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Data Developer

Troy, Michigan, United States
May 02, 2019

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Sneha Rateria


* years of experience in Information Technology with proficiency in Oracle and PL/SQL Development. This includes System Study and Development of application software.

• Worked through all phases of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, Data Modeling, Development, Testing, UAT, Production and Post-production support.

• Strong experience in Application Development, Database Design, Data processing, Production Support using Oracle Database, SQL, and PL/SQL on different platforms like Windows NT/2000/98/95/XP, UNIX.

• Experience working for Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Pharmaceutical industries.

• Expertise on PL/SQL Programming that includes Cursors, Bulk data techniques, Procedures, Functions and Packages, Oracle Supplied Packages, Collections, Partitioned Tables, Triggers, Materialized Views, Table Indexing, SQL*Loader, Oracle scheduler etc.

• Experience in ETL, data extraction, data migration and data loading using Export, Import and SQL*Loader utilities and provide solutions to critical issues enhancing performance and productivity to the project.

• Experience in integration of various data sources like Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server and Flat Files.

• Experience in Performance tuning, Application tuning and Query Optimization using Hints, Explain plan, TKPROF.

• Extensively worked on Data Migration using Flat files and Data Mapping through SQL* Loader Import/Export utilities, UTL-File Package on Oracle 9i,10g,11g and 12g Databases and SSIS tool

• Involved in various projects related to Data Modeling, System/Data Analysis, Design and Development for both OLTP and Data Warehouse environments including Star Schema, Snowflake Schema and Normalization/De-Normalization.

• Experience in using Informatica Workflow Manager to create Sessions, Batches, schedule workflows, complex Mappings, Mapplets, Worklets, re-usable Tasks and re-usable mappings.

• Strong knowledge of Data Warehousing including Extract, Transform, and Load Processes.

• Have good understanding of the ‘Big Data’ technologies such as NoSQL databases, ETL/ELT, and BI Tools.

• Experience in interface development using Forms and Report, Oracle 9i/10g.

• Experience with Agile software development.

• Involved in MIS reporting and exposure of ETL tools and Business intelligence tools.

• Experience in Data Flow Diagram, ER Diagrams using Oracle Designer

• Experienced in conducting design sessions to evolve system specifications and test plans with the ability to handle training sessions and documentation

• Provide on-call support to production system to resolve any issues.

• Knowledge in web development & design with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

• Knowledge of coding languages like C, C++, Java and Python.

• An excellent team member with an ability to perform individually with strong verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills.

• Able to work collaboratively, quickly acquire technical understanding and committed to achieving corporate goals; with an initiative to learn modern technologies quickly and come up with innovative solutions.


• Big Data Certification – Database Management (RIT) 2


BI Tools Cognos Report Studio, Tableau Desktop 9 Tableau Desktop 10, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader

Data Cleaning & Analysis Tools Weka, R, Google Refine Development Tools SQL Developer, Toad, Eclipse, Net Beans, Informatica Power Center 9.1

Database Oracle9,10, 11, 12

Data Modelling Star schema, Dimensional data modelling, snow flake schema, physical and logical modelling, normalization and fact and dimensional modelling Languages Java, C, C++, SQL, Matlab, PL/SQL, Python, T-SQL Scheduling Tools Autosys, UNIX cronjob

Web Technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Other Tools Putty, SVN, WinSCP

Operating System Windows, Linux


General Motors, Detroit, MI Feb 2016 – Current

BI and Oracle PL/SQL Developer


General Motors is one of the biggest automotive companies which focuses on its customer's unmet needs and invent solutions that create a stronger bond between the driver and their vehicle. My project here is to interact with the business associates and create dynamic interactive Tableau dashboards for them. Write complex PL/SQL codes, to deal with day to day millions of data that they get and create Cognos reports for analysis. Eventually, lead the team to do move all their dynamic data visualization and existing reports to interactive Tableau dashboards. SME on team for one of the GM dealership services. Responsibilities:

• Interacted with business management for analyzing the requirements and current issues and milestones to meet the company's goals and worked with Business Analyst to understand architecture design and business logic.

• Involved in full project lifecycle from taking customer transition, requirement gathering, business analysis, design and build through to implementation and conceptualize new presentations via dashboards with KPI's while establishing latest trends and behaviors from the data; and performed success gap analysis.

• Lead a team of 5 involved in creating BI Tableau dashboard and various Cognos reports used by business managers and senior management, for making critical decisions. Moving all the Level 1 leadership Cognos reports to interactive Tableau dashboard.

• Solely headed a Speak Up for Safety GM investigation, and saw it through successful completion.

• Developed and implemented interactive dashboards providing quick POCs, dashboards and stories helping senior management to help drive business decisions.

• Extensively worked with PL/SQL packages, Stored Procedures based on the requirements provided by business team.

• Built data marts for the department to be used for success metrics and determining gaps in the service performance.

• Designed and Developed data validation, load processes using PL/SQL scripts, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers to perform different database requirements.

• Created packages and procedures to automatically drop table indexes and created Indexes and used hints to improve performance of the SQL queries used by the team for reporting and daily troubleshooting purposes.


