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Assistant Teacher

April 26, 2019

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Aswathy Elizabeth Mathew



1.TEFL/TESOL Certified United Kingdom

Global Language,UK 2019

2.Ph.D. Sociology

Loyola College of Social Sciences Kerala, India

India. 2015

3.Bachelor of Science in Education New Delhi,

Indraprastha University 2005

4.Masters in Sociology

Kerala, India

Loyola College of Social Sciences 2004


5.Sociology (Hons.) Delhi, India

Jesus and Mary College 2002


IELTS Institute, Delhi, India 2018


Responsibilities :

Coached students aspiring to write the standardized English tests .

One on one Speaking and writing practice

Prepared materials relevant to the subject matter (OET)

Reading and listening

Keiser University, Jacksonville, Fl 2017

Sociology and Psychology Instructor


Deliver lectures, seminars and tutorials

Design, prepare and develop courses and teaching materials

Assess students' coursework

Set and mark examinations

Supervise students' research activities, including final year undergraduate projects, Masters

Supervise research group

Support students through an advisory role

Wrote up research and prepare it for publication

Contributed to professional conferences and seminars

Established collaborative links with other institutions, as well as with industrial, commercial and public organisations

Participated in staff training activities.

Research Study Assistant Chicago, IL

Northwestern University, Chicago 2014

(Dr. Sebastian)

Conducted literature reviews

Collected and analyzed data

Prepared materials for submission to granting agencies and foundations

Prepared materials for UW Subjects Committee review

Recruited and/or interview subjects

Maintained accurate records of interviews, safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary

Summarized interviews

Provided ready access to all experimental data for the faculty researcher and/or supervisor

Prepared, maintained, and updated website materials

Supervised undergraduate students working on the research project (maintaining records on assignment completion, acting as liaison/mediator between the undergraduate students and the faculty researcher)

Summarized project results

Online Sociology Faculty

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio 2015

Course Content:

Sociological Thinkers

Sociology of Development



Medical sociology

Social Research

Bright Horizons Jacksonville, Florida 2017

Florida State teacher /facilitator

Delivered elements of the National Standard teaching (depending on subject specialism) and other teaching within the main school curriculum

Coordinated participation in Diploma workshops and professional development activities

Deerwood Academy Jacksonville, FL 2016

Teacher/ Facilitator

Modeled professional and ethical standards dealing with international students.

Assumed responsibility for meeting course and school-wide student performance.

Designed and developed class materials with handouts.

Provided students with ongoing assessment and feedback on their progress.

Assisted the students with outside help and support as needed.

Oakridge International Hyderabad, India 2007

International Baccalaureate: High School

Implemented instructional activities contributing to a meaningful climate.

Identified, selected, and modified instructional resources to meet varied needs.

Maintained regular contacts with students, parents, and other professionals.

Ensured that the students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences.

Collaborated with peers to enhance the instructional environment.

Ornellas Pune, India 2006

Higher secondary level :English, Social Sciences

Teach listening reading writing and speaking skills in an immersion setting.

Include lessons on geopolitical economic and social issues.

Teach students vocabulary and phrases to help them live and work abroad effectively or to perform other language-related duties.

Navy Children School Delhi, India 2005

CBSE:Post graduate Teacher : English and Economics

Promoted language development skills through reading and research work.

Supplied one-on-one attention to each student while maintaining overall focus on the entire group.

Created homework assignments.

Research and Resource Executive, Kerala, India

Help Age India. 2005

Duties Involved:

Research on the problems of the aged in Kerala .

Mobilize resources for the age care projects supported by HelpAge India

Resources in the form of voluntary contributions made in schools and business units

Visits to the old age homes supported by Help Age, so as to make a report of its proper functioning

Visits to business units for their support in the age care projects of Help Age India.

Organizing workshops for adults, quiz programs in schools, seminars for adults to spread awareness on the difficulties faced in old age and to combat these problems.

Research Assistant, LEAD. Delhi, India.

(Leadership for environment 1999

and sustainable development)

Duties Involved:

To research the latest material available on the environmental issues emerging around the globe and reporting the same to the coordinator.

To assist in arranging national level workshops


2004. ‘Joint Forest Management: A Study of Uttar Pradesh’, in Loyola Journal of Social Sciences.

2010. ‘Psychosocial Problems of the Institutionalized and Non Institutionalized Aged: A comparative Study’. Kerala Sociologist

2010. ‘People’s Empowerment and Sustainable Rural Development.’ in Loyola Journal of Social Sciences

2013 “ Use of pesticides in Farms: A study in the farmlands of Andhra districts” in Working paper LEAD


American Sociological Association

Indian Sociological Society.

Kerala Sociological Society.

American Anthropology Association.


Dr.Bhatia Cassandra Reed Dr. Sebastian

Principal Dean Project Lead

Amity Institute of Education Keiser University NW univ.

Saket, India Jacksonville, FL Chicago,IL

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