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Engineer Software Developer

Cupertino, California, United States
April 29, 2019

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Cupertino, CA *****


OBJECTIVE Experience programming in several different languages. Seeking a

job as a Software Developer/Data Engineer.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Information Systems

San Francisco State University, Fall 2017


●Machine Learning Engineer, YouPlus Co., Mountain View, CA Nov 2018 - Present

-Implemented neural networks that functioned as image classifiers and multi-label classifiers in Python using FastAI packages

-Worked with AI team to generate questions from various types of data using Part of Speech tagging and Word2Vec

-Used scalable cloud search engines like ElasticSearch

●Dev Test Engineer, Cisco Systems, San Jose, Feb 2018 – Aug 2018

-Wrote and modified Python scripts to automate testing and do a failure modes effect analysis on the ASR9000 series carrier-grade routers

-Navigated Linux OS on routers to determine which faults were occuring

-Working closely with team developing upgraded OS for network operating system for current and new line cards

●Software Developer, Ananth Technologies Inc., Cupertino, CA, 2016-2017

-Developed web applications for various clients such as Yaskawa, AppScape

-Used Java, SAP Web IDE, UI5, JavaScript


●Enterprise Deep Learning with TensorFlow

-In depth course on different types of neural networks and the applications of deep learning in present day. Worked with Jupyter notebooks and TensorFlow to look at convolutional, recurrent, and generative adversarial neural networks. (CNN’s, RNN’s, and GAN’s)

●Programming in Python for Data Science (Microsoft Certified)

-Focus on machine learning algorithms such as PCA, Isomap, K-Nearest Neighbors, Supply Vector Classifier, and Random Forest.

●Programming in R for Data Science (Microsoft Certified)

-Focus on simulations, linear models, and creating other graphical models to interpret data

●SAP Fiori for iOS


●Client – Yaskawa: Technical Training and Certification Module - July 2016

-Helped in front-end UI design using Web IDE on SAP Hana Cloud Platform. The framework followed the Model-View-Controller design and the front-end was done in SAPUI5, JavaScript and XML. The application consumed OData services that were connected to SAP CRM and ECC systems

●Email Filter using Machine Learning

-This project is still in progress but it is written in Python using the Django framework. The program receives email credentials and then gets the token from a specific email website(i.e. Gmail) then retrieves all emails. It then draws insights from the mass of emails.

●Image Classifier in Python

-Gathered batch data from google from three different categories of about 300 images. Created a convolutional neural network that could identify each different category of a test data set to a 97% accuracy.

●Wrote an application similar to Kelly Blue Books in java

-A web application that incorporated servlets and sockets using Tomcat to run on a local server. The core program data is stored in a LinkedHashMap and has synchronized methods to deal with updates to the data.



●Taken courses focused on Machine Learning algorithms and applying those to real life problems

●Two years of formal classes and several years of self-taught programming in Java and C++

●Experienced with Python web frameworks Django and Flask

●Worked with cloud development technologies like Azure and AWS.

●Familiar with AWS EC2/EBS/S3/RDS through management console and CLI’s

●One year experience with Computer Vision and NLP programs

●Wrote programs with PyTorch using TensorFlow backend

●Completed classes in advanced programming in R and Python for Data Science

●Knowledge of container tools like Docker

●Created databases that utilized SQL for data management as well as experience with noSQL databases like MongoDB

●Able to create web pages with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS

●Worked with different JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and NodeJS

●Strong in algorithms and data structures

Other Skills

●Able to speak English, Spanish, and Telugu

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