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IT Director / Sr. IT Manager

Corona, California, United States
January 25, 2019

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Damanjit Singh

***** ********* ***, ******, ** 92882


A senior professional with around 25 years of total IT experience, having a wide spectrum of experience in IT Management, Software architecture, Functional Analysis, Design and Development for all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle under various platforms.

Have been actively involved in total Project Life cycle of application and system ranging from Web portal, Billing Systems, Training Management System, Payroll and HR Systems. My involvement in all these projects has been in various capacity such as IT PM, Tech Lead, Dev Lead, Solution Architect and involved in full SDLC ranging from URS (User Requirement Study) phase to System Design, System Development, SIT, UAT (User Acceptance Test) and then going LIVE.

Wide variety of technical architecture like J2EE, .Net, Cloud (AWS) etc was implemented in these projects. Software technologies like JSP,, Servlets, XML, Json, Web APIs, Web Services etc were used in the development cycle.

Also involved in providing maintenance support and User Trainings for the delivered systems.

Educational Qualification B.Engg (Comp Science), University of Poona, India

Completed training in Oracle Forms 4.5

Completed Sun Certified training in Java Programming

Technical Skills

Technologies .Net (, C#), J2EE, EJB, Servlets, Applets, Swing, Jira, SVN, TFS, Git, AWS, jQuery, Crystal Reports, MS Access 2000/XP, MS Project 2000, ActiveX Controls, ActiveX DLL, DAO/RDO/ADO, ASP, JavaScripting, HTML/SHTML, IIS, IBM WebSphere, Apache/Tomcat Server, IBM HTTP Server, JRun, Flash MX, Goldwave, Pinnacle Studio, EAI, Middleware development, MQ Series, Pivot Table, PL/SQL, Visual C/C++, Java, COBOL, Pascal, Assembly Language, e-Commerce, Payment Gateway

Operating Systems Win NT/7/10, OS/2, 68030/68000 Alpha Micro on AMOS/L, MS DOS

Databases Sybase System 10/11, MS SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, Oracle 8i/9i, DB/2, MySQL

Others Agile S/W development, Socket Programming, SQL, Authorware, Communication programming with LU0, LU6.2, TCP/IP, Netbios, Asynchronous, Eracom Encryptor, IVR Systems using Dialogic Voice Cards, COM components, E-Learning, SQL Analysis Services

Hands-on AS/400, SQLPLUS Report Writer, Oracle Forms 4.5, BizTalk Server

Professional Experience (25+ years)

07/2003–Present Transamerica Retirement Services, Los Angeles CA

Sr. IT Manager / Director

TRS Website (, this website serves 4 different audiences, Participants, Sponsors, TPA and Producers. Website is the medium for giving the retirement account information to Participants along with the ability to do online transactions from their account. Sponsor can run reports or verify their participant’s accounts. TPA’s and Producer’s can verify the details of the contracts which they serve along with running reports on them. Member of the team which was responsible for development of this site and now responsible for maintaining this site.

S/W / OS : ASP.Net, VB.Net/C#.Net, MVC framework, Windows 2012 server, MS SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, IBMMQ Series, Web Services

Backend Jobs, Batch processing jobs to support various business activities needed for customers on such as scheduled reports, various document posting, processing financial transactions such as funds add/delete to a case profile, payroll uploads from payroll vendors.

S/W / OS : ASP.Net, VB.Net/C#.Net, Windows 2012 server, MS SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, Web Services

Notification Service Jobs, Batch processing jobs to support notification related activities needed for customers on such as notifications for scheduled reports available, for various document available on document center, statement posting, Loan documents available, Withdrawal/Loans in pending queue for approval, payroll files from vendors processed etc.

S/W / OS : ASP.Net, VB.Net/C#.Net, Windows 2012 server, MS SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, Web Services

TRS IVR System, an Interactive voice response system for TRS participants. Participant can dial in a 800 number to login to their retirement accounts and do transactions such as Transfers, rebalance or even request for some forms. Also, the call can be transferred to the call center agent by pressing 0 from anywhere while in the call. While the call is being transferred to the agent, participants’ information also gets transferred to agent and gets popped up on agents desktop before he picks up the call. This helps in reducing the call time and serving participants efficiently.

