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Electrical Power Plant

South Africa
+- 20000
January 30, 2019

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Curriculum Vitae of Wayne Wyatt Woods.

Personal details:

Nationality: South African.

Gender: Male.

Position: Electrician.

Email address:

Address: ** ****** Street




Contact cell no: +27-711******

Employment Summary:

Company: Engineering Process Control.

Sapref Projects/Shutdown

Mobeni Durban.

Period: Feb 2017 - June 2017


Duties: Supervision of artisans and semi skilled electricians on projects and shutdown work. Obtaining work permits daily. Planning and preparation of material for work to be carried out. Organizing of hotwork permits.

Carrying out toolbox talks and Last Minute Risk Assessments Daily.

Installing/ terminating/glanding of Power & control cables on cable trays from Sub stations to units in the field such as:

Remote Control Units.


Finn fans.



Installation of luminaires. Including earthing of cable trays, motors, remote control units, lighting, angle irons, panels and structures.

Cable jointing-swa and lead cables.

Glanding of lead-swa cables.

Cable numbering/core numbering.

Electrical fault finding.

Electrical earthing.

Reason for leaving: End of contract.

Remuneration: Hourly rate weekly paid.


Electrical Supervisor (MIE)

Graham Chapman

Cell no: +27-645******

Company: Groupfive Construction E&I Pulida Solar Power Plant Jacobsdal. Orange free State.

Period: July 2016 - Sept 2016.

Position: Foreman/Electrician.

Duties: Oversee sub contractors to meet daily electrical targets on all the Lv cable work in the field and LV cable work in LV Cabins. Check quality of all contractors work so as to be up to Groupfive standards. Attending meetings with contractors and groupfive supervision.

Reason for leaving: End of contract.

Remuneration: Monthly salary package.

Reference: Groupfive Construction E&I

Wilfred Zacharias

Cell no: +27-746******.

Company: Groupfive Construction E&I

Avon Peak Power Project


Period: April 2015 - April 2016.

Position: Electrical Foreman.

Duties: Supervision of artisans.

Daily toolbox talks. Planning of material. Daily meetings. Daily risk assessments. Planning of work to be done daily.

Organizing of electrical drawings.

Organizing hotwork permits. Glanding/termination of electrical-control cables in substation for mv/lv Panels as per termination schedules.

Point to point testing of cables.

Cable labeling and core numbering.

Electrical fault finding.

Reason for leaving: End of contract.

Remuneration: Monthly salary package

Reference: Groupfive Construction E&I

Billy van Rensburg (site manager)


Tyron Dunn (superintendent)


Company: Groupfive Construction E&I

Multi Products Pipeline Project.


Island View Durban.

Period: Jan 2014 - April 2015.

Position: Foreman/Electrician.

Duties: Supervision of artisans. Planning of material.

Daily toolbox talks.

Daily risk assessment discussions.

Daily meetings.

Job planning.

Organizing of electrical plans.

Installation of metal trunking.

Installation of distribution boards. Installing of Junction boxes. Installation of light fittings. Installation of Conduit piping. Wiring of electrical circuits as per single line drawings. Cabling and glanding of electrical Lv cables.

Installation of street and plant lighting. Point to point cable testing.

Chasing of walls for conducting.

Wiring of distribution panels.

Electrical fault finding.

Reason for leaving: End of contract.

Remuneration: Monthly salary package.

Reference: Groupfive Construction E&I

Sean Jenniker (electrical supervisor)


Company: CTP Gravure Printing.

Prospection Durban.

Electrical Project.

Period: July - October 2013.

Position: Electrician.

Duties: Distribution of control-power cables from the 455 ton Printing press electrical panels to mcc room panels. Printing press Panel wiring as per termination schedule. Control room panel wiring as per termination schedule. Labeling and core numbering of cables in control and printing press panels.

Reason for leaving: End of Project.

Remuneration: Hourly rate weekly paid.

Reference: CTP Gravure.

Freddy Gouder (Engineer)


Company: Wade Walker Construction E&I

Grootgeluk Coal Mine.


Period: May 2012 - Dec 2012.

Position: Foreman/Electrician

Duties: Daily toolbox talks. Planning of daily jobs. Daily risk assessments.

Organizing of cable schedules daily and prepping of cables to be installed on cable trays. Installation & strapping of cables on cable trays from substation to various field units in the plant. Marking and Labeling of cables at both cable ends.

Reason for leaving: End of contract.

Remuneration: Monthly salary package.

Reference: Wade Walker Construction.

Victor Van Biljon 2IC/QC electrical manager.


Company: Federal Mogul (Manufacturing plant). Westmead. Pinetown, Durban.

Period: May 2011 - Aug 2011.

Position: Maintenance Electrician.

Duties: Preventative Maintenance on cnc machines to ensure safety, guarding and machine optimization as required by planned maintenance schedules.

Assisting with fault finding on cnc machines. General electrical maintenance of the plant.

Panel wiring.

Electrical fault finding.

Reason for leaving: Company in financial difficulty.

Remuneration: Hourly rate weekly paid.

Reference: Federal mogul.

Arthur Wiggins.

Electrical supervisor.


Qualifications: Electrical Trade Test Certificate.

Institution (Merseta).

Certificate of Proficiency (Power Generation & Reticulation)

Institution (Telkom SA).

Training Courses:

Courses A-C (Internal Training)

Institution: Telkom College

Oliphantsfontein. 1983-1986.

Optional Courses:

1)Hazard Identification and risk assessment (HIRA).

Certificate Feb 2014.(Westville)

2)Legal Liability for supervisors (OSHA).

Certificate Feb 2014.(Westville)

3)Irca training for construction supervisors (IRCON).

Certificate March 2014.(Westville)

Computer literate: Yes.

Worked on scada.

Drivers License: Code 08 - Obtained 1983.

Valid Documents:

1)South African ID Book.

2) South African Passport.

About myself:

I am a team worker.

I love what I do.I take pride in my work.

I am a neat worker, like things done to the tee.I do things right the first time and hate comebacks.

I am a good listener and believe you learn something every day no matter who you are.

I don't believe in problems only solutions.

I am very safety conscious and believe that safety comes first.I am a very punctual person and my work attendance is good.

I am also a non-smoker.


Rugby,fishing,English football,cricket,League pool.

Watching good movies.

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