• Worked on file loading and XML parsing for table population. Used hive for data load from Hadoop cloud to RDBMS.

• Created external cursors for better query loading for huge tables and used in-built and user-defined exceptions for better handling all the possible exception conditions and errors in a procedure.

• Created user-defined functions to have a set logic that can be used globally by the department to have the same base for determining the metric values.

• Built PL/SQL packages to create a more user centric and caution code to restrict general users to make changes to the backend database by having private procedural units within the program.

• Used diverse types of Indexes like Function-Based Index, etc. to improve the Package Performance.

• Implemented and created user defined exception handling for better debugging and graceful coding with logical SQLERRM and SQLCODE messages for the end user.

• Used database triggers to prevent accidental DMLs performed on the data marts. Also to better assist users to know the results of the action that they will perform.

• Used dependency tracking utility tool, DEPTREE_FILL procedure for managing and tracking dependency before performing any DDLs to the database.

• Experienced in developing rich interactive report, dashboards and performing Tableau integration on multiple databases like flat files, oracle database and excel files and big data technologies like Hadoop.

• Extensive knowledge in various reporting objects like hierarchies, transformations, filters, calculated fields, sets, groups, parameters etc., in Tableau Desktop along with action filters, highlight filters and context filters.

• Proficient in design and development of visualization reports/dashboards using dual axes charts, histograms, filled map, bubble chart, bar chart, line chart, tree map, heat maps, box and whisker charts, scatter plots, geographic map, pie charts and bar charts, stacked bar with filters sets to display top mobile apps, other local and global filters according to the end user requirement based on their version and best user experience.

• Expert in tableau server commands like synchronization, Tabcmd, Tabadmin utility tool and Tableau server backup activity.

• Implementation of static and dynamic sets and groups with the help of tableau parameters to provide custom functionality, LOD's and implemented advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geo coding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data.

• Scorecards, standard reports, prompt reports, burst reports, drill-through reports, active reports and dashboards using Cognos Report Studio.

• Wrote Autosys jobs and UNIX scripts to automatically load data to the system operations database every night by scheduling cron jobs. Introduced a new SMS Monitoring method for the team, to know within minutes whenever our performance goes down and get issues resolved most quickly.

• Good Understanding of AGILE and Waterfall development approach when implementing projects.

• Excellent analytical, problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills with ability to interact with individuals at all levels.

Tools - Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c, PL/SQL, Tableau, Cognos Report Studio, UNIX, SQL Developer, SQL * Loader, Autosys, Putty, WinSCP, Microsoft Office

Sitel Corporation, Buffalo, NY May 2015- Dec 2015

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


Sitel Corporation is a global outsourcing company which helps customers in business management. They deal with the customer service data. The project was to help them move the data center from Buffalo to Dallas. It dealt with setting up servers in Dallas using Sitel Scheduling System and then moving all the database and reports to the Dallas server with some software upgrades as well. Also, to improve the data quality and the performance of the sessions, debug the programs and to create PL/SQL procedures for better results. Responsibilities:


• Interacted with business users and management for analyzing the requirements and was involved in the review of business requirement documents (BRD).

• Worked with analysts for design reviews and understanding the Sitel Scheduling System(S3).

• Testing of different modules and software on the new server.

• Creation, updating and migration of business intelligence reports. Web Intelligence Reports and Desktop Intelligence Reports were handled for BO3.1 and BI4.1.

• Involved in Dimensional Data Modeling with different dimension and fact tables via Star Schema.

• Gathered requirements, wrote technical specifications, workflow diagrams.

• Designed/developed/Modified tables, views, materialized views whose data was used to retrieve reports by Business users.

• Writing complex PL/SQL scripts, packages, procedures, functions and DB triggers to implement the business logic.

• Used Reference Cursors, Bulk Collect/ Bulk Insert and Mapper function techniques to load data from other production schemas to destination tables on a regular basis.

• Worked on Dynamic SQL using Execute Immediate and DBMS_SQL package to fetch data from schemas which didn’t have direct grants.

• Implemented Table Partitions and created Partitioned Indexes to cut execution time, ease database load and improve scalability.

• Optimized query performances using Oracle hints and explain plan.

• Used Database Triggers for making history of insertion, updating, deletion and all kind of Audit routines.

• Designed and developed data validation, load processes using PL/SQL scripts, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers.

• Created Packages and stored procedural units for the automated data population of database tables and views.

• Maintained the sanity of the Development, SIT and UAT databases by importing the latest dump, keeping the data up-to-date, purging old / unwanted data, monitoring the space utilization of the different tablespaces, monitoring performance of reports and loads, troubleshooting issues passed down from Production Support team etc.

• Hosted lunch and learn sessions for the department on Tableau Desktop.

• Created Tableau dashboards for the client solutions for them to be able to see the daily activities in a visual way.

• Created Tableau scorecards, dashboards using stack bars, bar graphs, scattered plots, geographical maps, Gantt charts using show me functionality.