S/W / OS : VB.Net, Dialogic Voice Cards, Pronexus VBVoice 5.1, Win2008, MS SQL

Server 2008, Cisco ICM

03/02–06/03 Netsity Systems Pte. Ltd., Singapore – Sr. System Analayst

Webportal, a webportal for a big MNC that serves the marketing division of Asia pacific region. This portal will manage the product information along with product images, logos, specification files, lineup materials, presentation files etc. Images are rendered before they are being uploaded on the portal, and this process is also automated. Rendering is done from one format to another, size changes and resolution changes. Also, SQL Analysis Services are being used for creating Business reports in the form of MS Excel Pivot Tables The Market Research department creates Data Cubes and reports are generated out of these cubes to be published on the web in pivot table format. System Integration followed by Testing was done for modules developed by different developers.

S/W / OS : Java, JSP, Servlets, JRUN, J2EE, Win2000

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Data Migration, Analysis Services, Stored

Procedures, Triggers, OLAP Services)

Xchange, a web based exchange for stock quotes, buy/sell, eContracts, and User portfolio. Also, mobile-based interface is provided for users who want to receive the stock quotes on their mobile/pda device. System is integrated with Stock Exchange systems. Currently, it has been implemented with Australian Stock Exchange with their SEEDS interface for online trading. Also, payment gateway is integrated for payments for buying of shares.

S/W / OS : Java, JSP, Servlets, JBOSS, Win2000, Flash MX

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Stored Procedures, DB Backup schedules)

iEMS, a web based Educational Management system for business schools and educational institutes. This system automates student’s registration, course enrollment, invoicing, payments, facility scheduling, courses scheduling, lecturer timetable etc. System Integration followed by Testing was done for modules developed by different developers.

S/W / OS :,, Crystal Reports 9.0, Win2000

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Data Migration, Stored Procedures, DB Backups)

ezyHR, a Payroll and HR system for companies dealing with manpower, their time sheets and payrolls at different levels. System supports multi company payroll as well as timesheets. Also, site forecasting is possible that becomes a value add for Construction sites and their managing of workers.

S/W / OS : Java, JSP, Servlets, HTML, Tom Cat, Apache, Win2000, MySQL

Database : MySQL (Creation, DB Backups)

Excel – XML Convertor. This application was developed for stock exchange brokers and agents for transferring various data from their systems over to their local stock exchanges. After the agent has entered the data in the sheets, using this application, they can validate the data they have entered and then after validation, system will generate XML file that gets transmitted over the exchange site, where another residing application catches the file and does final processing.

S/W / OS : MS Excel 2000/XP, VBA, MS XML4.0, Win2000/XP

BILLING HUB, a consolidator HUB where service providers like Singtel, SCV, StarHub, PowerSupply etc will be posting their bills to be presented to their customers and consumers will be viewing their bills and paying them online thru our hub. As a result Service providers/Billers have this option of not sending hard copy bills to their customers that means lots of savings and convenience. This application is a mission critical application.

S/W / OS : Java, J2EE, Servlets, HTML, Weblogic, JRun, Win2000/Sun Solaris

Database : Oracle 9i / MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Stored Procedures, Triggers, DB Backups)

TELeTRAIN, an Elearning Courseware from TELECONSULT. One of the many courses given by TELECONSULT into a CD based Elearning class. This included integrating voice along with text, VCR like controls for the video. Also, feature for hearing impaired was given to flash the text of the speaker speaking in the video while teaching. Self-Assessment, printing of script/slides/help were the few features provided in this module. Designed the flow of information and managed the project.

S/W / OS : Macromedia Flash MX, Pinnacle Studio, Goldwave, Win2000

VISA VBS Website, website for Visa Business School. Our job was to do the backend functionality of the website which involved coding with JSP pages, interaction with SQL Server database from Sun Solaris Environment using IBM Websphere and Merant Sequelink JDBC driver. Also, involved in deploying the application on the staging server and assisting VISA people to deploy on production system. System Integration followed by Testing was done for modules developed by different developers. The site is live at

S/W / OS : JSP, HTML/SHTML, IBM HTTP Server, IBM Websphere, Merant Sequelink / Sun Solaris, J2EE, Win2000

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, DB Backups)

ECONOMIST CORPORATE Presentation, flash based Trade and Sales presentation shown by Economist circulation team. Designed the flow of information and managed the project.

