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Piscataway, New Jersey, United States
January 24, 2019

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I am a Senior Oracle Database Developer with 16+ years’ experience of design, development and delivering database applications.

* Hands on experience in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, database design, logical/physical data modeling, coding, building ETL process, SQL Loader, External tables, materialized view, job scheduling, indexing, partitioning and SQL performance tuning.

* Experience working on Data warehousing application.

* Experience working with business analyst, technology leads, stakeholders, project managers, QA staff, DBAs, onshore/offshore team and mentor junior developers.

* Experience working in the financial industry, capital market and investment banks.


16+ years hands on years of experience with Oracle, Oracle 11g and 12C, SQL, PL/SQL, ETL, OLTP and OLAP applications, packages, stored procedures, functions, indexes, views, materialized views, temp tables, nested tables, collections, partitioning, ETL tools - SQL Loader, Python, SQL Server

Extensive experience in performance optimization and SQL tuning, resolving performance issues and analyzing AWR reports.

Experience of SDLC working on data warehousing and e-commerce applications.

Experience working with business units and stakeholders to analyze business requirements and develop appropriate design and solutions.

Experience in data extract and data reports

Experience in logical/physical data modeling, schema design using Erwin.

Experience and knowledge of batch management, automation using AutoSys, Cron jobs, Control-M

Experience working in with Unix, Linux and Shell Scripting.

Past experience of working with Java and JDBC technology.

Experience with Excel, Pivot tables, JIRA.


Database: Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, MS Access, SQL Server, ETL - SQL *Loader, OLTP, OLAP, Excel, Pivot Tables, DWH

Tools: Toad, SQL Developer, ERwin, DTS, Tableau, Agile, JIRA

Scripting/Web: UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting, Java, JDBC, Python, XML

Job Scheduler: Control-M, Autosys, Corn jobs

OS: UNIX, Linux, and Windows

Version Control: MS Source Safe, PVCS, CVS, Clear Case (SCM), SVN, Githhub

Education: MS Computer Science, BS Mathematics and Statistics


Wells Fargo, New York, NY

Sr. Oracle PL/SQL Database Developer August 2017 – Current

Equity Data warehousing

STP Hub is a central message hub for front to back communications between the OMS (Order Management System) and the other modules for Cash Securities and Listed Derivatives Desks. STP Hub receives real-time order and trades data via FIX protocol from FO OMS Systems, which is used for data warehouse, general reporting, equity regularity reporting and other needs.

Responsible for designing, development, testing, production release and support for STP Hub/Equity data warehousing project which uses Oracle database and FIX protocol to exchange messages for order, execution and reporting.

Responsible for writing ETL data loading process, sql, pl/sql, nested tables, stored procedures, partitioning, indexing, addressing performance issues and tuning Experience working with business, stakeholders, technology lead to understand requirement, business need and deliver the solution,

Responsible for testing, documentation, getting business sign off, working with release management for change request, working with DBA, production support team for production releases.

Experience and knowledge of batch management using Cron jobs and Autosys

Hands on knowledge of the FIX messaging protocol. Knowledge of Capital market, Order Management System (OMS), Equities trade lifecycle, Equity regularity reporting (MiFID)

Environment: Oracle 12c, SQL Developer, ERwin, Python, FIX messaging protocol, Linux Server, Linux Shell Scripting, Cron Jobs, Autosys, GitHub

BNP Paribas, Jersey City, NJ September 2015 – July2017

Sr. Oracle PL/SQL Developer

ALM Funding and Liquidity – IHC IT Stream

Funding and Liquidity IT work stream is part of IHC program. Involved in developing tool for Liquidity regulatory reporting and Balance Sheet.

Worked on a very high-profile regulatory project delivering critical reporting to senior CIB management.

Responsible for designing, implementing and supporting the requirements from the sponsors, ensuring consistency with the existing architecture. Writing and managing technical documents. Mentoring junior developers. Production support.

Worked with BA’s for understanding requirements and come up with design and development. Collaborate with different stakeholders, ETL, QA, Release engineer and offshore team.

Responsible for design and implement new business logic / reports within the existing system / reporting framework, as well as enhancing and maintaining existing functionality. Worked on SDLC and agile development process.

Experience of partitioning, indexing, optimizing database queries and procedures.

Extensive experience of SQL, ANSI SQL, PL/SQL and performance optimization

Environment: Oracle 11g, Toad, Windows Server, ETL, SVN, Tableau, Jira, Excel

EmblemHealth, New York, NY

Sr. Oracle Developer/Database Architect May 2011 – August 2015


Worked on different OLTP applications for e-commerce.

Responsible for working with business analyst to understand the requirements. Design/build e-commerce application, testing, implementation, and support.

Responsible for design, development and testing of ETL process - data loading using SQL Loader, scheduling and monitoring the jobs. Shell scripting.

Extensive experience of application performance tuning, indexing, optimizer statistics, analyzing AWR reports. Exposure to DBA work.

Support all data activities including ETL, Reporting, Data Analysis, Modeling

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008, UNIX, Shell Scripting, Corn Jobs

Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, New York, NY

Assistant Vice President Jan 2010 – Apr 2011

Global Prime Brokerage:

Senior Oracle Database Developer in Data warehousing team. Worked on different applications in Global Prime Brokerage/Global Market and Financial Services. Responsible for supporting high volume data warehouse project.

