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Clinical Research Medical

Downey, California, United States
April 30, 2019

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**** ******* ***. ******, **. ***40 ● 213-***-**** ● Objective To obtain a position as a clinical research associate, clinical research coordinator or other related healthcare position, utilizing my education and years of experience in the biomedical industry, healthcare, outreach, volunteering programs and my years of service in the military, the United States Navy. Education B.S. Biological Sciences School of Medicine - PostBaccalaureate Program Minor, Chicano and Latino Studies University of California, San Diego University of California, Irvine End Date: June 2010 Graduation: June 2008

Relevant Experience

Clinical Research Coordinator, ProScience Research Group

(05/18-3/19) Culver City, CA

ØAmerican Heart Association BLS/CPR certified as of 03/29/2019. ØPhlebotomy Licensed as of 10/16/2018, Certificate number CPT02013064 ØAssisted with CTS query resolution and with case report form completion. ØAssisted with SAE report and tracking.

ØPerformed EKGs, Vitals, Blood Draws, Breathalyzer and Urine Drug Screens on hundreds of clinical research subjects for dozens of clinical research protocol requirements. ØTraveled to investigator meeting pertaining to site initiation visits for potential clinical trials. ØInternational Air Transport Association (IATA) Certified ØGood Clinical Practice (GCP) Certified

ØExperienced in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) utilizing (TMF) Trial Master File database. ØCertified to perform protocol criteria on over 20 mental-health related clinical trial studies. ØPerformed clinical trial ratings scales and Query Resolution with CROs. ØPre-Screened potential clinical trial subjects for trial participation. ØScheduled subjects for regular clinical trial & eye exam appointments according to protocol. ØMaintained lab cleanliness with strategic organization for streamlining lab workflow. ØManaged lab orders on a daily/weekly basis depending on experimental requirement. ØShipped blood, saliva, urine and other lab sample materials according to protocol. ØCollected lab results and entered data in a timely manner, according to protocol to obtain patient/subject randomization and continued participation in clinical trials. Research Associate 2, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Neurosurgery Department)

(11/15-04/18) Los Angeles, CA

ØInvolved in drug discovery pertaining to nanoparticle research. ØSynthesized nanoparticles and modified drug loading of its cargo load. ØRegularly updated and organized my lab notebook (reports, experimental data, updates, etc.) ØStandardized and updated lab orders on a daily basis ØProficient in Microsoft Excel (graphs, tables, computations, etc.), Word & Powerpoint ØAdministered tail vein injections and surgical excision of organs of mice (murine models) for experimental purposes.

ØManaged brain, pancreatic and prostate cancer cell line maintenance for experimental objectives.

ØTreated cell lines with nanoparticles loaded with cytotoxic cancer drug payload. ØProduced cell image microscopy on near-infrared, fluorescent and bright field cells on a Keyence BZ-X700 microscope.

ØPerformed cell counting using Image-J program.

ØConducted Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK8) cell and Cell Adhesion cell viability assays. ØImplemented Early/Late Apoptosis versus Necrosis, Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting

(FACS), as well as for the purposes of obtaining fluorescence intensity studies. ØExecuted cell migration assays involved in nanoparticle treatments. Ricardo Montoya T 213-***-**** A 9509 Orizaba Ave. Downey, Ca. 90240 RICARDO MONTOYA

ØCharacterized nanoparticles by measuring its size utilizing a Zetasizer Nano ZS 90 / Zetasizer Nano ZS and obtained the encapsulation percentage via calibration curve analysis. ØProvided further characterization of nanoparticle by way of obtaining encapsulation percentage via Spectramax M2 Microplate readings to obtain calibration curve analysis. ØPerformed autoclave of lab equipment and materials, obtained lab cleanliness with proper labeling and strategic organization for streamlining lab workflow. ØManaged lab orders on a daily/weekly basis depending on experimental requirement. Surgical Recovery Technician, One Legacy (A ‘Donate Life’ Non-Profit Organization)

(6/10-6/14) Los Angeles, CA

ØPerformed surgical excision of organs and tissue from family of, or dependent’s wishes to donate their organs and or tissues.

ØExcised skin, blood vessels, corneas, bones, tendons, ligaments, hearts. ØPerformed biopsy samples for Medical Examiners at the coroner’s office or by request at a satellite location such as University Medical Facility, Funeral Home or Hospital Morgue. ØTraveled all of Los Angeles and Orange County Hospital, Funeral Home and Coroner’s offices for removal of requested organs/tissues from donating decedent. ØObtained blood and or sputum, and other bodily fluids for lab analysis directly from decedent during organ/tissue harvesting process.

ØCollaborated with Orange County Coroners and Los Angeles County Coroners Offices to obtain information and examination of corpses for decedent information for donation at the request of physicians, medical examiners, law enforcement and verification of identification for recovery purposes.

ØWas the only employee to be qualified to examine decedents at both Los Angeles and Orange County Coroners offices.

ØWorked an average of 90+ hours per week.

Clinical Services Coordinator, Genoptix (Contract through Biophase Solutions Inc.) Medical Laboratory

(3/10-5/10) Carlsbad, CA

ØPerformed quality review and inspection of diagnostic patient test reports and release to clients.

