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Software Engineer

Londonderry, New Hampshire, 03053, United States
January 29, 2019

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John Nolette

Full Stack Web Developer

* ***** ******

Nashua, NH 03064



My career goal, is simply to orchestrate and create web applications. I’m very passionate about software development, web development, and development operations. I love learning new languages, frameworks, tools, and anything that pertains to development in general.


I’m a web development enthusiast based in New England, with experience in reverse engineering, DevOps, and QA automation. My passion for web development is from my desire to create, and my love for learning. I have a primary focus in front end development web development, but I have extensive experience on the backend. I’ve worked with very robust stacks both in production environments and on my own.


● Bilingual (English and Spanish)

● Project Management

● Photoshop, Basic Graphic Design

● Version Control: GIT, SVN

● Docker, Ansible

● Javascript: Node.js (npm, yarn, bower), ES6, jQuery, Angular.js (1.x), Vue.js, Riot.js, React.js, coffeescript, TypeScript, express.js, meteor.js, webpack, browserify

● Javascript (UI/UX): Chart.js, anime.js, d3.js (basic)

● Python: Flask, Falcon, Django, mongoengine, peewee, sqlalchemy

● HTML (pug, ejs), CSS (Sass, Less, Stylus, Bootstrap, SkeletonCSS, Foundation, Bulma)


● Golang - have not used in production

● C# (.NET) - have not used in production

● C, C++ - have not used in production


● Mongodb, MySQL, Postgres, firebase

● Apache, NGINX

● Linux: Debian, RedHat, and Arch distributions

● Agile Development: Concourse CI, Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, Circle CI

● Microservice architecture

● Software Testing (Manual and Automated)

● Selenium

● Atlassian Product Suite

● Asana


Transparent Language, Nashua NH - Software Engineer June 2017 - Present

I primarily work on backend microservices created with Python (Flask) and NGINX. We have a widely distributed system using multiple database, redis for caching, and many practices adopted by Netflix. I have also had professional work experience on the frontend using Angular.js (1.x), SASS, Gulp, and misc. tools while providing frontend support.

Vincu (Polymath Ventures), Bogota D.C CO - Software Developer March 2018 - May 2018

During my time in Bogota D.C, Colombia, I worked for Vincu. Vincu is a startup focused on solving a particular problem with the workforce and labour demands in Latin America. I was working on both the frontend and backend of their core application using Ember.js, Flask, and SQLAlchemy with Postgres and Elasticsearch. I was also responsible for managing their Wordpress site and designing new webpages for both companies and candidates using Riot.js.

Oro Gaming, Boston MA - Junior DevOps Engineer

May 2017 - Sep 2017

I was recruited to a small startup that didn’t quite last that long, we burned out of funds early on. I was a junior DevOps engineer helping create Node.js based microservices for a video game community / hub.

Transparent Language, Nashua NH - QA Automation Engineer July 2016 - June 2017

As a QA automation engineer at Transparent Language, I helped create and start the automated QA department. I primarily worked with Python, and created a handful of both in-house and public tools and frameworks to help simplify and hasten test development. I also created our given training procedure, and setup the majority of our infrastructure. During which, I also gained professional work experience with CI/CD systems such as Bamboo and later Concourse, and the agile workflow. pyseleniumjs - javascript utilities for selenium on python

py-component-controller - all inclusive framework for selenium with python


Massage Envy Nashua, NH

Receptionist / Front Desk Associate Jan 2016 - June 2016 Kohl’s Nashua, NH

Cashier / Sales Associate Oct 2014 - Jan 2016


Nashua Community College, New Hampshire - Computer Science & Web Development

August 2014 - May 2016


v-localize - i18n localization implementation for vue.js Source:

r-localize - i18n localization implementation for riot.js made with typescript Source:

grio-tech-challenge - SPA built with Vue and Flask Source: polymath-engineering-challenge - engineering challenge for polymath ventures -- consists of pulling down categories from eBay's trading API, storing each category in SQLite, and a graphical representation of the collected data. Source: py-blog - blogging service built with Falcon and mongoengine Source:

riot-view-router - lightweight state based router for riot.js Source: oro-ansible-plays - ansible roles for bootstrapping oro deployment environment and common web services

Source: I created these roles while working for a small startup as a junior DevOps engineer.

riot-book-example - curated examples of how to approach and implement common real world website and web application features using riot.js for my publication

Source: guard-web-portal - front end web portal for my licensing platform (old) Source: This was created with jQuery and PHP

guard-rest-api - front facing rest api for my licensing system (old) Source: PUBLICATIONS

Building Apps With Riot - Insight into the Riot.js Javascript framework and how to build websites and web applications with the framework at the core of your view layer. TTLJ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=152*******&sr=8-1&keywords=building+apps+ with+riot


Github -

LinkedIn - Twitter -

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