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Customer Service Assistant

Strathfield, New South Wales, 2135, Australia
April 29, 2019

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I wish to apply for the role of Personal Assistant for Marie-France Group as advertised on . I am presently looking for a position that utilities my talent and allows for a fulfilling career. I have much experience in retail, education and commercial work places, due to study commitments and overseas travel. I’m a people person and the are the people I’d wish to work with are caring, dedicated, professional team-players. I believe that my CV will reveal my skills to match your requirements closely. I strive to produce great service by engaging with my workplace community and assisting others. I believe I have the excellent interpersonal skills and ability to maintain outstanding delivery of services.

• I have Australian citizenship and driver’s license and my own transport.

• I had a Working with Children Check No WWC 0101703E (currently being renewed)

• I am fully immunised.

I have more than seven years of experience in Reception and Customer Service in part time and casual roles, including more then twelve months experience as an assistant and receptionist. I have an excellent understanding of the role and have become very proficient and flexible in my skills. Past and Present responsibilities:

• Provide a welcoming and well presented first point of contact

• Dealing with customer phone calls and email enquiries

• Data entry

• Client invoicing

• Switch board operator

• Organising meetings and recording minutes, distributing agendas and related materials

• Ingoing and outgoing Mail

• Document Creation and Filing/Updating, Scanning and Archiving

• Ensuring the clean and efficient management of practise materials and supplies.

• Stocktaking and Resource Maintenance

• Event and Food Preparation

• Dental assisting and sterilisation procedures

• Receptionist duties-including knowledge of OASIS, D4W, and Microsoft Office I feel that I will make a wonderful addition to your team. I am motivated to succeed in this role and display competence in my skills. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards,

Rebecca Hatton

Rebecca Hattons Cover


I have completed the following qualifications:

• Six Units in the Bachelor of Arts Degree

(University of Western Sydney over 2014-15. Currently deferred indefinitely)

• Certificate IV Business Administration (TAFE, 2011)

• Certificate III Business Administration (TAFE, 2010)

• Responsible Service of Alcohol, Training Course Professionals, Sydney (2008)

• Santa Sabina College Strathfield Higher School Certificate (2005)

(English, Mathematics, Visual Arts, SOR and IPT – all Band 4) Employment history:

• Extraction Operator/ Data Management Officer

New South Wales Electoral Commission (Current 2019)

• TJ Andrews Funeral Service

Team Coordination Officer (October 2018 - Feb 2019)

• Randwick Dental Care

Dental assistant (January 2018 - April 2018)

• Kissing Point Road Dental Group (Causal)

Sterilisation and Dental assistant (6 June 2017 - 11 August 2017)

• Newtown Dentist (Causal)

Dental assistant (7 March 2017 - 21 April 2017)

• Mulford Plastics (Full time)

Data entry (2016)

• Datacom (contract)

Customer Service Representative (March-August 2016)

• School Administrative Officer (Casual: 2009- 2016)

• Strathfield Girls High School (2013 Term 4, 2014 Terms 1 - 4 & 2015 Terms 2 - 4)

• Moorebank High School (Term 2 2012)

• Killara High School (2010 Terms 3 - 4 & 2011 Term 3)

• Hornsby Girls High School (2011 Term 1)

• Warwick Williams Real Estate (Contract)

Receptionist (October 2012 – December 2012)

• The Academic Enabling and Support Centre at Notre Dame University Australia Receptionist/Administrative assistant (September 2011 – December 2011) Criteria for this role includes

Excellent communicator – written, spoken, and listener At TJ Andrews my focus was on the staff and their clients. My role as Coordinator was to assist the Arrangers and other staff, understand their needs and to ensure that everything was ready by the time of the service. The administrative work I completed was so that staff could work most effectively to support the grieving families.

Staff required detailed information from medical facilieies and for service details to be updated frequently so I organised/monitored these daily in order to contact and confirm that everything was entered and paired for though the accounting oficer. Therefore I completed and maintained accurate databases and other office work to effect successful interaction between staff and families in required timeframes.

At Notre Dame University, my role in the centre was also to provide practical assistance working with students who have special needs requirements or simply required individual supervision for missed assessments in order that deadlines for reporting be assisted and met in this way. Staff required TEP Lists to be updated frequently so I organised/monitored these daily in order to contact and confirm student interviews. Therefore I completed and maintained accurate databases and other office work to effect successful interaction between staff and students at the university in required timeframes.

