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Instrumentation AGM

Bill's Corners, Ontario, Canada
May 01, 2019

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SHARAFAT HUSSAIN Contact No: +91-991*******

*/**-**, ********** +91-783*******,+91-783*******

Kalyanpuri, Delhi 110091 . Passport No. : P2413500


I seek employment in your organization. Where I can make significant to the organization using my experience.

Professional Qualification

Three year DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGG. From U.P.B.T.E Lucknow in 1997. with Ist div. (70.4%Marks)

Academic Qualification

10th from U.P Board with Ist div. in 1993 in SCIENCE GROUP.

12th from U.P Board with IInd div. in 1998. in P.C.M GROUP.

Experience: About 20 years.

1 . I am Presently working in MAGNUM VENTURES LTD. 18/41, Site-IV Industrial Area

Sahibabad GZB (U.P.) in Instrument department from February 2013 to Till Date as an AGM Instrumentation. We Handled the project of high speed paper machine & Pasting Machine of Kappa Board and Running Plant from instrumentation side with D.C.S & Q.C.S. system with Power Plant.

2. I have worked in KRISHNA TISSUES (P) LTD. Village Barunda,Kolkata-Kharagpur Highway, Bagnan, Howrah (WB) in Instrument department from April 2011 to January2013. as a Manager . We Handled the running Plant & Project.

Company Profile:

M/S Krishna Tissues (P)LTD. is in the field of paper making last 7 years. It has one board machine of capacity (450TPD) worked with ABB make Q.C.S.system. It also have Duplex Pulp mill at the same capacity. and 250TPD PM-2 (Writing/Printing) under Project 6.2 MW .

3. I have worked in RAINBOW PAPERS LTD. Village Rajpur, Kalol-Mahsana Highway, Ahmdabad, (Gujrat) in Instrument department from February 2009 to March.2011. as an Asst Manager. We Handled the running Plant (PM-2,PM-3,PM-4,PM-5,PM-7) and Power Plant(5MW&10MW) .

Company Profile:

M/S RAINBOW PAPERS LTD. is in the field of paper making last 30 years. It has four board machine of capacity (40 T.P.D PM-2,60TPD PM-3,120TPD PM-4&5) and 250TPD PM-7 (Writing/Printing Paper) working with ABB D.C.S.and 350TPD Writing/Printing P/Machine(PM-8) under Project. It also have. Duplex Pulp mill. And 250TPD D.I.P. with A.B.B. D.C.S. Board Machine worked with TATA HONEYWELL make Q.C.S. system & Jaishch make QCS System.

35Mw Captive Power Plant (5.0 Mw & 10.0 Mw 20Mw Triveni Turbine) with 40tph 45kg/Cm2, 4400c (Setharveshel) 2No.Boiler & 60tph 4900c 65kg/Cm2 (Stharveshel) 1No boiler and D.M. Plant. All Systems are working with YOKOGAWA DCS & Scada System. Also 20MW Power Plant working with Triveni Turbine & 90TPH stharveshel Boiler with ABB DCS & Scada system.

4. I have worked in MAGNUM VENTURES LTD. 18/41, Site-IV Industrial Area

Sahibabad GZB (U.P.) in Instrument department from May 2003 to January 2009 as a senior engineer. We Handled the project of high speed paper machine & 150 T.P.D. D.I.P. instrumentation part with D.C.S system &both Machines with Q.C.S. system.

Company Profile:

M/S magnum ventures ltd. is in the field of paper making last 50 years. It has two unit in working. One is board machine of capacity 120TPD and other is high speed Writing Printing paper machine of 150TPD. It also have 150 T.P.D. D.I.P. with all Voith make equipment & 150 T.P.D. Duplex Pulp mill.

8 Mw (6 & 2 Mw) Captive Power Plant With Triveni Turbine, 31 Tph 65Kg/Cm2

4900c Thermax Boiler, Thermax Make E.S.P.,Ash Handling System (Mecawber Beekay)

Coal Handling System, R.O. Plant and Auxiliaries. All Systems is working with PLC &

Scada System. Company Production is Around 6500 Tpm Writing & Duplex Paper. Plant

is also Integrated with De-Inking Plant with Plc/Dcs & Scada System.

5. I have worked in KESAR ENTERPRISES LTD. (Sugar Mill) Baheri, Barielly,

Instrument department from December 2000 to April 2003 as Asst. Trainee Engr Instrument.

Company Profile:

M/s Kesar Enterprises ltd. is in the field of Sugar at last 100 years. It have 5 No 6 MW Triveni Turbine in Mill house & one 10 MW (Alstom) Turbine in Power House. It have 6No. boiler 6 T.P.H. with old Technology & 1 Nos. (9 T.P.H, 11 T.P.H.) 45kg/cm2 440 Degree Centigrade (TBW/boiler) & 1 No. (30 T.P.H.& 40 T.P.H.) 65kg/cm2 490 Degree Centigrade (TBW) boiler. 3 No. 80 Ton capacity machine fully automated (30 T.P.H.&40TPD) boiler working with P.L.C. systems.

6. I have done apprenticeship in INDIAN TELEPHONE INDUSTRIES LTD. Manakpur

(Gonda)U.P. in SEA Plant (SPL Dept.) from Nov. 1999 to Nov. 2000 (An ISO 9001 Company) that is center Govt. Organization.

I have good knowledge of boiler and turbine operating engineering.

My Responsibility:

Project works:

I have successfully completed the erection and commissioning of whole instrumentation, such as field instruments & panel instruments.

PLC & DCS Exposure: 1. Allen Bradley PLC (SLC 503, model 1794)

2.ABB DCS (AC 800M model) & PLC


4.Omron PLC ( CJ 1 M-CPU 21)

A.C.V.F.D A.B.B. Make : 1 . A.C.S.-800 On common D.C. Supply

2. A.C.S.-550 Individual D.C. Supply


Transmitter: ABB, Fisher, Rosemount,Yokagawa, Wika, Siemens

Magnetic Flow meter: ABB, Yokagawa, Krohne Marshall, Honeywell,


I/P Converter: ABB, Moore, Rosemount, Bells.

Control Valve & On/Off valve: Arca, Valflo, Vass, Dembla, forbes marshall,Metsho

Consistency Transmitter: B.T.G.,,Kajani& Metsho Make.

Q.C.S. System: ABB make 2 No. QCS commissioning with the ABB

Engr.Honeywll Make (Measurex2002 & 2010) 4Nos.QCS

& Jaishch make 1No. QCS

PID Controller: ABB SL- 220& Comander 250 Yokogawa make

UT 350,UCS5000, Nisko,Forbsmarshal, PPI, Honewell

Additional Experience:

1. Air Compressor: (ATLAS COPCO GA 37, GA 37 +) screw type, Kirloscar KC-6.

2. Hydraulic System: VIPA P.L.C. Based Power Pack Hydrocraft Engineers Ltd

Kolkata.TAV Engineering U.K, NINON SPINDLE MFG LTD.

3. Swimming Calendar: Kuster & Voith

4. Re-Winder: Globe Radio make Omron PLC Based.

5. Tywan Cutter

Personal Details:

Father’s Name : Sh. Navi Hussain

Date of Birth : 15/07/1977

Marital Status : Married

Language Known : Hindi & English



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