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Human Resources Training

Littleton, Colorado, United States
May 02, 2019

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Vachel L. Hanson

**** **** ****** *****, *********, CO 80123 Hm 303-***-****/Cell 720-***-****

Professional Objective

Seeking a challenging position utilizing experience and education to continue my professional development.

Summary of Qualifications

Over 30 years of hands-on experience in dynamic, high-tech environments with high aptitude for adapting to multiple dissimilar technologies, interfacing with both internal and external customers. Excellent interpersonal and team-building skills developed while directing cross functional teams working on multi-million dollar, high-profile systems. Extremely organized and meticulous self-starter with the capability to excel independently or lead a team of diverse individuals. Ability to visualize complex systems and provide rapid assessment of system operation. Outstanding oral and written communication skills acquired during the development of technical documentation and presentations.


TIVO/ROVI Corporation/ Digiforge LLC, Automation Design Architect /System Test Engineer, 1/11 – Present

Golden, Colorado

As a System Test Engineer and Automation Design Architect, my primary responsibilities include the following:

Research and design an automation test system to test up to 32 STB’s (Set-Top-Box) receivers and DTA’s (Digital-Transport-Adapters) receivers.

Designed and built out many labs throughout the nation to support automated testing.

Designed an Automation GUI structure with a developer, to drive the automation system that included the gathering of serial data and comparing, comparing stored bit maps with live video, Using General Object Orientation for comparing and the capability of using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to search text within a video snapshot and then compare.

Created a report generator within the GUI that would give results of tests performed.

Develop, maintain, and upgrade automated test scripts and architectures for application products.

Evaluate and write test cases for the iGuide and DTA EBIF team.

Design and Fabricate 32 serial board rack mount gathering devices for the gathering of serial data from Motorola DTA’s

Design and Fabricate serial boards for the gathering of serial data from DCT Motorola STB’s

Designed the IVP (Internet Video Player) which allows QA testers to remote test Set-Top-Boxes from any locations using a hand held remote control or the remote-control GUI.

Manual STB testing of new code drop for the following – PACE, CISCO, ARRIS (Motorola) and Passport. Testing involved the following areas Guide, Main Menu, Quick Menu, VOD, PPV and ADDs

Attend daily Scrum, Kanban, Agile and Sprint meetings to further productize the automation test design tool

Comcast Media Center / O’Neil Communications, Inc, (Contract labor Comcast Media) – Test Engineer/Lead Automation Engineer – Set-Top-Box Tester (DSIT), contractor - 8/05 – 9/07 - Permanent 9/05 – 12/10 - Centennial, Colorado

As part of Comcast Cable’s Digital System Integration and Test team, my primary responsibilities include the following:

Evaluate, recommend and implement automated test tools and strategies.

Develop, maintain, and upgrade automated test scripts and architectures for application products.

Implement and report status for system test cases for testing.

Analyze test cases and provide regular progress reports.

Rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Perform a variety of tasks with a wide degree of creativity and latitude.

Worked with Corporate Engineering, Advanced Engineering, and Digital System Integration and other vendors to understand and help define new processes to achieve operational and test effort goals.

Evaluated Set-Top-Box for both Pace, Scientific Atlanta and Motorola digital platforms. Manufacturers evaluated included Motorola, Pace, Scientific Atlanta and Thomson.

Evaluated VOD and Interactive Electronic Program Guide using the Concurrent and SeaChange software code.

Worked setting up and automated testing of ADDs for a company within Comcast

Writing of CPA and GATT scripts for automated testing

Test Lead of the ASPEN OCAP set top testing and automation test.

Test lead of the DTA (Digital Transport Adapter) The Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) is a low-cost, customer premise device that allows broadcast digital signals to be decoded from MPEG-2/SD transport, then re-modulated as NTSC analog signals intended for display on analog-only devices.

CPA Automated Test Lead for the Denver team. Research and design automation test racks for streamlining the automation process for testing Set Top receivers for new software download cuts. Writing and developing new test scripts to streamline the automation development process for easier maintenance of test scripts. Designing of 16 to 1 port RF switches for testing of multiple DTA devices.

EchoStar Communications Corp., Software Test Engineer, 9/01 – 8/05

Englewood, Colorado

As a Software Test Engineer, my primary responsibilities include the following:

Create written test procedures from specifications and requirements, which tests the new software releases for the development of new and existing Set-Top Box receivers.

Support the Software Design Engineering teams in the creation of Set-Top Box software releases, prior to submittal to the final test/validation group(s).

Investigate and report software issues and problems to the Program Manager, and Software Design team.

Create written Software Test Plans, which serve as a Test Procedure outline and schedule platform for the development of new Set-Top Box Receivers.

Created test cases for new feature called “Trigger Adds”

EchoStar Certification Training

Attended the System Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques, Test Planning, Test Case Design workshops.

QWEST New Product Development, Senior Engineer, 4/00 – 7/01

Boulder, Colorado

As a member of the Technical Staff of the New Product Development Technologies, my primary responsibilities include the following:

Provide research, development and engineering of new customer products services and systems.

Managing the investigation and acquisition of new technologies through partnerships and contacted research with universities and research institutions.

Network Compatibility Testing – Network compatibility testing examines performance of the product in conjunction with QWEST network class features like Caller ID (CID), Call Waiting ID (CWID), Visual Message Waiting Indication (VMWI), and Caller ID with Distinct Ring patterns.

Functionality Testing – Functionality testing examines product compliance with QWEST requirements. Functionality Testing specifically covers extension in use detection, stutter detection verses FSK as it applies to VMWI functionality, out of area and local area codes, and 7, 10 and 1+ dialing.

