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Recruitment, 360 recruitment, talent sourcing, HR, Management, etc

April 25, 2019

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Position: HR / Recruitment / IT Recruiter/ Admin/ VIP Customer Service /Latam Representative /Sales Quality/ Reservations Agent / Talent Acquisition / Supervision of staff /Spanish positions Experience: 11 Years

Skills: Management, Strategic Recruitment, Sales, Coordination, Ease of Negotiation, Excellent direct contact with the customer-guest, Latin America and India Support, work under pressure Educational Qualifications: Bachelor Degree

Mobile: UAE +971 – 55 – 3527030 +971 – 55 - 5299987 Mexico: +52 -1-33-292*-**** Religion: Islam

Current Location: Dubai, UAE

Email: Skype: doctoralinda Summary of Career

Ø Offering more than 11 years rich experience in Transnational companies in Mexico and Dubai in positions as Human Resources, Recruitment, Selection, Administrative Activities, Customer Service, Management, Latin America Support and Quality.

Ø Having strong analytical, planning, coordination, time management, and PC skills with professional business style. Ø Expert in Recruitment hiring the best candidates for the companies, Negotiation with Mexican and Expat clients, Control of Records and Sales as per Company requirement.

Ø Excellent and focused attention in details and working under pressure. Ø strong listening and verbal communication skills. Ø Proficient in the use of Office Windows, IOS, OSX (Apple Macintosh) Major Roles in Various Organizations

Ø VIP Customer Relations Officer in Danat Al Emarat Hospital Oct, 2018 to February 2019 Ø HR Senior Recruiter (Freelance) in Nafts Group May, 2018 to Present Ø Sales Manager in Global Village Nov, 2017 to Apr, 2018 Ø Sourcing Engagement Coordinator in IT Seekers Jan, 2017 to Sep, 2017 Ø Sales and Quality Service Manager in Frigovento Nov, 2016 to Jan 2017 Ø IT Latam HR Senior Executive in Tata Consultancy Mar, 2015 to Nov, 2016 Ø Reservations Agent in Beatriz Suástegui Jun, 2013 to Sep, 2017 Ø Talent Acquisition Manager in BeHuman Jan, 2012 to Mar, 2015 Ø Recruitment Elite Executive in Seguros Monterrey New York Life May, 2010 to Dec, 2012 Ø HR Recruitment Manager in GNP Seguros Apr, 2008 to May, 2010 Ø Human Resources Coordinator in AIG Mexico Mar, 2006 to Apr, 2008 Educational Qualifications

Ø Bachelor Degree in Psychology July 2000 - Dec 2003 Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, Jalisco, México Computer Skills/ Software Skills

Ø Office, Windows / OS X

Employment Records

Name of Institution : Danat al Emarat Hospital (Abu Dhabi) Job position : VIP Customer Relations Officer

Year : Oct 2018 – till date.

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Be sensitive to the VIP patient’s needs, building positive relationships. Ø CRO ́s Recruitment.

Ø Handle complaints from customers and provide service recovery. Ø Managing the 5th

floor (VIP)

Ø Handle administration work and perform tasks.

Name of Institution : Nafts Group (Dubai)

Job position : HR Senior Recruiter / Business Development (Freelance) Year : May 2018 – till date.

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Hire people for different positions and levels /blue and white collar. 2 of 3

Ø Responsibilities include Job posting, Sourcing, Screening and Conducting Interviews. Ø Coordinate and assist in setting up interviews. Ø Manage all the candidates process since they are schedule for interviews, until join the transnational companies. Name of Institution : Global Village (Dubai)

Job position : Sales Manager

Year : Nov, 2017 to April, 2018

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Managed 2 exhibitions / stores in Americas and Europe pavilions. Ø Recruitment and Administration activities.

Ø Supervised and supported the customer service.

Ø Exceeded the sales target.

Name of Institution : Seekers

Job position : Sourcing Engagement Coordinator

Year : Jan, 2017 to Oct, 2017

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Managed and maintained a good relationship between the clients (HCL, Herbalife, etc.) and It-Seekers. Ø Fulfilled all Personnel Requirements in timely manner and I stood out for my good recruitment. Ø Improvements in recruitment processes and followed every one until the candidates joined the company. Ø Managed all the recruitment team and improvements in the processes. Ø Managed Scrum Master ́s activities every day.

Name of Institution : Frigovento

Job position : Sales and Quality Service Manager

Year : Nov, 2016 to Jan 2017

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Sales, I had a direct contact with the customer for which I surpassed the sales target. Ø Improved the quality of service to the clients improving delivery of the products. Ø I searched, participated and documented tenders. Ø Administrative processes as invoices, trackers, payments, follow-up calls and quality control. Ø Collection.

Ø Recruitment and Selection.

Ø Remote Recruitment time to time.

Name of Institution : TCS, Tata Consultancy Services Job position : Latam HR Senior Executive

Year : Mar 2015 to Nov, 2016

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Recruitment and Selection of the best IT engineers for all Latin -America countries Ø Conduct interviews to candidates by phone.

Ø HR support to expats employees.

Ø Internal communication with all LATAM Recruiters and Managers. Ø Provided support with contracts, benefits, gems, employee relations, massive mails with information for employees for all LATAM.

Name of Institution : Beatriz Suástegui (Propierties) Job position : Reservations Agent

Year : 2013 - 2017

Job Responsibilities:

Managed all the rent processes of her properties (Houses, Apartments, Cabins, Bedspaces) 3 of 3

I Received and confirmed the reservations, check in and check out ́s

Managed the maintenance control.

I updated information of reservations, services and promotions.

I did the advertisements of places for Rent.

I Hired people for maintenance.

Name of Institution : BeHuman

Job position : Talent Acquisition Manager

Year : Jan, 2012 to Mar, 2015

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Recruitment and selection of candidate’s blue and white collar. Ø Establish recruiting sources and strategies.

Ø Manage the onboarding process.

Ø Negotiations about the profile criteria’s and time to fulfill the requirements with the clients. Name of Institution : Seguros Monterrey New York Life Job position : Recruitment Elite Executive

Year : May, 2010 to Dec, 2012

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Recruitment of life insurance agents, Admin and Management positions Ø Applied psychometric tests.

Name of Institution : GNP Seguros

Job position : HR Recruitment and Selection Manager Year : Apr, 2008 to May, 2010

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Recruitment and selection of Insurance Agents.

Ø Internal communication.

Ø Establish recruiting sources and strategies.

Ø Conduct the first interview and applying psychometric tests to applicants. Ø Manage the onboarding processes.

Name of Institution : AIG Mexico

Job position : Human Resources Coordinator

Year : Mar 2006 – Apr 2008

Job Responsibilities:

Ø Personnel Management.

Ø Recruitment and Selection.

Ø Established recruiting sources and strategies.

Ø Organize events of integration for employees.

Ø Manage the onboarding processes an internal communication. Personal Details

Nationality : Mexican

Language : English, Spanish



Founder and Representative (Jun 2013 – Currently). It's a social and networking club for people interested in socialize, make professional conecctions and practicing English / Spanish. The group meets every Wednesday night at Chapultepec area in Guadalajara, Jal, Mexico. Time to time I organize big parties, caterings and trips around Mexico to show all the foreigners our culture and touristic places.

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