Responsible for new development using PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, DDL, Indexing. Aggregation of data using analytical function for producing reports. Responsible for supporting web applications.

Involved extensively in performance tuning and various DBA activities.

Develop the application to automate the reporting cycle. Develop the application for Research Feed Replacement to change the research report service used by gpb.

Responsible for monthly GPB database release with global team.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Toad, SubVersion, Excel, Autosys, DWH

New York Mercantile Exchange (CME Group), New York, NY

Sr. Software Developer May 2007 – Dec 2009

eBilling System and Clearport Trading System:

The Billing System is used by NYMEX (commodity trading exchange) to generate the bill amounts based on trades executed on various venues and cleared on NYMEX.

Sr. Software Developer worked on eBilling and trading system for CME group.

Reduce the upload time from 6 hrs to 20 min, by developing the customized ETL process using java collections, stored procedures.

Significantly improve the performance of trading system by converting the backend COOL:Gen code to oracle stored procedures

Extensive experience of performance and SQL tuning, PL/SQL development, development of stored procedures, packages, functions, triggers, database design.

Developed the application in java to read data from database and generate the accounting file in XML format depends on transaction type, clearing member and venue which is used by DME (Dubai Mercantile Exchange)

Environment: Oracle 10g, Toad, Core Java, Excel, IntelliJ, XML, Erwin, Clear Case

Credit Suisse, New York, NY

Assistant Vice President June 2004 – April 2007

Opera Process Launcher:

Opera receives high volume of data from nightly load process in the form of feeds/book.

When all feeds are received which satisfy a Book, Process Launcher runs several data processing components. These processes produce: Level 1 Unadjusted Trial Balance, FO/BO Auto Reconciliation and Level 1 Auto-Adjusted Trial Balance.

Responsibilities include - Coding, Maintenance, Performance tuning, troubleshooting, Testing and Support. Oracle 9i/10g environment

Develop Oracle Stored Procedures, Packages, Triggers, database design

Experience of SQL Tuning, Oracle Optimizer, hints, SQL Tracing, SQL Profiler.

Improved the performance of the system by creating temporary tables, materialized views and SQL tuning. 2 terabyte data.

Experience of managing oracle objects including temp tables, views, materialized views, indexes. Experience in a high volume/availability batch.

Experience of deploying components from Code Loader, exposure to Control-M.

First level support for process launcher in all environments (QA, BAU, RIT).

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, Unix Shell Scripts, Perl, Windows NT, Clear Case – SCM

Opera Structure Analysis:

Opera Structure Analysis interprets sets of trades to determine the actual type of structured trade to which each component belongs. Opera creates a structure level record to have the overall structure data. Opera Structure Analysis is designed to use generic SA configuration (rule) tables to satisfy requirements of various streams.

Created stored procedures and functions related to process launcher logic for Structure Analysis

Involved in many other miscellaneous task, label, build and deployment of components, testing, support for Structure Analysis.

Deployment of components in different environment as and when required by different streams. Setup Control-M application in development environment

Support for SCM and deployment related issues.

IGI (Infotech Global Inc)

Client: McKinsey & Company, New York (Programmer Analyst)

Data warehousing for Investment Management Feb 2004 – June 2004

Responsible for creating Java Interfaces for pulling data from different Data Sources i.e. MS Access, SQL Server. Interaction to Oracle Database.

Responsible for data management for Offerings, Loan, Equities

Environment: Java 1.4, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, MS Access, SQL Server, InterAction, OWB, Oracle 9i, Web Sphere 5.1, ODBC, JDBC, DTS, ETL - DataStage, CVS, Windows NT

Oracle Corporation Aug 2000 - June 2004

Client: AXA Financial, New York (Sr. Developer)

Financial Planning System (Transaction Supervision System):

Transaction Supervision System is the process of determining if a product, or basket of products, is suitable for a client based on their current financial position, investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and the product's features.

Worked on different business functionality and server-side components using Java, JDBC, JSP and Servlet (J2EE technology), PL/SQL, Oracle

Responsible for import/export of data in the form of flat file to/from different venders to AXA database. Using Oracle SQL*Loader scripts, UNIX shell scripts, and batch jobs to handle bulk amount of data.

Environment: JDK 1.2, JDBC, Java Servlet 2.2, JMS, EJB, Visual Age for Java 3.5, Stored Procedures, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 8i, XML, XSL, HTML, Shell Scripting (KSH), Unix, Oracle 8.0.5, Sun Solaris, Oracle Database server, iPlanet Web Server, BEA Web logic Application Server 6.1, NT 4.0, IBM Visual Age 3.5

Zyga Corporation November 1998 - July 2000

Client: Lucent Technology, Warren, NJ (Programmer)

Knowledge Management System:

The goal of this system is to support the tax team of Lucent Technology through Knowledge Sharing. The system supports individual and bulk publishing - by which a Tax Associate adds knowledge objects to the system for sharing information

Involved in development of Knowledge Repository.

Involved in development of business solution in Java to help the knowledge

sharing in tax department. Worked on front-end and business logic of the system.

Responsible for creation of GUI components for knowledge management

using Java Applets and JClass Live Table. Wrote Test plans and did system testing.

Environment: Windows 95, NT Server 4.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server v4.0, MS Source Safe, Java Applets, HTML, Jclass LiveTable, Symantec Visual Café, JDK 1.1.4, Distributed Units CAB Files, PKI, Version Security Certificates, Autonomy, Sybase

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