In the Dental surgery and in the educational environment, the needs of the clients are varied. In the Dental surgery, clients require swift attention at the designated time. For example, my arrangement of appointments inside appropriate timeframes assists the delivery of service to these clients as does my prompt attention to phone calls. I make appointments with awareness of the fact that different procedures require different length appointments and mistakes in appointment timing can have the effect of increasing waiting times significantly. In a call centre, effective communications is key to the performance of service to the customer and team dynamics. I was not very familiar with tax- laws when starting the role, however this is a list of the topics I assisted callers with in my time there;

• Business and Individual accounts enquiries

• Replacement, refunds, transfers, deferrals &

suspensions of funds

• Processing, Refunding, Correcting &

revising, and Replacing & generating: BAS

services and Activity Statements

• Debt collection and deceased customers

• Reporting periods and options

• E-services (MyTax, ABR & MyGov) and

Electronic commerce interface

• Franking credits

• Tax Roles: FBT, LCT, FTC, WET, GST

• Student HEC and HELP balance and


• Basic PAYG instalments and withholding

• ABN and TFN enquiries

Datacom operators must utilise effective listening and navigate at least three systems at once in order to answer client requests in real time. This was difficult to manage at first but I became proficient in using the programs in unison, pulling answers from off-hand comments and the smallest detail in a clients record or file.

Exceptional interpersonal skills, persuasiveness

My time at Datacom was a customer service over the phone, where I received over 100 calls a day and I strived to be as warm and enthusiastic to the last caller as the first. My ability to actively listen to the client and then answer their enquiry and swift update the system was a key role in the job. At Earlwood Dental Services and Randwick Dental Care, I acted in both the chaired nurse and receptionist role, this involved assisting the dentist with procedures, keeping the schedule of appointments on time, sanitising the surgery after each appointment and then processing the clients entering and leaving the office. This required me to become very rehearsed in the systems and procedures I was preforming in order to provide effective service. I spoke with every client in a friendly manner, especially with the younger children who were frightened to go to the dentist. I have a lot of experience dealing with students of a wide range of ages from primary to matureaged from my time working as a system administrative officer in different schools. Excellent personal presentation

I maintain short and clean nails and pull my hair back, I keep both myself and my work space tidy and well presented as not only does that assist me and my co-workers in carrying out our responsibilities but creates a positive impression on visitors to the office. Proactive, results driven, high responsiveness

Many of my administrative roles have been a mix of team and individual work. So I have the ability both to take direction and to judge the things needing to be addressed immediately and initiate my work independently based on these conclusions. I enjoy the feeling when I’ve completed a task and have no trouble undertaking a project on my own. I am motivated to succeed in this role and display my competence in my skills. While at Earlwood Dental surgery I also acted as the weekend support staff member and Randwick Dental Care I would switch between assisting and front desk duties, thus performed all nursing and administrative duties. This included upkeep of equipment, records and appointment scheduling for the patients.

At Notre Dame AESC I as sole office assistant for the student support centre, I was in a situation where as a casual I had to establish my own routines and systems. I organised my own procedures to deal with maintenance, storage of student records and upkeep of office supplies as well as employing existing manuals detailing procedures for certain set tasks re student administration. Can work independently and with a team

As I have worked in so many different situations and circumstances I believe that I have naturally developed flexibility, from retail to education to medical services. I have had exposure to many different systems and have learnt from these.

As Administrative Assistant at the Academic Enabling and Support Centre my focus was on the staff and their clients. My role as a receptionist was to assist the students and teaching staff and understand their needs and to meet deadlines in areas of student administration. The administrative work I completed was so that staff could work most effectively to support and monitor students. Staff required information to be updated frequently so I organised/monitored these daily in order to contact and confirm student interviews. Therefore I completed and maintained accurate databases and other office work to effect successful interaction between staff and students at the university in required timeframes

At the Academic Enabling and Support Centre the delivery of information and pastoral care was one of my duties and students would enter the office or call in to make appointments at anytime. I learnt to make appointments for members of the staff, upkeep office, attend to University visitors, supervise students and maintain an online records and booking system for staff. In the TAS (Technology and Applied Sciences)technical kitchen as in any educational environment, the needs of the teachers and students are varied and immediate. Food preparation requires swift attention at the designated times. For example, my arrangement of demos or practicals inside appropriate timeframes assists the teachers in the conducting of their classes. For example, my arrangement of equipment and food stuffs inside appropriate timeframes assists the delivery of service to the day’s classes as does my prompt attention to any extra ingredients which teachers may request during a lesson. Working as part of a team, I maintained various work equipment and kept the work environment well organised and tidy. I ask questions to determine the information needs of my co-workers and create a schedule I follow as closely as possible. Computer literate – Microsoft Office, InDesign, Canva, social media channels I have much experience in word processing; operation of computers and/or classroom/office equipment; library procedures; hospitality and/or design and technology and with most technologies. I am very good at trouble shooting and adapting to new systems. I am familiar with most Office Software, in my last position, I worked solo on many different documents; word, excel and access.

