systems, printers and internet-based streaming devices. This includes assuring that any switches and routers on the network are robust enough to handle the throughput load required for all devices to reliably communicate with one-another and the internet as needed. My designs utilize Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, D-link and others depending on budget and network traffic demands.

Network Administrator

Xanté Corporation, Mobile, AL 10/2005 – 01/2008


Network Monitoring: Install and establish an SNMP monitoring system to observe both local and internet traffic for uptime, abuse and attacks and respond to any abnormalities in a timely manner.

Network Installation: Install LAN equipment and cabling as the network grows and also oversee WAN installations and routing as demand for internet traffic increased.

Server Maintenance: Build and maintain servers for domain regulation and individual departmental use for both file and application services in both Windows and Apple environments.

Domain Maintenance: Maintain Active Directory users, groups and security for file access to corporate servers and also insure that DHCP, DNS and other such services run properly.

Technical Support: Supply any and all assistance to end users necessary to insure proper flow of business and increased efficiency including research and testing of new applications that might improve performance.

Network Engineer

Self Employed / Freelance 12/2004 – 9/2005


Network Design: Responsible for the design, build, installation, and maintenance of networks for various clients, both commercial and residential.

Support Specialist

UR*Onramp, ISP/Network Consulting, Tuscaloosa, AL 9/2002 – 12/2004


Router Configuration: Design and implement subnet and VLAN assignments for all new T1 and wireless clients. Install IOS fixes and alter access lists to keep new security threats at bay.

Switch Maintenance: Insure that all switch ports adhere to the VLAN assignments as established by the routing schematic to insure physical privacy of client networks both collocated and remote.

Server Responsibilities: Maintain accurate additions and deletions on client databases as related to email subscribers, dial-up users, DNS entries and accessibility to web-based resources.

Hardware Health: Diagnose, mend, or replace as necessary any and all failed hardware or cabling on premises.

Technical Support: Serve as on-call technical support operative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Wireless Installation: Conduct sight surveys for metropolitan area clients to assess feasibility of line of sight relationship with backbone access points. Determine necessary amplification and install hardware for all new clients.

T1 Installation: Work with Telco installers to coordinate timely, seamless transfer of client’s existing internet connection to the newly installed T1. Also, configure and install a router with functionality based on the client’s needs.

VPN Tunneling: Establish both hardware and software VPN tunnels to employ secure communications between central and remote business locations, including both Cisco software and Netscreen hardware solutions.

Firewall Implementation: Configure firewalls of various manufacturers for the detection security threats. These same firewalls were used for port forwarding and remote access to private servers through authentication.

Per Contract

Teksystems, Contract Networking, Birmingham, AL 3/2002 – 9/2002


Network Relocation: Work with a large team of colleagues in order to disassemble and reassemble networks from remote offices to corporate headquarters during off-hour timeframe and insure proper functionality before next business day.

Network Migration: Work with a small team of colleagues in the migration of isolated departments within a corporate environment from a Novell operating environment to a Microsoft NT domain environment, still during an off-hour timeframe and with the assurance of proper functionality before next business day.

Unrelated Work History:

Produce Clerk/Dairy Manager/Senior Bulk Clerk

Sprouts Farmers Market, Birmingham, AL

01/2018 – Present

Landscaper / Carpenter

Flora Landscapes, Hoover, AL

04/2008 – 12/2017

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