S/W / OS : Macromedia Flash MX / Win2000

SPHERE, a complete OSS solution from Sakon that includes CRM, Online Billing as its major modules. Managing some modules in SPHERE related to Online Invoicing, Payment Receivables and posting of Billing entries for the generated Invoices. SQL Analysis Services were used for creating some of the business reports in the form of MS Excel Pivot Tables Data Cubes are generated from the call details information and other customer details and reports are generated out of these cubes to be published on the web in pivot table format. System Integration followed by Testing was done for modules developed by different developers.

S/W / OS : ASP, VC++, HTML, Win2000

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Data Analysis, Stored Procedures, Triggers,

OLAP Services, DB Backups)

EVENT REGISTRATION PAGES, design and implement Event registration pages for Macromedia Pages and database was designed and developed to host for Macromedia Event Launch registration.

S/W / OS : ASP, HTML, Win2000

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, DB Backups, Data Analysis)

ESMS, Subscriber Management System for Economist. This multi lingual web based system is designed to streamline the printing of Economist subscriber’s addresses slips, which gives more control to Singapore office on the issues of addresses not printed correctly in native languages (Japanese, Korean, Simple Chinese and Thai).

S/W / OS : ASP, HTML, Win2000

Database : MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Data Analysis, Stored Procedures, Triggers, DB Backups)

4/99–02/02 ISIS International Pte. Ltd., Singapore

4/99 - 02/02

VCOS SIMULATOR, a Win NT/95 based testing application that actually simulates various scenarios for different transactions in a banking environment. This application allows us to test VCOS as if being installed in a banking environment and live transactions taking place.

S/W / OS : VB 6.0, MS Access 7.0, Oracle 8, DB2, MS SQL Server / Win NT/95

Database : Oracle/DB2/MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Stored Procedures, DB Backups)

VCOS GENERATOR, a Win NT/95 based application which helps in maintaining the parameters for ISIS applications such as ATM Systems, Voice Response systems, Internet banking etc. to be run on different platforms and machines. Includes GUI tools to configure the data mapping/translation to be able to generate the parameters that are used by the engine to do the data translation at run time for different transaction. Also, available is a tool to configure the routing for the transaction based on conditions codes and transaction id, which again generates the routing tables to be used by the VCOS engine to route the transaction to appropriate processes. System Integration followed by Testing was done for modules developed by different developers.

S/W / OS : VB 6.0, Access 7.0, Oracle 8, DB2, MS SQL Server / Win NT/95

Database : Oracle/DB2/MS SQL Server 2000 (Creation, Data Analysis, Stored Procedures, DB Backups)

VCOS, a middleware solution (EAI) for the integration of different systems, independent of the platform. The modules under VCOS are used to integrate big and huge systems of banks, financial institutions and big organizations where they have more than one operating system involved for their day to day functioning. Different Financial Adaptors are available within this system. Data Translation/Mapping engines are also a part of this solution. Transactional and condition based routing of the transaction is the unique feature of this EAI solution. System Integration followed by Testing was done for modules developed by different developers.

S/W / OS : Visual C/C++, Java, Win2000/AS400/Sun Solaris

Database Libraries, high level ISIS Database libraries to be used by VCOS modules to access any database at the back end. Database can be Access, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase etc.

S/W / OS : Visual C/C++ 6.0 / Win NT

COM based TCP/IP Socket libraries, high level ISIS Secured Transport layer libraries to be used by Web based Clients to connect IVCOS environment.

S/W / OS : Visual C/C++ 6.0 / Win NT

8/98 – 3/99 GE Power Systems, Schenectady, NY, USA

8/98 - 3/99

DATA WAREHOUSE QUALITY PROJECTS/TOOLS, being a member of Data Miners team of IM group, involved in lot of tools and projects that require developing Front Ends in VB/Access with back ends being Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle. Involves handling of massive data’s (mostly Turbines), running queries on them and coming out with analysis and reports on that data.

