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Data Scientist

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
January 28, 2019

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Alekhya Yarubandi

Contact: 202-***-****

Motivated, well organized and resourceful Professional with 5+ years of experience and solid academic background with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills able to handle multiple projects while producing high-quality work in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment.

Professional Summary:

●Solid experience in data collection instruments as well as develops, utilizes instruments and methods for the evaluation and quality control of research and operational data.

●Collects analyze, interprets, and summarizes data in preparation for the generation of statistical and analytical reports

●Salesforce Administration expert who can maximize existing Salesforce applications and integrate them into an existing sales system.

●Proficient in troubleshooting Salesforce configure Salesforce applications and able to work with a variety of database tools.

●Maintained SQL database and worked to integrate the database with Salesforce applications.

●Working as Network+ to configuring, troubleshooting and managing networks.

●Worked on the lead managing and integrated cloud-based software tools like Velocify. Based on Multiple distribution programs, like tool management, lead management, and customer relationship management.

●Experience and background in statistics and applied Machine Learning.

●Expertise in Technical proficiency in Designing, Data Modeling Lead for Architecting Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Applications.

●Design, development, and/or implementation of data mining and machine learning algorithms

●Monitored all lead generation and actions to further increase maximum conversion rates as well as ensure detailed and accurate reports that can be customized in real-time.

●Experience using Olark software website for the live chat support platform to build and manage customer relationships easily and effectively gained sophisticated insight, which enables to monitor leads, create and find opportunities, and deliver top-notch support to the clients.

●Passionate Healthcare Administrator dedicated to providing comprehensive care and administrative support for patients. Skilled at coordinating benefits and services with medical providers, managing the internal database, information systems, processing and organizing records. Specialized at maintaining and monitoring patient records.

●Trained sales force and management on application functions and Integrated SQL database functions with Salesforce applications with Solid experience in Salesforce configuration and technical administration

●Database concepts of referential integrity, indexes and keys, and table metadata.

●Network + (Troubleshoot network problems and creation of virtualized networks.)

●Basic concepts of data flow, data enrichment, data consolidation, change data capture and transformation.

●Excellent organizational and time management skills, Able to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.

●Strong motivation and adaptability to learn and understand new technologies and data and analytical skills.


SQL Server, MySQL


Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Excel and R-Shiny


Exploratory Data Analysis: Univariate/Multivariate Outlier detection, Missing value imputation, Histograms/Density estimation, EDA in Tableau

Supervised Learning: Linear/Logistic Regression, Lasso, Ridge, Elastic Nets, Decision Trees, Ensemble Methods, Random Forests, Support Vector Machines, Gradient Boosting, Neural Networks

Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis, Association Rules, Factor Analysis, K-Means, Hierarchical Clustering, Market Basket Analysis

Machine Learning

R: caret, glmnet, forecast, xgboost, rpart, survival, arules, sqldf, dplyr, nloptr, lpSolve, ggplot

Python: pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, scipy, stats models, matplotlib,tensorflow

SQL: Subqueries, joins, DDL/DML statements


Professional Experience:

University of the Potomac - Vienna, VA. June 2017- Present

Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Coordinated in software systems installation and Monitoring equipment functioning to ensure the specifications met.

●Analyses the data from company database to drive optimization for the improvement of product development, marketing techniques and business strategies.

●Developing company testing framework and test model quality.

●Working on data sets to build predictive models and Machine algorithms.

●Maintain computerized collection and tracking of relevant data.

●Utilizes specified statistical software to analyze and interpret research data, as appropriate to the individual position.

●Designs and develops specific databases for collection, tracking, and reporting of research data.

●Trained on salesforce and management on application functions and Developed Salesforce support team for the large sales organization.

●Installing and developing the company’s first Salesforce system.

●Assisting the administrator in troubleshooting and solving problems.

●Helping in creating new Salesforce applications for a variety of sales projects.

●Maintained SQL database and worked to integrate the database with Salesforce applications.

●Identifying benefits and drawbacks of existing network configuration.

●Implementing network security, standards, and protocols.

●Good experience in providing a variety of professional, fiscal, administrative, and clerical services to the department.

●Experience in leading, guiding, and training staff/student employees, interns, and volunteers in performing related work.

●Experience is recruiting volunteers in the appropriate areas of operation.

●Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

●Assist and support other team members on multiple projects.

Environment: Data Technologies, Statistical Computing Methods, Data Analytics, SQL, Salesforce, Grade pro (Cloud. Desktop), Velocify (cloud-based application), Microsoft office.

Bank of America - NY April-2017 –June 2017.