ØInterfaced with internal laboratory departments and partner laboratories to ensure completeness and timeliness of all ordered testing. ØTranscribes relevant clinical information and history into company Laboratory Information System (LIS) from provided medical charts and clinical documentation ØCollaboratively worked with internal and external physicians and other departments to achieve quality care and regard for HIPPA and patient privacy, including regular email and telephone communications

Ø Developed and maintained a collaborative working relationship with all physicians, teammates and the health care team members involved in the care of the patient ØRetrieved and collated medical records and test results from physicians, laboratories and file sections.

ØPerformed other administrative duties, including the provision of physician administrative support, as required.

Tutor, Dr. Kika Friend UC Irvine’s California Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP Program)

(4/07-6/08) Irvine, CA

ØTutored Neurobiology/Developmental Neurobiology and general biological science courses. ØGave PowerPoint presentations, handouts and lectures weekly and graded coursework ØTutored students individually to help master assignments and reinforce concepts presented by professor.

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Ricardo Montoya T 213-***-**** A 9509 Orizaba Ave. Downey, Ca. 90240 RICARDO MONTOYA

Research Associate, Dr. Steven Cramer Neurology/Neurosurgery - UC Irvine Med-Center

(10/07-6/08) Orange, CA

ØPlanned and applied a therapeutic approach of “protective autoimmunity” to neurological disorders - understanding the mechanism at the cellular, molecular and immunological levels

ØStudied the pathology of Stroke patients in pre-clinical models focusing on the Measurement on Intracerebral Hemorrhage Volume

Clinical Research Assistant, Dr. Steven Cramer Clinical Professor of Surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center Orange, CA


ØAided in clinical research with Dr. Steven Cramer from the University of California, Irvine Medical Center. Publication Complete on “Measurement of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Lesion Size in Stroke Patients” as of July 2012.

Lab Research Assistant

Dr. Sheryl Tsai Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

(12/06-6/07) Irvine, CA

ØFacilitated in the purification of proteins involved in Breast Cancer, specifically HEK-1, ultimately determining the structure with basic crystallography procedures and NMR analysis while studying functions.

Lab Research Assistant

Dr. Anne Calof Associate Professor Department of Developmental and Cell Biology

(8/05-1/08) Irvine, CA

ØI handled mice, maintained the animal colony, toe clipping, genotyping via PCR, PCR primer design, breeding mice, weaning mice, shipping and transferring mice between different labs, mice euthanization, doping, health monitoring and, plasmid preparation, protein purification, maintaining lab organization, ordering and assisting lab personnel in in vivo and in utero assay preparation and execution procedures of monitoring supplies and maintaining general lab sterilization. Nuclear Medicine Volunteer, St. Francis Medical Center

(07/01-08/05) Lynwood, CA

ØPrepared, organized and delivered Nuclear Oncology Scan Documentation which consisted of nuclear MRI/PET and Cat Scans for further assessment by the on-call Radiologist. Observed and absorbed knowledge of how physicians assessed their patient diagnoses. I was able to provide one on one patient care and learned to possess the ability to calm patients down during highly stressful situations. Overall, in this clinical environment I learned to work with steadfast determination under pressure. Page 3

Ricardo Montoya T 213-***-**** A 9509 Orizaba Ave. Downey, Ca. 90240 RICARDO MONTOYA

Additional Skills/Qualifications


ØIn vitro embryogenesis of Xenopus, Zebrafish and chicks, micro-dissections such as transplants and explants, fate-mapping, teratogenic experiments, micro-photography and more

ØExperienced in ELISA assay, protein purification and DNA extraction from the Neuro-stem cell morphology lab at the University of California, Irvine. Irvine, CA


ØExecuted procedures documenting morphology and phenology in the Arabidopsis Thaliana and the Roundray Stingray at Cal State Long Beach (6/04-9/04) ØMeasured medication, processed prescriptions and insurance information at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, CA


ØFluent in written and spoken Spanish and currently studying Japanese ØCertificate in Phlebotomy, First Aid, CPR and AED for Healthcare providers Honors/Activities

July 2012

Clinical Research Published: Article “Influence of Hematoma location on Acute Mortality after intracerebral hemorrhage” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroimaging Fall 08-Spring 10

Member, Health & Medical Professions Preparation Program, UC San Diego School of Medicine’s PostBaccalaureate Program Spring 2007

Edison Transfer Student Science Scholarship Awarded August 1997-September 2005

Member of the Armed Forces, United States Navy

Good Conduct Medal and Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Security Clearance Qualification

Traveled to over fifteen countries during my 8-year term in military service

Served overseas in Japan on the aircraft carrier, the USS Kittyhawk CV-63 Ø Navy Firefighter/Damage Controlman

Ø Trained staff of 5,500 sailors on shipboard firefighting and damage control skills Ø Security Clearance Qualified

Ø Maintained and Equipped Chemical Warfare Lockers

Served on a nuclear aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis CVN-74 Ø Nuclear Auxiliary Engineer

Ø Qualified as Ship’s Fire Marshal

Ø Engineman Qualified

Ø Maintained Ship’s Emergency Diesel Engines

Ø Saved hundreds of sailors/marines from flooding disaster Ø Plotter for Coordinating Teams during War Time General Quarters Page 4

Ricardo Montoya T 213-***-**** A 9509 Orizaba Ave. Downey, Ca. 90240

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