S/W / OS : VB 5.0, Access 7.0 / Win 95

ODBC : Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle.

3/98 – 7/98 Advanced Computing Tech. Inc, Georgia, USA

4/98 - 7/98

PAYROLL, a payroll verification system, offered by the company to its consultants working in different parts of country. Employers working anywhere in any part of the world will be able to login thru the web browser supporting ActiveX Documents, verify the pay slips and other specific details concerning them.

S/W / OS : VB, Access 7.0, ActiveX Document, ActiveX Control, ActiveX DLL / Win’95

7/95 – 2/98 ISIS International Pte. Ltd., Singapore

6/97 - 2/98

PC BANKING, an electronic banking system offered by the banks to its corporate customers as well as consumers. This system allows the customer to do a banking transaction through a PC (VB Sockets), using a Dial-up link to the host. Partnering suite of modules on the AS/400 host are developed to complete the PC Banking system. The user has the facility to work on the system on-line as well as off-line. The system is categorized into four main modules, Cash Management System, Payment System, Trade Application, Card Management System

S/W / OS : VB 5.0, Access 7.0, Crystal Report Writer, ActiveX Control/DLL, TCP/IP/ NT

Client : Bank Niaga, Jakarta, Indonesia

4/97 - 8/97

TELEBANK, TELEVIEW, UNIVIEW, these are the three ISIS systems that were developed for UOB, Singapore. I was involved in setting up of all the three systems and also some new developments according to bank requirements.

Telebank is phone-banking system in which users can do the bank transactions like balance inquiry, funds transfer, bill payments, code inquiries, pin change, etc.

Teleview is a PC based system that involves telecom setup. Each user is given software that dials into telecoms and in turn it is routed to ISIS gateway and then to host. A graphical user interface is provided to user to do banking transactions such as balance inquiry, bill payments, code inquiries, COE transactions, etc.

Uniview is also a PC based system in which user dials into ISIS gateway through a asynchronous dial-up. After user is connected to the gateway, screens are transferred as ASCII form to user PC’s and then user performs banking transactions such as balance inquiry, bill payments, code inquiries, COE transactions, etc.

S/W / OS : C/C++, Dialogic Voice System, Asynchronous Mode transfers / DOS

Position : Module Leader for the Front Ends.

3/97 - 4/97

DiagTCP, diagnosis software for TCP/IP under Windows NT, to diagnose SOCKSERV an ISIS software running under NT and AS/400. First of all it tries to ping to confirm the availability of the partner. Then it checks for the parameter files required for the ISIS software, and finally it sends a dummy message to check the data path.

S/W / OS : Visual C/C++, Sockets / Windows NT

10/96 - 3/97

CALL CENTER, an IVR system that provides the full information to the customer regarding the various activities/schemes of the bank. Whenever the Customer calls, Pre-recorded Voice messages prompts the caller to either retrieve the information through voice messages by pressing options as prompted by voice or if the caller seeks operators help then that call is automatically transferred to the Operator whosoever is signed on the system and not servicing to any other caller. The main objectives of this project were:

Provide Product Information and various schemes of the bank to the customer.

Enable to fax the Interest Rates of various schemes in the bank to the customer.

Facilities to provide the Exchange Rates of different currencies.

Provide necessary information related to ATM locations and Branches locations of the bank.

Its components:

Voice Front End which handles the incoming calls through EPABX, transfers the calls to the operator and also transfers the request to the FAX Gateway for a fax request

Operator/Supervisor Workstation for attending customer calls.

