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Manager Engineer

January 29, 2019

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To obtain a meaningful and challenging position that enables me learning and share my knowledge and experience in Telecommunications and allows me growing every day as a professional as a person.


Over 18 years of experience on Telecomunications. Installation, Commissioning, Integration and ‘Operation & Maintenance‘ of Nokia BSC, TCSM, Base Stations, MetroHub, MW Radios, DN2 and BSC O&M, Integration, Commissioning and Major Software Upgrades, Change Deliveries, BSC Rehomings, BTSs Rehomings, BTS Complex Upgrades, NOC responsabilities. Soft Knowledge of MSC, SGSN, …etc; Team Leader of several crews for Installation and Quality Control of Huawei and ZTE Networks such as GSM-UMTS-LTE Systems in a whole installation and Swapping sites from several technologies to Huawei and ZTE Equipments with Antennas, 2G-3G-4G RRU, Optical Fiber, BBU, DC Box, BTSs and Power Minishelters, MW ODU and IDU Installation, etc.

Wide experience working as Nokia RAN BSC/RNC Software Upgrades, backoffice engineer in management, MML Commands and programming on DX200 lenguage, competence development and configuration positions. Wide experience working with managed services doing all kind of configurations of sites in BSC, RNC, mcRNC and MSC. Wide experience in xml creation reading any kind of datafill from the customer through VBA and producing the xml in a totally automatic way. Wide experience in customizing via VBA progress reports for a project with IPM tools as an input. Wide experience working in the telecom area in field management, quality management and competence development positions in rollout and managed services projects.


• Direct resources management

• Deep knowledge of NSN Nokia, Huawei and ZTE Quality standards

• Deep knowledge of Telecom Projects KPIs, quality plan, best practices.

• Deep knowledge of standards for NSN BSCs, BTSs, MW installation, commissioning and integration

• Deep knowledge of sites integration in Nokia BSC & RNC & MSC equipments.

• Node B: Flexi BSC installation, commissioning and integration.

- Configuration management and troubleshooting of base stations 2G-3G and perform remote configuration for 3G sites for Nokia Siemens Networks. BTS Integration, support and perform RF site parameters modifications VIA MML or OSS . Implementation, creation, expansions and replacement of radio base stations. Expansion site, Integration and Creation of new sites, Troubleshooting of sites, Change parameters in BTSs-BSCs-RNCs and MSC-MSS-MGW, Creation of adjacent cells, block and unblock sites, Activate and testing of External alarms and outputs, Load and activation of new features and licences, Rehoming Sites, Creation of views in OSS.


For: ZTE & HUAWEI (Venezuela) – MOVISTAR-DIGITEL-MOVILNET May 2014 – Oct 2017

Team Leader on crew SWAP of Complet Site GSM-UMTS / Installation of 4th Carrier System/ LTE System.

Installation of Outdoor Cabinet (MINISHELTER and Battery Backup MINISHELTER).

Include Optical Fiber-Power Cable-RRU-Mini link Support-Dual Band Antennas-BBU and DC BOX-Etc.

For: NOKIA (VENEZUELA) –DIGITEL / MOVISTAR- April 2010 – April 2011- Aug 2012 – April 2016

For differents smalls contractors several Configuration on RAN System.

10 BSCs Major Software Upgrade from S12 to S13 – Chenge Deliveries, Others.

Care & Implementation on BSS for Digitel & Movistar

Implementation & Care BSS Engineer.


Processing PO, Billing Jobs, Personal Supervisor on Installation, etc.

Project, Installing and Running Up of Industrial Air Conditioning Systems

Liebert and Confort and CHILLER.

For: NOKIA (VENEZUELA) – MOVISTAR April 2008 – Dec 2008

Commissioning & Integration of 3 BSC 3i 660Trxs + 2 BSCs 3i 1000

Commissioning of several TCSM 2E + BSS TCSMs & Direct Ater Expansions.

3 BSCs Major Software Upgrade from S11.5 to S12 – Chenge Deliveries.

1 BSC Rehoming from MSS.

For: NOKIA (MEXICO) – MOVISTAR Aug 2007 –Dec 2007

BSS Care,Optimization & Improving RF performance in Several states of Mexico

BTSs Complex Upgrades (Expansions).


Commissioning & Integration of 30 BSC 3i

Commissioning of 30 TCSM 2E

Care executer and Support on SWAPs and CUTOVERs from Whole System Alcatel to Nokia BSS.

BTSs Complex Upgrades (Expansions, Configurations and RF Parameter Changes).

For: NOKIA (USA) – CINGULAR Feb – May, 2006

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of 02 BSC 3i – Bridgeport - Connecticut.

Commissioning of 01 TCSM 2E.

2 MBIF & VLRC Major Software Upgrade, 4th Cabinet on Jacksonville – Florida.

For: NOKIA (PERU) – TIM - CLARO Oct - Dec, 2005

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of 5 BSC 3i

Restallation, Commissioning & Integration of 1 BSC 2i

Installation and Commissioning of 20 TCSM 2E

1 Software Upgrades S10.5 to S11.5


NOC Engineer, Complex Upgrades, BTSs and BSCs Rehomings through OSS July - Sept, 2005

Configuring, Integration of BTSs, OSS handling, 2 & 3 Racks BTSs Configuration

Segmentation between 1900 and 850 bands, etc, EDAP Config, etc.

