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C#, ASP.Net MVC, Rest API, Web Services

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
January 28, 2019

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Ravi Koppula


WhatsApp: +60-112*******

Current Location: Malaysia.


A self-starter, forward-thinker, innovator, great team player with an ability to fit into any team and business, seeking a challenging career in software development environment where I could use my technical and management skills to be a part of result orientated and highly successful team, involved in implementing innovative ideas in tune with quality standards and present technologies.

Professional Summary:

5 years of experience in designing and developing applications with an earned reputation of meeting the project goals within the time constraints.

I have worked in Sultanate Oman, Malaysia and India country’s for varies critical projects with in short period of time.

Strong skills in Visual Studio.NET 2008/2010/2012/2015/2017 with Microsoft .NET Frameworks.

Strong Knowledge in ASP.Net MVC, C# (Object Oriented Programming), Web API and Web Services.

Proficient in Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS). MSSQL Server 2008/2012/2014 and 2017, Developing SQL Codes through various Procedures, Functions and Packages to implement the Business logics of Database in SQL Server.

Experience includes on-site/off-shore co-ordination with customers on the new requirements and follow-ups with the development team.

Quick learner and Keen to work on New Technologies.

Also having client exposure for Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Design, Developments and Deliverables.

Ability to work independently or with a team and should be able to guide the junior member in the team.

A confident and inspire person with proficiency in technical skills with a degree of innovativeness and problem solving capability.

Good communication skill, excellent adaptability, proactive, team player, self-motivated professional.

Expertise in Deployment of web applications, data Transfer and data integrity to various planform.

Good knowledge in Rest API and Web Services for data exchange process.

Technical Proficiency:

.NET Technologies and Languages

C#, ASP.Net, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework.

Web Technologies and Scripting

LINQ, HTML5, CSS3, DHTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, Razor, Kendo Controls, Telerik Controls.


MS SQL Server 2014/2017, MS-Access, MYSQL

Version Control Tools

Team Foundation Server (TFS), Tortoise SVN


OOP’s and OOAD, Entity Frame work.


RDLC and Telerik Reports in .Net

Services for (Data Transfer)

Web Services, Rest API (Application Programing Interface).

Working Profile:

From 7th November 2016 to till now working as a IT Programmer in Sky Net World wild (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

From 22nd June 2015 to 27th Oct 2016 I have worked as a software engineer in Imtac India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore.

I started my career as Associate software engineer from 4th Jan 2014 to 20th Jun 2015 in MoxieIT India Pvt. Ltd in Hyderabad.

Professional Certifications:

I achieved MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) Certification ID# E356-8177.

MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) in Web development through ASP.NET Certification ID # E356-8176.

Participated national level conference for data mining tools.

Technical Graduation:

B.Tech from Annamacharya Institute of Technology and science affiliated to JNTUH University in the Year 2014.

Projects Summary

Project #6: Global e-Track (GET)

Technologies: ASP.Net Core 2.0, Web Service.

Project Description:

Global e-Track web site help to track the international shipments. From Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India etc. reaches to DPEX Singapore and DPEX will perform the outbound for all and send it to Malaysia for delivery through SKYNET Courier System. Once Skynet received shipments at custom KUL international airport they perform the custom check in the system, before that we received the data from DPEX to Skynet through web service. Here we will map the data and send back the tracking status to DPEX. Whenever the shipment move for one place to other place within the Malaysia we capture the event and send the status to DPEX web site.

This Process same for SKYNET International shipments too. That means collection in Malaysia and Delivery at International.

Project #5: AWB Consignee Print

Client: SKYNET, Malaysia.

Technologies: Visual studio 2015.

Environment : C# Windows Application, Entity Framework 3.5v.

Users : SKYNET Customers.

Reporting : Printing on Dot Matrix by using C#.

Back End : Microsoft Access Database.

Implemented Screens: Simple Login, Auto populate Sender Address, Departments, and Add Consignee’s.

Project Description:

This is application help to print their own customers Address. Once Consignee sheets reach to SKUNET Own customers, they print their own Agent/customer Address on the AWB sheet. At end of the month they can able to see print/count the number of AWB prints out, based on that they will generate invoice to particular customer.

Customer can print the consignee address by predefined customers and bulk print by uploading .CSV file.

Project #4: Mailroom

Client: CIMB Bank, Malaysia.

