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Engineer Manager

Mundelein, IL
April 26, 2019

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Curriculum vitae

Personal details:

name: Sergiy Pryimak

birth date: 11/04/1984

status: Master’s degree of Chemical Engineering

address: ***** *********, ********

mob. +1-224-***-****


skype: sergopriymak

marital status: married

Objective: The Post of Chemical Engineer, Project Manager, Process Engineer.


Complete higher education

University: Dnipropetrovsk National University,

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2006

Specialization: Chemical engineer of high molecular compounds;

Faculty: Chemistry, Specialized department: Chemical technology of highmolecular compounds.

Professional experience

• Since 2013 on positions Head of Production, Chief process engineer,

Production Manager);

• Since 2005 continuous work experience in the field of polymers processing

by methods of injection molding, extrusion, co-extrusion, blown film,

cast film extrusion, tufting, latex coating.

• Assembly production management;

• Work experience with PE, PP, PET, ABS, PC, PS, PVC-U, work with colorant,

blockers, adhesive and processing’s additives, stabilators, technological and lasers


• Organization of working teams, shifts, workshop, production department; recruitment

and training of staff, commissioning works, starting produсtion from “0” cycle;

• Reprocessing (recycling and reuse) LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PC, Rubber tires

cooperation with suppliers and customers;

• Production of packaging for food and beverages, according to ISO 9001, HACCP,


• Laser marking of products from PE, PP, PC;

• Development of technical and technological documentation, laboratory tests of

raw materials, quality control and testing of properties finished products;

• Maintenance operations, preventive repair, emergency repairs of main and auxiliary

equipment, including crushers, agglomerators, extruders, injection molding

machines, dryers, molds, etc..

• Confident skills in pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics. Technical proficiency.

• Advanced PC user.

• Bilingual. Forein languages (Russian-fluent, Ukrainian-fluent)

• Driving license.

Work experience:

From 11.2018

till now

Chemical Engineer, Professional development

Bio Packaging films, Mudelein, Illinois

• Production of high-quality PE films with assorted size, formats, and special

additives by methods blow extrusion and cast extrusion;

• Raw materials control and testing;

• The final products quality control and testing;

• Formulation and testing of raw material compounds;

• New products development;

From 11.2016

till 11.2018

Plant Manager at FFU Production

Kiev, Ukrane

• Production of artificial turfs for football fields and landscape by tufting and coating

methods from PE and PP with productivity 1,000,000 sq.m p/year.

• Recycling rubber tires for producing infill materials and multi-sport pavement with

productivity 10,000 p/year.

• Factory personal 25 pers;

from 9.2015 till 11.2016

Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, consultant.

• Optimization of production processes for manufacturing products from main plastics, including PVC-U, by methods of injection moulding, extrusion, co-extrusion. Namely, the production of security seals from PP, PC; PVC window sills under the lamination, production of PVC fittings, moldings PVC (downspouts, gutters) co-extrusion. The definition of "bottlenecks", the development and implementation of methods for reduce of defects of final products, the cost of production, production costs.

• Adaptation and improvement of technological mix formulation, technological and production processes.

• Organization of the site for the production of the electrical components from PC, ABS, PBT, from "0" cycle. Calculation of a business plan, searching of equipment and tooling, partnership in the design of molds and choice of contractors, approval of specification for production tooling. Calculating of the production areas, equipment layout, technological operations.

• Visiting of the production facilities for production of PVC raw materials, molds, extrusion dies and matrices, granulation and recycling equipment for PVC in China (Xinjiang, Anhui, Shanghai, Beijing) to assess the level of technical equipment of enterprises, acceptance of equipment and raw materials, establishment of business and personal contacts.

• Creation, adaptation and approval of technical and technological documentation, technological regimes, regulations, rules, ets.

• Work in international projects, Kazakhstan, China.

from 11.2013 till 9.2015

Head of production at Eco Plastic

Kiev, Ukraine

Areas of responsibility:

• Production Management by recycling waste of packaging and polymeric materials.

Production of granules from LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP.

• Organisation a production unit from "0" cycle for recycling of packaging materials

waste with all necessary equipment, productivity 80 tons per month.

• Development of technology for processing of secondary polymers, equipment

selection, preparation of TOR, reception and organization of commissioning.

• Control of work the main and auxiliary production equipment.

• Specific for job title knowledge of the operating rules service by electrics, pneumatics,

hydraulics. Implementation of maintenance service, searching matching spares,

current repair works.

• Monitoring compliance with the technological regimes. Working with the special

additives (optical brighteners, processing additives), technological engineering of

polymeric composition by demand of customers.

• Consultation by the use and selection of secondary polymer chips.

• Selection and training of staffs, monitoring of compliance with the technical discipline

and on-the-job safety.

• Calculation of working time, management of employees and 15 workers.

• Creation and rework of technical and technological documentation, work instructions.

• Performing of plan by final products.

from 3.2012

till 6.2013

Head of production at JSC Caucasian PET Company

Tbilisi, Georgia,, Retal Georgia

Areas of responsibility:

• Production management of PET preforms and HDPE caps for food packaging.

• Quality control of raw materials and finished products.

• Organization and control of the production process.

• Monitoring of compliance with on-the-job safety and accident prevention.

• Organization of urgent and scheduled maintenance of equipment.

• Preparation of technical and technological documentation, employee manuals and

works instructions;

• Teamplay with the sales department.

• Negotiations with contractors, claims activities.

from 11.2008

till 3.2012

Lead operator at LLC RETAL Dnipro

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Areas of responsibility:

• Substitution for shift supervisor, execution of work according to the job duties;

• distribution and accounting of commodities and materials;

• Maintaining technical and technological documentation;

• Teaching and training of young operators, conducting

competency certification of operators.

• Preparations for the launch in the work, launches and control of the production


• Analysis of the causes of defects of finished products and troubleshooting;

с 3.2005

по 11.2008г

Injection molding machine operator at UNIPLAST

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Areas of responsibility:

• Preparations by launch to the work, launches and control of the work technological


• Production and quality control of the finished products;

• Maintenance of the technical documentation;

• Maintenance service of main production equipment and auxiliary equipment.

Profile: Qualified and experienced specialist in the field of production and process control.

Began professional career in 2005 with the junior positions "trainee of operator" and had the opportunity to develop professionally till the area of responsibility of Head of production (2012), Chief Technologist (2013), Project Manager (2015), Plant Manager (2017).

I have a successful experience of work with the staff of different ethnic, can find a common language and compromise solution with different people. Harmoniously combines intellectual and characterological qualities. I can find a balance between the needs of staff and the needs of business. I able reasonably to defend my point of view and take responsibility for achieving results.

I try to exercise regularly. In my free time I spend with my family, journey and photography.

Languages; Russian – Mother tongue;

Ukrainian – Second mother tongue;

English – Fluent;

Spanish – basic knowledge;

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