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Denver, Colorado, United States
April 28, 2019

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Hector A. Briones

Phone 303-***-****

Professional Overview

Core Qualifications

Advanced proficiency in Network Technologies

Full Attention to Details in Equipment Handling, Processes

Knowledge of Software Defined Networking (SDN) ETSI Solutions

Knowledge of Network Function Virtualization (NFA) ETSI Solutions

Knowledge working with Vendors

Network Optical Testing, Network Optical Transmission Building, Electrical Systems Testing Standards

Cellular Communication Systems (MSO)

Working knowledge of Protocol Analyzers and Protocol Analysis

Voice & Analog Conversation in Communication Transmissions

OOS Applications and Support Systems

Extensive experience in Network Systems, Trouble Analysis, Root Cause Analysis

Excellent interpersonal skills with attention to detail and customer satisfaction

Leadership skills with Project Management Skills

Programming Languages Studied: Pearle, Java, Java Script, Pearl, C++, HTML, XHTML XML, Microsoft SQL

Telecommunications and IT Network Professional, with 20+ years of experience

Inside and Outside Plant Telecommunications

Improving cell phone reception by installing a state-of-the-art distributed antenna system (DAS)

DWDM & CWDM Optical Transmission System

Unused Dark Fiber-Optical Cables - Working Knowledge

Optical Engineering and Systems Interoperability

Metro Internet Based Optical Networks and Local Area Networks

Familiarity and Knowledge w/drafting techniques/engineering concepts and terminology

United States Army Veteran, Honorable Discharge

Transport EQPT: Cisco Systems, Juniper, Alcatel Lucent, Tellabs, Infernera, Ciena, Nokia, DWDM Systems


Century Link Communications

Locations: Littleton, CO

May 2017 – Aug 2018

Optical Network Augmentation (ONA) Team

Confirm, Build and Test DS3 and Optical transport systems through various vendor equipment mediums.

Including DWDM systems, partnered with network engineers and planners to achieve successful results.

Nov 2016 – Apr 2017 in transition

Level 3 Communications, Inc.

Locations: Littleton, CO

Aug 2014 – Oct 2016

Circuit Design

Designed optical and electrical Infrastructure Transmission System/Networks for all Voice, Internet, Data and Video transmission Designs.

Performed notification of equipment/network bandwidth availability to Planning/Engineering team members in avoidance of future network bandwidth limitations of services.

Validated E911 circuit path diversity requirements were met.

Confirmed company policy on transport paths were adhered to and issued a network MOP to correct any inefficiency in transmission path.

Followed capacity and traffic methods to resolve bandwidth designs issues network wide.

Performed projects for network DM (Manufacture Discontinued) equipment change out; required moving all services to new equipment.

I have used the Granite, Network Pro Applications

TW Telecom (acquired by Level 3 Communications, Inc. in 2014)

Locations: Green Village CO

Duration: May 2003 – Aug 2014


Infrastructure Design Engineer; designing back-bone internet, voice, data, SONET base circuits

Network Facility Engineer; reconfiguration and re-mapping of our back-bone networks, nationwide.

Provisioning Network Analyst; most duties as a PNA consisted of building, configuration and testing of circuit paths through existing network elements. Media types; Electrical, Optical and TDM transmissions.

DS1 Enhance 911 network designs I have done. The Public Safety Answering Point, known as PSAP, have data circuits which route the 911 callers location information from the data base, while the class 5 switch provides the audio cut-through from the 911 caller to the PSAP center or call dispatch location. The DS1 circuit carrying the E911 information can also ride a DS3 to a designated multiplexer then to the PSAP call center.


Designing optical systems and electrical systems, infrastructure networks for all voice, internet, data and video transmissions

Interacting with multiple equipment vendors including Cisco Systems IP, Juniper, ALCALTEL/LUCENT, Tellabs, SONUS Based, DWDM systems. Also, extensive TDM experience

Implementing network ordering for both off-net and on-net interconnections in US continental markets, including major cities and rural areas


Development and engineered optimization of existing networks by implementing network grooms for both inside and outside network operations.

Aggregation devices

Bandwidth availability

Building, provisioning, configuring, testing, and execution of trouble-shooting methods on electrical and optical networks and multi-media transport devices

Interacting with both engineers, technicians and operational management

Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations

Locations: Aurora, CO, Merrimac Valley, MA

Duration: Dec 1997 – May 2003


Sr. Transmission-Transport Optical Consultant; working with engineering problem resolution, software and hardware levels.

Member of Technical Staff, System Validation Testing, Optical Networking Group; included optical network management system built to interconnect all lab locations at Lucent Technologies, Merrimac Valley MA.

Network Technical Support, Manager; Performed Technical support on all Network Transport systems and media method types. New Equipment Processes. Wireless cell site experience. Vendors such as Harris Communications


Provided on-site field consultation to isolate, resolve network anomalies

Utilized protocol analyzers

Evaluated test equipment and test system requirements to meet network technology standards

Transmission Protocols: X.25 (suite), SS7, SNA, Bi-Sync, IPARS, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, ISDN, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, IS-IS, BGP

Transmission Languages: TLI, EBCDIC, ASCII, and BCD.

Standard bodies: ANSI, IEEE,ITU, MEF

Successfully established complete interoperability between Element Management System (EMS) and the Sub-Network-Management-System, attached to an OLS (Optical Line System) 80G/40G Dense Wave Division Multiplexing System

Use of the OSI Reference Model /CLNP (Connection-Less-Network Protocol) with Ethernet interfaces on two CISCO 2611 Routers.

Provided System Validation Testing (software and hardware).

Developed techniques to trouble shoot at chip and software level using chip instruction set

Participated in the initiation of the Lucent Technology Network Reliability Center

Team member of task force for surveillance, monitoring and technical support provided by QWEST communications and Lucent Technologies in 2000 US Olympics

US West Communication

Locations: Seattle, Olympia, WA, Denver CO

Duration: May 1985 – Nov 1996


Technical Support Manager - Service Assurance; Technical Support on all network transports types and services for USWEST at Littleton Colorado.

Technical Support Manager DATEC - Network and Technology Services; Technical Support on all network transports types and services covering the state of Washington, from Seattle, east to Lewiston Idaho, to Olympia, Washington.

Business Service Manager – Managed an Outside Plant, Special Services installation team of 25 technicians in Olympia, Washington

Member of Technical Staff – CCTAC (Corporate Communication Technical Analyst Center); Network Analyst, performed and resolved network issues, maintained Network circuits, Front Processors software loads to Main Frames interconnect. Protocol analysis methods to clear myriad network problems.


Provided regional Tier II technical support to outside plant facilities operations

Long term-root cause analysis experience

Group leader in peer education and methodology development

Technical field advisor on complex data communication needs.

Expertise in protocols, including X.25 (suite), SS7, SNA, Bi-Sync, IPARS, TCP/IP, ISDN

Working knowledge of ANSI/IEEE ITU Interface standards

Use and functionality of protocol analyzers for the purpose of problem resolution

Honored all negotiated commitments on customer installation service orders

Performed evaluation on technical training needs and training requirements for technicians

Promoted mutual respect, acceptance, and teamwork in installation/repair crew

Worked as TIERII customer support and service maintenance of system applications and remote accessibility

Interoperability of USWEST internal Communications Network

Problem management resolution and network performance analysis


Bachelor of Science Degree, Information Technology Systems

June, 2013, 2016 Denver, Colorado

Certifications in-process:

Cisco CCNA I


Security IINS

Military Service: Honorably Discharged Veteran

Various complete training certifications from CISCO, Lucent Technologies, and Juniper.

*To present upon request

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