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Engineering Digital Marketing

Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
April 27, 2019

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Fulltime/Intern ****


MINGMING GE Male · · 276-***-**** · Blacksburg, Virginia, 24060


3+ years of working experience in structural analysis with FEM, and manufacturing, testing, failure analysis of composites.

Enrolled in fluid and thermal analysis project with CFD and wind/water tunnel experiments in Aeroelasticity Lab of VT.

Numerical simulation in C++, Fortran, Matlab; CAE in Ansys, Abaqus; CAD in Catia, Solidworks, UG; 3D Printing.

Flexible for the positions, and OPT/CPT provided by school department permits the legal authorization working in US. EDUCATION Jan.2019- Current VIRGINIA TECH

Doctor of Engineering Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Major: Aerospace and Ocean Engineering GPA:3.8 Pratt & Whitney Fellowship Sept.2012-Mar.2015 BEIHANG UNIVERSITY (BEIJING UNIV. OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS) Master of Engineering College of Aeronautical Science and Engineering Major: Aerospace Engineering GPA:3.7 Ranking: Top 5% Sept.2013-Mar.2014 POLITECNICO DI MILANO (ITALY)

Academic Exchange Department of Aerospace Science and Technology Major: Aerospace Engineering GPA:3.7 Ranking: Top 5% Sept.2008-Jun.2012 NANJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS Bachelor of Engineering College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering GPA:3.5 Ranking: Top 8% WORKING & INTERNSHIP Apr.2015 – Dec.2018: TOYO ENGINEERING CORPORATION (TOP3 in Japan) TOKYO Structural analysis specialist at Material Designing Division

Modeling and simulation analysis with programming finite element methods for industry facilities & products, (6 large scale analyzing projects/ per year) including pressure vessels, pipes, tanks, metals and composites, etc.;

Structural design, testing and trouble-shooting works including stress evaluation, elastic-plastic, modal, thermal, buckling, and dynamic impact analysis for joints, strength, stability, shear resistant beams, crippling etc.;

Model-Based Design research works for advanced technology verification, and facilitate the quick commercialization of laboratory scale technologies (saved company $100,000 budget); Apr. - Sept. 2014: BOEING CHINA BEIJING

Internship in Technical Service Center

Technical direction to vendors and authorities (over 100 audience) with presentations and meeting communication.

Resolved B737MAX AirplaneOnGround issues in Capital Airport via troubleshooting for 50+ customers; Apr. - Sept. 2013: COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT CORPORATION OF CHINA SHANGHAI Testing Lab Assistant in National Composite Laboratory

Design, manufacture and mechanical test of laminate specimens with prepreg layup and autoclave solidification;

Editing engineering work-flow, and fabrication process of components (10+ per day) with product quality analysis. Fulltime/Intern 2019


RESEARCH & PROJECT EXPERIENCE Jan.2019 - Current: Investigation of fluid cavitation growth mechanism and thermal effects. (US Navy Foundation)

Experimental and Modeling simulation to evaluation and test the fluid bubble with heat transfer/CFD methods.

Design of experiment, setup definition including fabrication, sample preparation, data collection & analysis, report presentation, and documentation.

Apr.2017 - Nov.2018: Structural analysis in Shintech Ethane Cracker Plant Project, Louisiana, TOYO USA

Material property evaluation and testing, utilizing the result for material selection, root cause analysis of the material failure.

Secondary development of Ansys UPF to perform the creep life assessment with the Omega Method of ASME.

Supervising piping and civil construction to diagnose problems and come up with practical solutions. Mar.2016 - Mar.2017: Material Control PIC in Synthetics Rubber Plant of Michelin, Cilegon, Indonesia

Thermal-structural analysis for the leakage of heat exchanger considering gasket and flange contact with FEA.

Vibration analysis for motor pump structure to determine the final reinforcement pan and effectiveness assessment.

Buckling/post-buckling analysis of a liquid nitrogen tank with concaved deformation and critical strength calculation. Mar.2014 - Mar.2015: Graduate Thesis: Study on Load Distribution in Multi-countersunk Bolt Joints of Laminates

Design, manufacture and mechanical test of composite specimens to demonstrate damage progress and loading procedure.

The optimized outcome is accepted as a reference by the Chinese Society for Composite Materials.

Fortran-type user subroutine in Abaqus was coded to perform 3D progressive damage simulation. Sept.2013 - Jun.2014: Failure Mode and Mechanism of Composite Structures (National Natural Science Foundation)

Experimental and computational studies of composite laminates with thin center notches under axial compressive loading are carried out, to study the effects of different crack lengths and angles on damage propagation.

Established the damage tolerance criteria of CFRP composite for different types of damages with low velocity & high velocity impact, rectangular & elliptical shape delamination and penetrated notch. PUBLICATIONS 1. Mingming Ge, Cheng Xiaoquan, and Zhang Qian. "Compressive test and numerical simulation of center notched composite laminates with different crack configurations." Polymer Composites 38.12 (2017): 2631-2641. doi:10.1002/pc.23855 Polymer Composites;

2. Mingming Ge, et al. "Tensile Test and Simulation of Woven Composite Laminates after High Velocity Impact." doi:10.4028/; International Conf. on Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials (2014); 3. Isaku Chimura, Mingming Ge, et al. "Application of Large Scale Modal Analysis to Pump Motor Vibration Problem on FPSO Module Rack Structure" 8th International Conference on Acoustic Emission, Kyoto (2016), Proceeding in Japanese; 4. Mingming Ge, et al. "Damage Progression and Load Distribution of Countersunk Composite Joints with Test and Simulation" Master Dissertation (2015); Beihang University, Beijing, China LEADERSHIP & AWARDS 2019-2020 Newmedia Marketing Officer of Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Virginia Tech; Selected as one of 10 board members through a competitive application process. Establish the implementation of 5+ digital marketing initiatives: mobile advertising, social networking, etc. 2015-2018 Fundamental Engineering (NCEES); A+Class Employee in TOYO (Top 10%); National Scholarship of China; Outstanding Graduates Awards of BUAA; PERSONAL SKILLS Coding (C++, Fortran, Matlab), FEM (Ansys, Abaqus), CAD (CATIA, Solidworks, AutoCAD), thermal / mechanical testing

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