Feature Testing – Features pertinent to the specific product is evaluated for performance and compared with CPE of similar type. This feature testing specifically covers Direct, Call Log, Re-dial, New caller Indication, Hold and remote release from hold, Switching to a waited call, Live Dial pad, Telco services access, and Speakerphone functionality.

Internet Connectivity Testing - Internet Connectivity examines modem behavior and performance. Internet Connectivity Testing test for interaction of the modem with telephony functions.

Web Testing - Web Testing tests cases involving web browsing of common sites and QWEST. Test cases are described in the following browser technology areas: HTML, JavaScript, JAVA and SSL.

Troubleshooting anomalies using Telephony testing equipment such as MetroTel CID150B Digit Grabber, Teltone TLS-5 Simulator, NSA Noise Generator, Wilcom T240 Loop Simulator, and PC with dial-up modem.

QWEST Certification Training

Understanding the Basics of Communications Networks, Understanding Emerging Technologies in the New Millennium.

Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Engineer, 9/96 – 4/00

Denver, Colorado

As a Test Conductor for the Titan Centaur upper stage launch vehicle, my primary responsibilities include the following:

Performing electrical and mechanical system level acceptance testing of the rocket

Directing complex thermal and acoustical testing with cryogenic liquids

Conducting checkout of the propulsion, pneumatics, reaction control and hydraulic systems

Creating and maintaining the official procedures for testing, troubleshooting and retest of the vehicle

Assuming the role of first line supervisor for the in-unit personnel during testing

Reporting status to senior management and the test team

Interfacing with all system engineering groups as well as Safety, Quality, Planning and Flow Management

Troubleshooting electrical anomalies using integrated vehicle schematics

Providing technical assistance and direction to shop personnel

Electrical Test Conductor of Flight vehicle tests and hardware, CCLS (Command Center Launch Support) Operator in charge of monitoring and controlling the vehicle during Flight Testing Operations

Conduct and perform test for the Titan/Centaur and Atlas/Centaur INU (Inertial Navigation Units).

Supervise and Managed up to 30 Contract Labor during Flight Testing.

Lockheed Martin Astronautics Group, Lead Electronic Technician, 7/95 - 9/96

Denver, Colorado

Electronic Technician in Test Tool Fabrication Area-with hands-on experience with oscilloscopes, digital volt meters, counters, logic analyzers, soldering, wire wrapping, meggering, electro-static discharge maintenance, and fabrication and testing of engineering development hardware.

Lead technician for maintenance support on the Titan Centaur Test Team in maintaining two labs, TOPS (Test Operations Processing Site) and the RAL (Radio Acoustic Laboratory) facilities.

Performed verification testing on the equipment that supported each of these labs.

Maintained calibration/verification dates in both labs, working with the PCR’s (Property Control Representatives) on a one to one basis. Provided technical support for the electronic gear that supports testing.

Lockheed Martin Certification Training

NASA Soldering Certification, Wire Wrapping, Electro-Static Discharge, ESD Hardware Handling, FOE/Material Handling, Foreign Object/Elimination, Hazardous Material Handling, Lockout/Tagout, Basic, Clean room Contaminate, Ordinance training, Personal Protective Equipment Training, Supervisor Mate/Demate, Test Conductor Training, Employee Relations Contract Administration Training (for supervisors), Material Resource Planning (MRPII), High Performance Work Groups, Total Quality Management (TQM), ISO 9000/9001/9004

Martin Marietta Astronautics Group, Industrial Engineer Technician 12/84 - 4/92

Denver, Colorado

Compiled data for L.R.P. (Long-Range-Plans) for projected staffing/man hours.

Applied setup and run time standards for electronic hardware.

Performed process time studies on the fabricators for process improvement.

Utilized M.O.S.T. database to compile a boilerplate for Industrial Engineers.

Trained personnel on database usage, and M.O.S.T. software application.

Maintained and revised M.O.S.T. database to meet the needs of fabricators on the factory floor.

Reviewed fabrication process verifying database procedures to Industrial Engineering's processes of applying standards, in the M.O.S.T. database boilerplate.


Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, Colorado 1994

Associates Degree of Applied Science in Electronic Technology

Lockheed Martin Astronautics in-house safety and technical courses for Test Conductor Certification, Error Prevention training, Measurement Science, and Employee Relations Contract Administration Training (for supervisors).

H.B. Maynard Management Institute of Industrial Engineering

Basic MOST and Maxi MOST (predetermined time systems, both courses of which are used in standard application of electronic and mechanical hardware).


Special recognition for performing a critical task during simulated flight testing 1996.

Process Improvement spot award 1998.

Awarded the NOVA Award for zero defects during consecutive flight launches.

Employee spot award for implementing surplus equipment 1999 – saving the company $125,000 a year.

Employee spot award for the removal and installation of AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) from the RAL (Reverberant Acoustic Laboratory) facilities


Played N.A.B.A “AA” SEMI-PRO baseball



Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Front Page, AutoCAD


Assembly Language



Basic - Java, HTML

GATT (General Automated Test Tool) Automated Script – custom application developed by Comcast Digital System Integration and Test

CPA (Client Performance Analyzer) is a Windows-based software package that tests the performance of cable set-top boxes and associated middleware.

RATT (ROVI Automated Test Tool) is a Windows-based software package that tests the performance of cable set-top boxes and associated middleware.

Team Tracker bug reporting system, Mercury Quality Center – Test Director, Bugzilla, Version 1, Test Rail and JIRA bug reporting system

Security Clearance

Secret, Clearance granted by Defense Investigative Service (DIS) 2/97 – 4/01

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