• Created, organized, customized analysis and visualized projects and dashboards to present to Senior Level

• Executives using advance Tableau functionalities like Actions, Parameters, Groups, Background Images, Context filters, etc.

• Built reports in Tableau using advance functions like LOD, Parameters, Sets, Groups, and Quick table calculations.

• Creating users, groups, projects, Data connections, settings as tableau administrator duties that comprised configuration, adding users, groups, data connections, scheduling tasks, embedding views in the Tableau Server.

• Created histograms, pie charts, box plots, scatter plots for inventory management, background maps illustrating the potential revenue change, destinations flown across different geographic markets, timeseries statistics for price variance across different branches, heat maps for banking activities.

• Dashboards to help the client monitor the issues and find trends and performance based on the employees in the clients call centers.

• Held meetings with team members to lead the team task completion and report back to the manager.

• Good at problem solving and communication skills, also ability to interact with individuals at all levels

• Involved in doing Unit Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing and worked with testing teams on code fixes and code reviews.

Tools: Oracle 11g, Oracle 12c, Business Objects3.1, Business Objects 4.1, SQL Developer, PL/SQL Developer, Tableau Desktop


Qbit Systems Inc., Rajasthan, India May 2010- Jul 2013 Jr. SQL Developer


QBit offers software application development services to companies worldwide from certified offshore software development center in Jaipur, India. QBit's catered to the diverse software development needs of many clients in and outside the US. I worked on various projects for Qbit Systems client’s services and products including retail banking, market risk management, capital markets and various web based projects. The project was to provide Production support for Minor and Major changes to the existing system where, writing stored procedures to monitor defects, customized according to the Business requirement, providing a user-friendly interface for accessing the database, data validation, query optimization, updating and enhancing existing PL/SQL code. To create Cognos Reports using that data for reporting purposes. Responsibilities:

• Interacted with Business users to identify process metrics, various keys, dimensions and granularity level of the data available for analysis.

• Meeting with management for enhancement of the system and trained end users and involved in creating the technical testing documents too.

• Worked as a Team member in performing tasks such as Strategic Planning, Logical and Physical Data Modeling & Application Performance Tuning.

• Gathered user requirements and reporting requirements for a better understanding of the business process and the current reporting system.

• Designed and Developed data validation, load processes using PL/SQL scripts, Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers

• Writing Shell scripts to call stored procedures and packages to load data files using external tables

• Scheduling oracle jobs to trigger procedures and packages to perform daily routines and tasks

• Created Indexes and used hints to improve performance

• Experience in working with Warehouse Management Software also with Data Integration Projects

• Worked with Range Partitioning of a table, also involved in dropping of partitions, automatically drop table indexes and create indexes for the tables.

• Created Oracle packages with advanced SQL queries like analytical and aggregate functions to process and load daily enrollment files

• Responsible for creating the Database tables, data marts, indexes, constraints and other database objects.

• Used Database Triggers for making history of insertion, updating, deletion and all kind of Audit routines.

• Extensively used advanced PL/SQL concepts (e.g., arrays, PL/SQL tables, cursors, user defined object types, exception handling, database packages, nested tables) to manipulate data.

• Wrote packages and procedures to move data from one table to another.

• Created indexes on tables to improve performance of the queries and Explain Plan, TK Prof in tuning queries.

• Used BULK COLLECT to fetch large volume data and EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to execute dynamic SQL along with other Bulk binding techniques for query optimization.

• Used Control – M a third-party tool to schedule various others batch processing jobs.

• Involved in the performance tuning of various database queries. The queries retrieved data from different tables in multiple databases.

• Created PLSQL procedure, used the DBMS_SCHEDULER for automatic weakly sending emails to the users.

• Developed Excel Reports using the procedural code. 6

• Designed and Developed PL/SQL Packages, Procedures and at the backend and worked with Java Developers to build web interfaces so that the business users could perform required operations and generate reports dynamically.

• Extracted and loaded data from flat files and Oracle sources to Oracle database using Informatica mappings.

• Developed mappings in Informatica to load the data from various sources into the Data Warehouse, using different transformations like Joiner, Aggregator, Update Strategy, Rank, Router, Lookup, Sequence Generator, Filter, Sorter and Source Qualifier.

• Coordinated with source system owners on day-to-day ETL progress monitoring. Worked on various Informatica tools like Source Analyzer, Target designer, Mapping Designer and Transformation developer.

• Created Worklet’s to run several sessions sequentially and concurrently and called in the main workflow in a sequence

• Developed Re-usable transformations to enable functionality to clean up string data, numerical data etc. to use them for data load to data.

• Created complex mappings by joining different tables at different granularity and joined them to extract reasonable data through Joiner Transformations.

• Created UNIX jobs that downloads attachments from emails and directly populates them to the backend databases for report generation.

• Involved in UAT testing, Bugs fixing and the code was sent to Production. Tools: Oracle 11g, UNIX, PL/SQL, Python, SQL * Loader, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Informatica Power Center 8.6


• Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York Masters in Science & Technology in Computer Science majored in Database Management

• Mody Institute of Science & Technology, Rajasthan, India Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

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