I have produced many documents with word processing and I am proficient in using spreadsheets and databases. As a Business Administration and a Graphic Design student at TAFE I learnt to use a large range of computer software packages (Adobe Software such as InDesign and Illustrator.). I can learn new software quickly. I am efficient in numerous programs and have excellent data entry skills. In my TAFE courses other students would seek me out for assistance with software. The software packages I have studied include; Microsoft Office (Publisher, Word, Excel, PP and Access), Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign) and OASIS (DEC version) other programs I have familiarity with are Microsoft Outlook, MAZE online database and OASIS


During my time at AESC Notre Dame University, I completed Excel spreadsheets, typed and designed Word documents for members of the teaching staff and applied my knowledge of Publisher to a newsletter made by the Disabilities staff in order to increase the visual interest of the newsletter and optimise their data output, editing content and determining layout including images and photos. As school administration officer I designed a Year 9 Information Evening PowerPoint slideshow which apparently has been repeatedly used and I was given very favourable feedback for it. My current keyboard and typing skills is approximately 40WMP with 100% accuracy Precision and excellent organisational skills

I prioritised tasks in my working day so that important or pressing tasks were completed early in the day where possible. I discussed with the dentist the best way to clump appointments in order to provide the service without over taxing the staff or causing unwanted waiting periods for stock- holders/clients/patients.


I have Business Certificate III and Business Certificate IV. I have over 7 years of experience in a very wide verity of support administrative roles and I feel I would make an excellent addition to your team. I am able to fit into lots of different roles in the work place and adapt quickly to changing situations and met stock-holder/client expectations. Strong organisational skills

I am able to be proactive and determine task priority. I am aware of demands on staff members and strive to assist them in any high pressure situation. I am a calm person who deals with each situation in a methodical manner, prioritising requests in accordance to urgency while using courtesy as a guide. My temporary position at Datacom was in a customer service role in a high volume call centre. I received over 100 calls a day. I prioritised urgent real time calls and allocated time as necessary to enable efficient, prompt and customer focused service. I am proficient in navigating three programs in unison, using responses as I listen, and the smallest detail in a client’s record or file to prioritise questioning lines and address needs. I often had multiple requests for assistance with enquiries or urgent information as simple as set-up of a room for the next meeting or as complex as delivering high priority materials word processed, scanned and copied whilst the telephone is ringing and clients are waiting. Clients can be welcomed and lines of communication established. Ringing phones can be answered quickly. I use the common tool of listing, to make sure that every task is completed on time and to the specifications needed and I proactively look forward on the calendar to check coming events. I prioritise tasks so that important/pressing jobs are completed early in the day where possible. I always ask for timelines for projects. Simple time management techniques, such as listing, blocked- time and colour coding, ensure that last minute urgent action can be avoided. I have worked in print rooms in large high schools (1000+ students) where it was not uncommon to have priority welfare work from senior executive as well as continuous submissions from teachers required at different times and in different formats.

I ensured by using flow charts and request forms that classroom materials were printed, correctly collated and delivered, ready for urgent and/or timely distribution by staff. For example, I proactively ensured that at the end of the school year a large multi-page booklet, required for the start of a new term for all Year 7 and which had been inadvertently left in the staffroom, was given priority and delivered back before the end of term. A medical emergency takes total priority. High attention to detail

At Notre Dame University, I completed and maintained accurate databases and other office work to effect successful interaction between staff and students at the university. I have a good eye for detail and achieve accuracy by double checking to ensure that no errors occur. For example, during one check I discovered that a student had been mistakenly added by a staff member onto a tutorial attendance list in MAZE which resulted in multiple student records being incorrectly filed. I also successfully used online databases for cataloguing data for libraries and for maintaining the integrity of information delivery to students. My time at TJ Andrews was spent comparing data and documents to ensure that all information on both electronic and hard copies were identical and correct. I would often have to keep track of multi records at the simultaneously in a short time frame in order to assist the Arrangers to prepare for services which usage occurred between 2- 6 days of TJ Andrews receiving the call (mostly answered by myself) and then past this information onto BDM department. My Referees:

Nathan Howard

Accounts Manager

TJ Andrews Funeral Service

Ph. 9725 5639 (9.00am - 5.00pm)

mobile: 041*******

Nikki Page

Office Manager

Randwick Dental Care

Ph. 9399 3957

Ms Stephanie Avery

Office Manager

Kissing Point Rd Dental Group

Ph. 9488 9699 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 - 4:30) 2nd; contact only if Stephanie is unavailable

Dr Robyn Nixon


Ph. 9488 9699

Mrs Poppi Christodoulou

SAO- Technological and Applied Studies

Strathfield Girls High School

Ph. 042*-***-***

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