Data Scientist

Roles & Responsibilities:

Collaborated with the different stakeholders and identified the potential variables from the broad categories like Demographic data, Policy-related data, Claims and Complaints related variables.

Explored customer behavior through the data available on social media & networking sites, website logs, blog posts, surveys etc., to get the 360o degree view.

Identified and addressed the key issues that the organization was facing from the customer side in terms of lack of feedback, sudden inactivity, and friction while accessing the services.

Performed the predictive analysis of the extracted data by using machine learning algorithms like Regression analysis, Support vector machines, decision tree, and neural networks to predict the churn.

Conducted frequent meetings with stakeholders and clients for a better understanding of the requirements and documented current definitions by analyzing all defaults used within the systems area, the rules governing the process and data sources

Developed the test plan, test conditions and test cases to be used in UAT testing and unit testing based on user stories, business requirements, technical specifications and product knowledge using JIRA

Assisted the departments by giving data-driven solutions, based on lexical analysis findings in taking key decisions regarding manufacturing and marketing of key products.

Environment: Tableau, Data Frameworks, Data Statistics, Data Processing, Data Analytics, SQL, Excel, Machine Learning Algorithms, PowerPoint.

Verizon -TX May 2015 – March 2017.

Data Scientist

Roles & Responsibilities:

Conducted Design reviews and Technical reviews with other project stakeholders.

Was a part of the complete life cycle of the project from the requirements to the production support

Created test plan documents for all back-end database modules

Analyzed survey response data to determine consumer preferences on client products and proposed recommendations

Improved efficiency of business processes by 10% through implementation of data management procedures

Performed high-level and detailed-level estimation of required effort based on project scope and objectives

Reviewed existing SQL used to perform queries directly against the database environments and worked on dashboard development projects using SQL, Tableau, R

Highly responsible for data transformation from various formats to company’s format on a weekly basis. Managed external client project contracts from technical consultation to delivery throughout SDLC

Work with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to gather and document technical requirements through interviews, workshops, meetings historical data, requirements, UAT data, JIRA.

Environment: Tableau, Data Frameworks, Data Statistics, Data Processing, Data Analytics, SQL, JIRA, UAT

Venkatarama Hospital – Ap, India July 2012 – December-2014

Healthcare Data Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities:

●Experience in Selecting, assigning and auditing diagnostic and procedure codes to patient records for a 162-bed, acute-care hospital.

●Worked collaboratively with patient account department to ensure accurate billing and resolve claim denials and medical necessity issues.

●Reviewed medical documentation and consulted with healthcare providers when documentation is inadequate/unclear for coding purposes.

●Well versed with HIPAA, claim adjustments and reimbursement user interface for a better experience and incorporate changes as per HIPAA guidelines using the gap.

●Knowledge is working on records, risk-management requirements by participating in hospital chart review committee.

●Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports using SharePoint Services, the SQL server backend

●Provided ongoing training to staff on intricacies of insurance submissions, codes and intake procedures to minimize rejections for a referral- or registration-related reasons.

●Maximized reimbursement by ensuring accurate coding and conducting regular quality audits of providers' selected codes compared to chart documentation.

●Built mutually respectful relationships with third-party, Medicare, Health Insurance.

●Experience in Reviewing patient medical records for accuracy and the release to authorized parties.

●Helped hospital pass MCI inspections by consistently meeting MCI requirements for accurate records management contributing to the positive survey.

Environment: Health Information Systems, Medical claims, Data Analysis, SQL server, Medical coding, Human Biology, Human Pathology, Medical Terminology, Desktop Database Software, Intercultural Communication, Health Statistics, Quality Assurance/Health Care, Health Record Applications, Supervision, and Management Practices.

International Healthcare Limited AP, India (INTERNSHIP): May 2012 - July 2012

Involved in manufacturing and analytical Procedures trained in International Healthcare Limited.

Exposed to the corporate culture, business skills and worked on the real-time project for short duration.

Focused mainly on development and understanding, Procedure Performance Qualification, and Continued Procedure Performance Verification, Client Management Skills, And formal writing.


The Second Price in Anurag Pharma quest for Poster presentation (March 2011), Oral Presentation on Anti-Cancer activity of newly synthesized molecules.

Attained the Third Price in Quiz Competition in Nirmala College of Pharmacy (2010),

Active Participation in Presentations in Conventions in different places.


University of the Potomac, Vienna, VA, USA May 2015 – March 2017

Master of Science (Information Technology)

Nirmala College of Pharmacy, A.P, India March 2009- April 2012

Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy,

References Available Upon Request

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