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Sombor, West Backa District, Serbia
April 30, 2019

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Personal Data

• Surname and name : Badane Abdlehakim

• Date of birth : 16/11/1984

• current address: Belgrade, Serbia

• Mobile : +381-**-****-***


+33 6-1979-6175

• E-mail :

Personal statement

A conscientious and professional person, highly organized and efficient individual, who is thorough and precise in his approach to projects. A presentable, articulate, well-presented individual with considerable interchangeable skills. I am flexible and adaptable, have the ability to work within a multi-disciplined team and to communicate comfortably at all levels. I respond well to new challenges and set high personal standards I am keen for long term employment and I am seeking an employer where my loyalty and hard work is recognized and rewarded.

Key Skills

• Good listener

• Excellent eye for detail

• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

• Speak a variety of languages (Classical-Arabic,

Moroccan- Arabic, French, Serbian, English and little Spanish and Persian )

• Work confidently individually

• Work well as part of a team

• Excellent problem solving skills

• Information technology efficient

• Great initiative and self-motivation

• Flexible, adapt successfully to changing situations & environments

• Manage time effectively, prioritizing tasks and able to Work to deadlines.

• Negotiation skills, able to influence and convince others, to discuss and reach agreement.

• Good leader, I am assertive, able to motivate and direct others

• Excellent numeracy skills

• High self-awareness, awareness of achievements, abilities, values & weaknesses & what I want out of life

• Good level of personal impact/confidence, I present a strong, professional, positive image to others which inspires confidence & commands respect.

• Lifelong learning, Continue to learn throughout life. Developing the competencies needed for current & future roles

• High integrity, I adhere to standards & procedures, maintains confidentiality and questions inappropriate behavior.

• Professionalism, I pay care & attention to quality in all work. I support & empower others.

• Creative, good at generating & applying new ideas & solutions

• Perceptive, sensitive to body language as well as verbal information

• Driving license type B

• I’m familiar with humanitarian work and migration cases and listening to people and providing PFA.

Employment History

Front of House Receptionist, Firdaous Hotel Rabat-Sale, Morocco(2008)

Achievements and responsibilities;

• Presenting a professional and friendly first impression of the firm to all visitors and clients

• Write any supplementary notes as required

• Managing incoming phone calls and answering enquiries

• Typing all necessary documents and correspondence as required

• performed a wide variety of errands

• Dealing with clients

• Reporting problems to maintenance

• Assist staff members with tasks

• Help assist and be knowledgeable of the hotel services and safety regulations

Assistant floor manager -Atlantic Confection, Rabat


• Controlled the process of manufacturing

Textile engineering

• keep moving the production smoothly, achieving the target production

• Quality control

• Motivate workers for achieving maximum production with minimum faults.

• Study and research dye and material to maintain the best product outcome

• knowledgeable with all the latest textiles manufacturing techniques and processing methods

• Devise strategies for the production floor

• Experiment with the machines and raw materials in order to develop the existent product for getting better productivity results.

• Extensive knowledge of textile

• Interpreter and Cultural Mediator

Responsibilities and achievement with medical team:

Carry out interpreting and translations in the mobile clinics in a compassionate manner with respect to patient’s privacy confidentiality.

Reporting and attendance to internal meeting.

Serve as cultural mediator between the MDM mobile clinic staff and the project beneficiaries.

Ensure that the patient understands the medical advice of the doctor or nurse/ psychologist

Field working experience

Familiar with Refugee and Migration Issues

Familiar with medical vocabulary

Accompany patients during referrals to hospital

Responsibilities and achievement with


•Raise awareness and promote mental health services among beneficiaries using the available tools and

information transmitted by the supervisor

•Support the provision of quality services facilitating the communication between beneficiaries and staff (MDM/MH and other) or volunteers by creating a trustful relationship with all counterparts.

•Provides proactively orientation and information to our beneficiaries with regards to the use of the available health care system and the provision of services by other actors.

•Provide health promotion messages on different topics according to the needs defined by the mental health supervisor.

•Provide updated information about the general situation according to the needs defined by the project coordinator. Reflect together with the mental health supervisor and team of MH counsellors to adapt messages to make them culturally acceptable, avoiding misunderstandings.

•Support and brief identified stakeholders in

understanding specific aspects of the cultural background of the beneficiaries with whom you have cultural

affiliations with the aim to improve the provision of qualitative services.

•Exchange with other cultural mediators and all MDM staff in order to approach each beneficiary in the most

appropriate way.

•Share information on a daily basis with your supervisor about certain situations that have caught your attention during the day (stories about violence, ill treatment and particular problems).

•Support translation of MDM internal/external documents into the required languages.


•Assure the translation between the counsellor/MH

supervisor and the client in his/her mother tongue making the words of the mental health professional

understandable to the client and vice versa. The individual consultations or group sessions are driven by the

counsellor/MH supervisor.

•Ensure that the beneficiaries understand the mental health support offered by the mental health team using the most appropriate vocabulary in order to avoid stigma and facilitating positive coping mechanisms.

•Perform in strict cooperation with the counsellor/MH supervisor, screening, psycho-education group sessions, group counselling as well as individual consultations for identified clients.

•Share with the mental health team, before or after the consultations, important aspects of the cultural

background of the beneficiaries to be considered in order to improve the quality of MDM services.

•Apply proactively Psychological First Aid when

encountering the beneficiaries in distress and refer to the counsellor/MH supervisor.

•Promote awareness on different health topics using the tools that were developed.

•Collect testimonies and carry out client survey, if requested by your supervisor.

•If requested, accompany clients in case of referrals or in case of follow-up mental health care in order to facilitate the provision of services.

•Collect and update information given and support the creation of Health promotion materials in collaboration with the mental health team.

•Ensure confidentiality and medical/psychological secrecy.

•Support the MH team with the Data Collection.

•Participates in team meetings, trainings and supervision with MHPSS team.

•Participates in care for the caretaker’s sessions.

•Collects feedback from the beneficiary on the

implementation and quality of the activity.


• Arabic literature Bachelor (2003)

• English and French, attachment to bachelor

• Faculty of Law

• (2006)

• College- Institute of information, professional and promotion of work

• Technician of textile Diploma (2008-2010)

• Institute of foreign language Belgrade

• Serbian language

French language

• web designing

• Html, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop


Computer literate


Certificate; travel agencies:

• Reservation system flight ticket.

• Reservation hotel accommodation

• Cruises ...


• Arabic [native speaker]

• French

• English

• Serbian

• Spanish (basic)

• Persian (basic)

Hobbies & Interests

• My hobbies include sport, travelling, learning

languages, listening to many types of music. I have a keen interest with world news, I enjoy watching daily news and reading newspapers, informative books on

cultures and lifestyles in different countries. I am creative I enjoy sketching from time to time.

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