Technologies: C #Windows Form application and simple reports generated through C# Code.

Environment : C# .Net Framework4.0.

Database : SQL Lite.

Duration : Started on 3rdt –July -2017 to 17th July 2017.

Project Description:

All Documents will come to Mailroom from different CIMB branches, here we do the inbound and outbound process, and generate the final report to calculate the number of documents.

Inbound Process:

1.Check in Process: All documents will scan into the system. After that manually do filter the documents based on destination.

2.Console Manifest: system will create auto Console number and seal the console number, according to consoles and destinations wise they divide the console bag’s to driver with signature.

3.Prof of Delivery (POD): Once delivery finish they take the signature and submit to the Mailroom next day.

Out bound Process:

1.Check In: the process is divided into 4 parts:

i). Normal, ii). Registered Mail iii). Franking machine Mail: Normal Check in Process like inbound, after that manual filter process based on destination.

iv). Courier: Need to select the courier company where need to deliver the Console Bag.

2.Console Manifest: Generate console number seal the console for delivery.

3.Check-Out Courier: Select Courier Company and scan AWB Number.

4.Console POD: select rider and deliver the console and documents, there desired destinations. And the delivery proof once delivers the parcel.

Project #3: Custom Clearing House (CCO)

Client: SKY Net, Malaysia.

Technologies: C# Windows Form application, and Telerik Reports.

Client/User : SKY NET-KUAL Airport, Malaysia.

Environment : C# .Net Framework4.0.

Database : Microsoft Access Database.

Duration : Started on 1st –Jun -2017 to 3rd July 2017.

Project Description:

It’s a simple windows form application help to convert the Text formatted data and different formatted manifested data converted to standard excel format. The converted excel files will help to find out the weekly based price for every order from USD to MYR.

Project #2: Courier Web System

Client: SKY Net, Malaysia.

Technologies: Asp.Net MVC 6, MS-SQL 2014.

Role : Team Lead and Programming

Client : SKY NET, Malaysia.

Environment : MVC .Net 6.0, C#, Entity Frame Work 4.5, front end bootstrap, Visual Studio 2015.

Database : SQL-2014.

Duration : Started on 22nd –Feb -2017 to 28th April 2017.

Implemented Modules:

1.User Management System dynamic menu populate from database.

2.Telerik Reports, to view pickupcheckin, console, master console, and line haul data.

3.Outbound Process: - Pickupcheckin, Console, Master Console, Parent and child mapping technique, and line haul.

4.Once stations PC’s ready they can upload the data to FTP Web Server by selecting the from date and to date.

5.Once server PC connected to internet in station side, backup data will download from FTP web and restore in temporary data base, once this process success data will move from temporary database to actual database.

Project Description:

SKYNET Courier System (SCS) on Web when the station facing problem to use the offline applications, then they will use this web application to do there outbound process, without any delay of their process. Once station server and client PC working fine they will Export to FTP folder then station will import the data from FTP to server according to login station.

Project #1: Clearing House

Role : Team Lead and Programming

Client : SKY NET, Malaysia.

Environment : MVC .Net 4.5.2, C#, Entity Frame Work 4.5, front end bootstrap, Visual Studio 2015.

Database : SQL-2014.

Duration : Started on 1st –Dec -2016 to Feb 5th 2017.

Implemented Modules:

6.User Management System dynamic menu populate from database.

7.RDLC Reports.

8.Station set up and Clearing House Setup.

Project Description:

Clearing house will settle the amount for 80+ stations. And every month stations activities like requesting orders to others stations and receiving orders from other stations, at end of month they will settle down every station generated activities, and send invoice to particular station and clearing house too. Clearing house will settle the amount including taxes.

Imtac India Pvt Ltd Software Developer Bangalore Jun 2015 – Oct-2016.

Project #1: Payroll

Role : Developer

Client : Sultanate of OMAN (MUSCAT), All Gulf Counties.

Environment : MVC .Net 6.0, C#, Entity Frame Work 4.5, front end bootstrap and Metronic template, Visual Studio 2015.

Database : SQL-2012.

Duration : Started on 15th –March -2016 to 27th - Oct – 2016.

Implemented Modules:

1.In User Management System

2.HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Module

3.Employee Self Service (ESS).

4.Leave Management up to 3 Levels and Loan and Expense Management System.