OS/2 Fax Gateway to fax out the request by the customers

S/W / OS : VB, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, TrueGrid, Aware VBX / Windows 3.1

Client : Bank Danamon, Jakarta, Indonesia

Position : Team Leader

8/96 - 9/96

OS/2 FAX GATEWAY, This system receives the request from AS/400 or File server, formats the message and passes on to the fax module to be faxed out to the given number. The connectivity between AS/400 and OS/2 is done on Token Ring using LU 6.2. The system interfaces Gamma Fax APIs to fax out the requests through the Gamma Fax card. This system has been currently installed successfully at two sites, Maybank Singapore and Bank Danamon, Jakarta, Indonesia

S/W / OS : IBM C/C++, Gamma Fax APIs, Greenleaf libraries / OS/2

6/96 - 8/96

ERACOM ENCRYPTOR, a major ISIS product used by banks for the Pin Verification, Pin Issue, Pin change, VISA transactions, and other Network Pin transactions like PLUS, Great etc., from ATM, Telephone banking. The keys are stored on the Eracom card. Eracom API’s are used to communicate with it. Also it’s connected to the Host (AS/400) on LU6.2 using Token Ring or SDLC type of connection.

S/W / OS : C, Eracom API’s / DOS

7/95 - 6/96

PORTING of ISIS OS/2 based front end to a Window based front-end

Communication Drivers, NETBIOS Driver & Asynchronous Communication Driver

NETBIOS Driver, This system is a background job that sits and waits to get message from one node to be passed on to another. One node here signifies one workstation. Uses Sigma Netbios Engine APIs to send message.

Asynchronous Communication Driver, a background job that sits and waits to get message from the Windows Front-End application. The message is passed to the host using a dial-up line.

S/W / OS : Visual C/C++, Sigma Netbios API’s / Windows 3.1, Greenleaf libraries, OS/2

3/95 - 6/95 PCL-Mindware Software Export Unit, Bangalore, India

3/95 – 6/95

HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, a hospital management system is a product designed for Indian hospitals. The main features of the system were, Registration of Patient, Appointment Scheduling, Billing of Service, Master Records Entry.

Main Modules handled : Billing of service,Appointment Scheduling, Reports & Search Utilities

S/W / OS : VB, Access, Crystal Report Writer / Windows 3.1

4/95 – 5/95

Information KIOSK, a multimedia based application to be used by the Karnataka govt. during the National Gams to be held in Bangalore. This kiosk system provides the detailed information of the Bangalore city, past records of the participants, schedule, and latest results during the games.

S/W / OS : VB, Microsoft Access, Third party VBX / Windows 3.1

5/95 – 6/95

GREETINGS, a multimedia application accepts receivers name, comments to be sent and the gives you the choice of music to be attached, as well as the animation which can be previewed before selection. After all components are selected, it creates the final result that can be previewed before being sent.

EVALSYS, a paperless test evaluation system that can be used by software centers, companies and institutions to test the ability of a student in a particular field. Evaluation has been divided into three levels after selection of a subject - Entry, Intermediate and Expert level. The evaluation starts after the selections with a timer.

S/W / OS : VB, Microsoft Access, Third party VBX / Windows 3.1

6/93 - 2/95 Information Technologies India Ltd., New Delhi, India

3/94 - 2/95

Visual DOCTOR, an essential medical billing package developed for the clinics/doctors of USA. A multi-user system designed to forward patients insurance claim bills to the respective insurance companies in the desired format, keep track of all receipts and maintain ledgers for carriers, patients, providers and practitioners bank account. Generates reports with visual presentation for analysis, an Appointment Scheduler to schedule patients visits as per their preference. Main modules handled are all reports and general utilities for its printing, System Code Maintenance programs, Statement printing, Search Utilities, SQL utilities for reports

S/W / OS : VB, Access, Crystal Report Writer, TrueGrid, Aware controls / Windows 3.1

Client : Usha Inc., California, USA

7/93 - 1/94

AlphaDOC, a medical billing package developed for the clinics/doctors of USA. H/W used is alphamicro 3000 supermini(68030 based) running under AMOS operating system which is similar to VMS. Main modules handled:

Medical history purging, System Code Maintenance programs, On Demand Statement printing, Bank Deposit Slip and Income printing, SQL utilities for reports

S/W / OS : AlphaBASIC plus with ISAM features / AMOS

Client : Usha Inc., California, USA

8/92 - 4/93

Integrated Environment for POSTSCRIPT language with ON-SCREEN formatting includes an interpreter for PostScript language with an efficient text editor and an entirely new feature ON-SCREEN formatting.

S/W / OS : C / MS-DOS

Company : College Project

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