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Construction Engineering

Legarda-Burnham-Kisad, Benguet, 2600, Philippines
15 to 20
April 28, 2019

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Ferdinand R. Quides

Ab**lower Kesbeng Poblacion,La Trinidad Benguet




Date of Birth: February 22, 1981

Gender: Male

Civil Status: Married

Nationality: Filipino

Permanent Address: Ab39lower Kesbeng Poblacion,La Trinidad Benguet, Philippines WORK EXPERIENCE

1. Position: Carpenter,Mason,steelman,tile setter

Duration: January 2014 - PRESENT

Company: LiJance design and construction

Company Industry: Construction / Building / Engineering Location: Tubao Gonzales, La union

Department: Structure, design

Duties and

Responsibilities: Install structures and fixtures, plastering, cutting and placing bricks/blocks, cuttiles. Can work with out supervision and follow blue prints ang building plans 2. Position: Steel man, carpenter

Duration: March 2009 - August 2013

Company: Private contractor

Company Industry: Construction / Building / Engineering Location: Tuding, Baguio city

Department: Lay out,structural

Duties and

Responsibilities: Build, install iron steel girders, cut and position and bolt down steel bars to reinforce concrete.

3. Position: Tile setter

Duration: September 2001 - April 2002

Company: Kunwha-luzon Construction

Company Industry: Construction / Building / Engineering Location: Crystal cave Baguio city

Department: Construction

Duties and

Responsibilities: Cut and install tiles in evenly spread mortar in straight lines. 4. Position: Mason

Duration: May 2002 - October 2003

Company: UNI ARCE Builders

Company Industry: Consulting (IT, Engineering, Science & Technical) Location: 3rd Floor maharlika livelihood complex

Department: Construction

Duties and

Responsibilities: Finish surfaces of poured concrete such as floors,walls, post, and install bricks. Construct and repair surfaces or structures.

5. Position: Finishing Mason

Duration: September 2003 - October 2006

Company: Zaldy G. Sabling

Company Industry: Architectural Services / Interior Design Location: Betag,La Trinidad Benguet

Department: Construction

Duties and

Responsibilities: Smooth concrete, mold expansion joints and edges. Apply hardening and sealing compounds to cure surface of concrete, and waterproof or restore surface. EDUCATION

Highest Education:

Education Level: High School Diploma

School/University:Coto Academy Highschool

Location: Coto Masinloc,Zambales

Date: June 1994 - March 1998


Skill: Yrs. of Experience Remarks

1. Carpenter rough to finishing,tiler,mason 13 Experience in carpentry, masonry,tiler in residential and

commercial contruction projects. Work

independently or in team environment.


Language: Proficiency Level

1. English,tagalog level 3


Emelito Baday Architect

LiJance design and construction



Architect Zaldy G. Sabling Architect, Plumbing

Zaldy G. Sabling



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