Integration and Commissioning of 2 BSC 3i May - June, 2005

08 BCSU Hardware upgrade and Integration of BSC 3i

Installation and Commissioning of 15 TCSM 2E

For: NOKIA (CHILE) – Telefónica – MOVISTAR Nov 2004-April, 2005

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of 8 BSC 3i

Restallation, Commissioning & Integration of 8 BSC 2i

Installation and Commissioning of 15 TCSM 2E

19 BCSU Hardware upgrade and Integration

For: NOKIA (ARGENTINA) – Personal - TIM Octuber, 2004

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of 5 BSC 3i

Installation and Commissioning of 4 TCSM 2E

For: NOKIA (ECUADOR) – Porta September, 2004

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of 1 BSC 3i

Installation and Commissioning of 2 TCSM 2E

2 BCSU Hardware upgrade and Integration of BSC 3i

For: NOKIA (INDIA) – Hutchison Essar July-Aug, 2004

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of 3 BSC 3i

Installation and Commissioning of 7 TCSM 2E

10 BCSU Hardware upgrade and Integration

Commissioning of 4 MetroHubs

For: NOKIA (COLOMBIA) – Comcel June, 2004

Integration and Commissioning of 1 BSC 3i

01 BCSU Hardware upgrade and Integration

For: NOKIA (CHILE) – Telefónica Movil April-May, 2004

Installation and Commissioning of 4 BSC 2i High Capacity

Installation and Commissioning of 17 TCSM 2E

15 BCSU Hardware upgrade and Integration

For: CORPORACION DIGITEL, Caracas, Venezuela,

BSS Instalation, Operation and Maintenance . March 1999 to April 2004…

Supervise the Radio Network Operation and Maintenance, oversaw of all corrective and maintenance tasks, maintain of the Radio Network quality level, management of personnel and task assignments to people, inventory management

Perform the Operation and Maintenance of Nokia BSC – TCSM and base stations, Talk Family (Intratalk, Citytalk, Flexitalk), Metrosite and Ultrasites – NUSS, MetroHub and DN2, Major Software Upgrades of BSCs from S9 to S10.5

Change deliveries, SS7 likns creation, TCSM creation, site creation with MML Commandas, NMS2000 like a user, Network Surveylance, perform of Network Doctor, others, Daily Routines, Others….

Perform the Operation and Maintenance of Nokia MW Radios DMR, DMR-I.

Perform the Operation and Maintenance of DMC MW Radios

Perform the Operation and Maintenance of Nokia Dynamic Node Manager DN2 and MetroHub.

Perform the Operation and Maintenance of Aerial Systems (cable loss and return loss tests, corrective actions)

Monitor the performance of the Network through Nokia NMS 2000

Perform the reception of sites from the Manufacturer or Implementation Department, follow of Acceptances Procedures and Installation Quality control

Perform fault finding, preventive and corrective maintenance procedures, statistics analysis of fault occurrences

Find and up-to-date keep the technical reports for Nokia equipment

Supervise the civil works for cellular sites, grounding system standards and ground resistance measurements

Install, commission and integrate Nokia Base Stations Metrosite, Intratalk, Flexitalk, Citytalk and Ultrasites.

Install extension cabinet and perform different expansion configurations of TRX

Perform site acceptances (BTS)

Perform massive filter replacement from wideband (AFEA) to narrow band (AFEH) or vice versa when needed

Perform massive TRX replacement (e.g. new technical report found)

Perform network measurements analysis, basic fine tuning of radio network parameters on NMS(adjacencies, antenna tilting and orientation, handovers, power control, etc.)

Supervise the civil works for cellular sites, perform ground resistance measurements and provide solutions

Supervise the aerial system installation, perform cable loss and return loss tests on feeder cables

Frequent interface with Nokia (DMR, RRI, BOIA, VIFA, DN2), DMC and Flexihooper network access equipment for fault finding

Implement different access network configurations from star to loop which include configuration of all transmission equipment involved (TRUA, DRM, RRI, MetroHub and DN2)



Mud Engineer & Full Testing for Drilling Oil wells. 1997-98, Maracaibo-Venezuela.


Test Equipment

Nokia handheld terminal for transmission equipment

Anritsu Site Master for cable loss, return loss and output power tests

Bird power meter for return loss and output power tests

Nokia Net Monitor software

Computer Skills

MMI, MML, DMR Manager, DN2 Manager, MSTE, TRUA Manager and NMS (basic parameter handling) for Nokia equipment, PSMMan.

Ultrasite Hub Manager, Harward Configurator, Bts Manager, Insite Managers, Hopper Man, Metrohub Man, NED, NMS2000, Hit, etc.

Communicational Skills

Spanish (Mother Tongue)

English (Fluent)

French (Basic).

Portugues (Fluent).


Electronic TSU, Caracas, Venezuela, October 1996



NOKIA METCOM (Metrosite Commissioning & Integration) Mar-2001.Irving – Texas, USA

NOKIA ULMET (Metrosite Commissioning & Integration) Nov-2000.Irving – Texas, USA

NOKIA BSSOM (Base Station Subsystem Operation & Maintenance) Feb-2002, Madrid-SPAIN.

DMC 13GHZ / DMR 23 GHz. Caracas – Venezuela, Jul. 1999.

NOKIA BTSTSH (BTS Troubleshooting). Caracas - Venezuela, Mar. 2000.

NOKIA BTSCOM (BTS Commissioning & Integration). Caracas - Venezuela, Nov. 1999.

NOKIA DN2 / DYNANET. Caracas – Venezuela, Jul. 1999

NOKIA SYSTRA (GSM System Training). Caracas – Venezuela, May. 1999.


English as a Second Language – English School in Worcester - ENGLAND-Aug 1998.


Date of birth: Nov 03th, 1974.

Nationality: Venezuelan.

Marital status: Single.

US Visa Type/Class: R B1/B2 (10 years – Multiple entries)


Edgar Haro, +56 9 904 727 85

Quality Manager

Nokia Chile

Ivan Torres, +569*******


Nokia Chile

Marcelo Hergenreder

NSS Engineer

Nokia Venezuela

Rakesh Godayal, +911*********


Nokia India

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