5.Employee’s Requiting and Terminations, Asset Management System.


Good Coordination with team lead on time task perform with complements.

Marinating IIS Repository among team members.

Project Description:

This product only for middle-east companies, this will run complete organization in a systematic process, following by set of rules and regulations. And calculate employee attendance and generates the salary, leaves counting, and traveling allowances, hotel booking and employee requiting, and termination, providing extra services to employee family members based on employee positions and loan management system for employee.

Project #2: Centralized Media Distribution System

Title : UMS (United Media Services)

Client : Sultanate of OMAN (MUSCAT)

Environment : MVC.Net 5.0, C#, Entity Frame Work 6.1.2, Razor Code for front end Design with Bootstrap3, Visual Studio 2015.

Database : SQL-2015.

Duration : 4-Sep 2015 to 14th –March -2016.

Role: Implementing JQuery Validations throughout application, and Pagination searching and Sorting, Ascending and Descending order for throughout application. Built a mobile app to access the common assets between web and mobile using phone gap. And reporting using RDLC tool.

Implemented Modules:

I have developed three Modules in UMS Application:

Publication Distribution Process (PDP)

Flyer Distribution Process (FDP) and

Educational Books (EB).

RDLC Reports (Related to FDP and EB)

Project Description:

UMS requested for analyzing various functions of their business for the purpose of developing an integrated comprehensive software system. After reaching a fair understanding of current business process, effort was made to re-engineer these processes and device an optimized mechanism by which each of these processes could be addressed in a software system.

United Media Services provides a easy services to customers, for distributing their orders and quotations with help of suppliers till door steps. And proving specials services to universities (special Order books at huge quantity).

Project #3: (Oman Municipal Elections)

Title : MOI (Ministry of Interior) Al-Shura Elections-2015.

Client : Ministry of Interior, Oman

Environment : MVC.Net 5.0, C#, Entity Frame work 6.1.2, Razor Code for front end

Design with Bootstrap, Visual Studio 2015.

Database : Sultanate of OMAN (MUSCAT).

Duration : 23-June-2015 to 3-Sep 2015.

Implemented Modules:

I have developed Windows Services in MOI Application:

MOIDB Pull Service and MOIHQ Push Service.

Build a public facing website with excellent UI features for displaying interactive results, Maps, statistics etc. This website was accessed by 2 million people on the Election Day to view the live results and it worked like a charm.

Project Description:

A successful election requires meticulous planning, designing, developing and testing of the balloting, vote counting, communicating progress, adjudication, announcements systems. It was an extremely challenging project as there was no second chance to rectify any problem and redo the work after the target date of election.

MOI Application is used to count number of votes. And the complete election process done by us, generating barcode number on ballot paper, and distributes to all wilayats after completing voting they will pack and send it in back to HQ, with protected stamps and number, once reach all voting boxes for region voice they will start counting it, mean will counting machine will separate invalid votes and damaged ballots. Damages ballots and agudicated votes entered by wilayat judge in wally office. And Display the Winner count, if any miss routes can recount the election count until 10 times with special rights.

Aftech Systems Pvt Ltd Hyderabad April 2014 – June-2015.

Project #1: Sangam Dairy ERP

Role : Developer

Client : Sangam Dairy, India

Environment : MVC.Net 4.0, MVC 4, Entity Framework, DB-First Approach, JQuery, Tortoise SVN and MEF

Database : SQL Server 2008 R2

Duration : 15-April 2014 to 22-March-2015.


Sangam Dairy is a co-operative dairy, depends on co-operative societies for milk procurement. Sangam dairy procures raw milk and processes the procured milk into products such as consumer milk, butter, cheese, condensed milk, dried milk (milk powder), deserts, sweets and many other products. The consumer milk is made by chilling, pasteurization and homogenization procedures.

Design, develop and implement applications that support day-to-day operations.

Involved in gathering requirements and regular scrum meetings to meet deadlines and expectations.

Customized entity relationships and mappings.

Interface with clients and gather business requirements and objectives.

Implementation of client side validations using JQuery.

Technical Graduation:

B.Tech from Annamacharya Institute of Technology and science affiliated to JNTUH in 2014.

Professional Membership:

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE).

Countries of Work:


Sultanate of OMAN.



Place: Malaysia, Shah Alam. (Ravi Koppula)

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